Zionist Shill Nikki Haley Should Keep The Sanctified Name Of Hizbullah Out Of Her Vile Mouth

by Jonathan Azaziah

New US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley (real name: Nimrata Randhawa) is so violently hawkish and nauseatingly Zionistic that she makes her maniacal and hateful predecessor Samantha Power look like a dovish champion of peace and non-interventionism. With her absurd propaganda against Russia over the liberation of Crimea and her warmongering calls for the Syrian government to be overthrown, it’s been bad. Really bad. But her subservience to World Zionism reached untold summits with her speech on April 20th during a UN Security Council meeting in which she was foaming at the mouth against the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah. And while this should not come as any sort of whammy considering Haley is a “Christian” Zionist and a long-time darling of the Jewish Lobby–prominent Haaretz columnist Chemi Shalev called her a “Rock Star to the Jews and Their Knight in Shining Armor” at AIPAC last month–the fact that IsraellyCool, the American Jewish Committee’s UN Watch and numerous other ‘Israeli’ and Jewish community outlets re-posted her video with exuberant praise goes to show you exactly why, who and what for she spewed what she spewed.

Nimrod Nikki–oh, don’t even start! Forgive my ignant Brooknam wordplay, but her real name sounds like “nimrod” so I’m rollin’ with it!–kicked off her speech (0:36-0:37) by stating that UN Security Council meetings always turn into what she called “‘Israel’-bashing sessions”. This is a particularly ridiculous assertion considering that the US ZOG has been using the UN Security Council to shield ‘Israel’ from every single resolution that has ever been fired across the bow in condemnation of Zionist atrocities Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhwere since the very inception of the United Nations. As we’ll see though, facts ain’t exactly Nimrod Nikki’s strong suit. It takes about a minute and a half more of platitudinous imperialist blathering before she begins her totally unhinged, utterly warped, thoroughly Zionized diatribte against Hizbullah. From 2:14-3:04, she says that Hizbullah and Iran are “the chief culprits of conflict in the Middle East”; that they “conspire together to destabilize the Middle East”; that they have been “committing terrorism across the region for decades”; that they “prop up Assad’s brutality”; that they are “arming deadly militias in Iraq and Houthi militants in Yemen”; that they are a “growing menace”; and the the world must “speak up” and “act” against their “lawlessness”.

Let’s take a wrecking ball to this mega-hasbara bit by bit, shall we? It is Nimrod Nikki’s American ZOG and its ‘Israeli’ overlord who are the “the chief culprits of conflict in the Middle East”, not Hizbullah and Iran, for it is Washington and “Tel Aviv” which have invaded nation after nation pre-“Arab Spring” and unleashed the Takfiri terrorist hordes on nation after nation post-“Arab Spring”. Hizbullah and Iran don’t “conspire together to destabilize the Middle East”, they WORK together to SAVE the ‘Middle East’ from the aforementioned US-‘Israeli’ skullduggery. Hizbullah and Iran haven’t been “committing terrorism across the region for decades” but rather THWARTING it, from ‘Israeli’ terrorism during the barbaric 22-year occupation of Lebanon and the 2006 July War to the terrorism of the Takfiris today. Moreover, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and the Islamic Revolution aren’t in Syria to “prop up Assad’s brutality” but to defend their secular ally from the 4th Generation Warfare launched upon it by the Anglo-Zionist Empire. If it wasn’t for the intervention of Hizbullah and Iran, there’d be no Syria left to speak of.

