Zio-ISIS Kills US Occupiers In Manbij In Deliberate, Blatant Attempt To Stop The US Withdrawal From Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you think the killing of five US occupiers in Manbij today was an actual terrorist attack and not a deliberate, blatant attempt by Empire Zionica to stop the Trump regime from withdrawing all US occupation forces from Syrian soil, then I have a breathtaking oceanfront condo to sell you in Al-Anbar.

This false flag was so transparent in its timing and its aims, an illiterate invalid could have provided you with the appropriate explanation regarding its true nature. Peep the condensed timeline.

Trump announces, without consulting any of his generals or his advisors, a proof-positive indication he was making this decision unilaterally and not in line with some grandiose shadow plan from the ZOG, that he is pulling out all the US occupation forces from Syria.

‘Israel’, the GCC, the CIA, the Zionist media, the neocon-run think-tank-industrial-complex and the rest of the usuals start shrieking loud enough to crack glasses on every continent.

Trump doubles down.

Shabbos Goy agents of the Zio-Tumor John Bolton, Lindsey Graham and Mike Pompeo start spewing hasbara at every turn as if to “clarify” Trump’s position, declaring that America isn’t going to depart the Syrian territory it illegally occupies until “even the remnants of ISIS are defeated” and “Iran is driven out from every last inch of the country” and “Turkey is prevented from slaughtering the Kurds”.

Trump gives a cockamamie story to the Jewish-controlled corporate press about a timetable just to placate the teeth-gnashers and then doubles down again.

Bolton goes to occupied Palestine and meets with Netanyahu, reaffirming for the 6 millionth time that he works for ‘Israel’, not the American people, and the Terrorist-In-Chief of the usurping Zionist entity perversely demands that if Trump is going to withdraw from Syria, he needs to recognize ‘Israeli’ sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights it criminally occupied and annexed in the Naksa. A reaffirmation in its own right of how the destabilization of Bilad al-Sham from day one was a Zionist scheme to grab water, land and oil.

Trump quadruples down and actually starts the withdrawal. He also completely ignores Netanyahu’s babble about occupied Al-Jaulan.

Now ISIS, which hadn’t been in Manbij for more than two years after the fake “liberation” of the city by the Kurdish-controlled SDF and subsequent absorption of numerous Daeshis into its ranks, magically reappears and allegedly carries out the deadliest attack on US occupiers in Syria ever… After no such attack… And we do mean NO SUCH ATTACK… Had ever happened before. Because America and its Zio-Imperialist partners created ISIS, Nusra and their ilk, obviously. The teeth-gnashers like the aforementioned Graham, Bolton and Pompeo, along with Democratic stalwarts like Schiff and Schumer, among many others, all renewed their foaming-at-the-mouth.

Trump decides that he’s sticking to his guns.

What comes next is anyone’s guess but the Judaic Imperium has dealt with intransigence from a sitting American president before. On more than one occasion actually. While the White House Executive is a puppet 99 times out of 100 during his reign, that one time… Just that… One… Single… Time… That he stands up to the globe-holders… He then walks around with a target on his back.

JFK challenged the ‘Israeli’ nuclear weapons program and he was repayed with a “magic bullet”–yes indeed, Zion blew his brains out. Nixon tried to strong-arm ‘Israel’ into an actual “peace” deal – as nasty as it may have been – and he was repaid with Watergate. George H.W. Bush let Saddam Hussein run amuck in Kuwait and Yitzhak Shamir threatened to drop a nuke on Baghdad if another course of action wasn’t taken. After Bush gave the ‘Israelis’ the genocidal Gulf War, he thought he too could get them into a “peace” deal whilst he was in