The regime Nimrod Nikki works for however does indeed “PROP UP THE BRUTALITY” of Al-Qaeda and ISIS thugs who have engaged in every act of savagery imaginable from beheadings and rapes to communal cleansing and torture. On that note, the only “deadly militias” being armed in Iraq are these very Takfiri gangs commandeered by the Mossad-CIA stooge Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who enjoy all-out American-Saudi-Qatari-Turkish-French-British-German-Kuwaiti-Jordanian-‘Israeli’ backing. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units do indeed receive arms and training from Iran as well as assistance from Hizbullah and the Mouqawamah and Tehran don’t deny this. On the contrary, they say so loudly and proudly because the help they’re providing is to fight–you guessed it–the Takfiri gangs sired by the West, chief among them Nimrod Nikki’s regime. As for Ansarullah in Yemen, they don’t receive arms from anyplace but their own stockpiles and the support provided by Hizbullah and Iran is political and religious. And why shouldn’t they? It is the US ZOG atrociously supporting the genocidal Saudi regime’s criminal war and siege on the Yemeni people at every turn! Concluding this section, Hizbullah isn’t a “growing menace” but a growing savior-force that defends the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) everywhere from the “LAWLESSNESS” of the US and ‘Israel’.

Unfortunately, Nimrod Nikki wasn’t done. From 3:08-4:24, she continues her filth, calling Hizbullah “a terrorist organization” which “uses towns to shield tens of thousands of illegal rockets”; which “controls territories on the ground” in Syria and “under Iran’s instructions, it stands side by side with the Syrian Army to slaughter Syrians”, which “sometimes gives orders to Assad’s fighters”; which “helped starve and destroy Aleppo”; which has its flags draped over the coffins of “Assad’s men” who “die in battle” because, “according to one activist” quoted by Nimrod Nikki, “Hizbullah designs and the Syrian regime wears it”; which is “recruiting Syrian children to indoctrinate a new generation with its toxic ideology”; which is “spreading its influence across the Middle East”; which is being used by Iran to advance the latter’s “regional aspirations”; and which works with Iran to “spread extremist ideologies across the Middle East”. I must say, Nimrod Nikki really missed her vocation. Instead of working as America’s UN Ambassador, she really should just convert to Judaism and and ask for a job at the ‘Israeli’ Foreign Ministry. She’d be a perfect fit!

Needless to say, Hizbullah isn’t a “terrorist organization” but a Shi’a Islamic Liberationist Resistance movement and grassroots political-military organism which is as deeply rooted in Lebanon as the oldest of cedars. Even the Obama administration, which was extremely hostile to Hizbullah, removed it from the list of terrorist threats in 2015. Russia, in a major slap in the face to the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness earlier this week, declared that Hizbullah is certainly not a terror group because it is playing a major role in fighting terrorism and is in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. Besides, no organization that is comprised of the people, fights for the people, bleeds and sacrifices for the people, liberates land for the people, and defends the people from all external aggressions can be considered “terrorist” in any way, shape or form. With that said, Hizbullah’s arsenal is NOT illegal but ENTIRELY legal and an integral part of Lebanon’s golden equation of the people, the Resistance and the army which defends the state against the machinations of ‘Israel’ and its tools. This has been affirmed over and over by successive Lebanese governments, including the current one in which Hizbullah ally and leader of Lebanon’s biggest Christian bloc Michel Aoun is president of. And frankly, where Hizbullah keeps its arms is none of Nimrod Nikki’s damn business.

Moving on, Hizbullah does “control territories on the ground”–where the hell would they control the territories but the ground, by the way? The sky? Beneath the ocean floor? The moon? Another dimension perhaps?!–anywhere in Syria. Whenever the Mouqawamah’s moujahideen have liberated territory from the Takfiri terrorist scourge, like Al-Qusayr, Tal Kallakh or the Qalamoun Mountains to name just a prominent few, they immediately transfer control to the Syrian authorities as soon as there isn’t a trace of the terrorist presence left. And Hizbullah is not “under Iran’s instructions” but operating independently as it always has whilst working very closely with Iran, which Hizbullah considers its brother, its humble patron and its guide. Hizbullah is not “slaughtering Syrians” either but saving Syrians from the slaughter being perpetrated by the proxy goons of Nimrod Nikki’s bosses. Nor does Hizbullah “give orders” to the Syrian Arab Army. Rather, it sometimes spearheads certain operations because of its vast expertise in executing guerrilla and asymmetrical warfare. The assertion that “Assad’s men”–a disgusting phrasing in and of itself as the Syrian Arab Army is fighting on behalf of ALL of its countrymen and humanity, not a “regime” or a single man, be he the righteous, democratically elected president or not–are having their coffins “draped” in Hizbullah’s flags would be comedic if it wasn’t so offensive. Only the Syrian flag covers the coffins of the SAA’s martyrs. Anything said to the contrary is obscene Takfiri-Zionist propaganda.

Nimrod Nikki’s claim that Hizbullah is “recruiting Syrian children to indoctrinate a new generation with its toxic ideology” is the apogee of absurdity. First of all, the Party’s members are Lebanese, not Syrian. Second of all, every committed (and more importantly, truthful) observer of the Mouqawamah knows very well that Hizbullah does not traditionally “recruit” anyone because of its grassroots nature as well as the circumstances of living in proximity to the occupying, usurping, invading, alien cancer in Palestine which force individuals into safeguarding their land, families and livelihoods from any potential Zionist attack. Youth flock to Hizbullah, willingly and enthusiastically. Parents not only allow it but welcome it and consider it the greatest of great honors to have children serving in the Resistance. Third of all, fighting age in the Mouqawamah is 18. And fourth of all, Shi’a Islam is a school of thought adhered to by hundreds of millions of Muslims and to suggest that it is “toxic” is not only bigoted and Orientalist but also normalizes Saudi Arabia’s genocidal anti-Shi’a hasbara, Iranophobia and violent sectarianism. Or simply put, the furtherance of the ‘Israeli’ entity’s Oded Yinon balkanization agenda. Period point blank, end of story.

While Hizbullah may very well be spreading its influence across the Arab-Islamic world, it isn’t for Iran’s “regional aspirations” but the furtherance of the Resistance project which seeks to restore sovereignty and drive the powers of hegemony out of our homelands. As for the balderdash that the Party and Tehran “spread extremist ideologies across the Middle East”, this shouldn’t even be dignified with a retort. Not merely due to it being wholly untrue but because of the rank audacity and hypocrisy that emanates from such a fallacy when Saudi Arabia, the number one source of Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorist ideology on Earth and the actual disseminator of “extremist ideologies across the Middle East”, has been given the greenlight by Washington to do just about it whatever it pleases, from bankrolling head-choppers in Syria and Iraq to bombing and starving babies in Yemen. Simply despicable!

After bragging about the criminal sanctions her regime has put on Iran and Hizbullah, Nimrod Nikki finishes her vomit-filled diatribe with declarations of “we must take a stand against Iran and Hizbullah’s illegal and dangerous behavior” and “Hizbullah and Iran should become the priority of the security council”. But truthfully, it is the illegal and dangerous behavior of Empire Judaica that must be resisted and which should be the priority of all free peoples and countries to stop. Thus,  since we’re now down to the nitty gritty, Zionist shill Nikki Haley really should just keep the sanctified name of Hizbullah out of her vile mouth. Every US ZOG since the 80s has tried their damnedest to wipe out the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and the revolutionary Iranian state and every one of ’em, without any exception, has failed. Miserably. In humiliation. And this beautiful pattern isn’t going to change with the emergence of a Shabbos Goy who Organized Jewry considers a “rockstar”. Get over your damn self Nimrod Nikki… And do so with the quickness. ‘Cause Hizbullah… the liberator of Lebanon and the apex of the global resistance against your “chosenite” masters… is way, WAY the hell outta your league.

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  1. LIKE A VILE RABID HYENA. She is so sicking to watch carrying H2O for the crimimal Zog.
    Listened to you on Circus Maximus…good program but please explain slowly for those trying to catch up.
    I was dubbed “persona non gratis” by MG Editor “tony” on tne Ugly Truth for questioning his logic on Trumpsky playing the Zionists as he contends…
    no matter how obvious it is that Trumpsky is 100% pro zio.
    He said my logic makes me PNG on his site. HAHA HE WAS PISSED AT ME. IS THIS MARK GLENN?

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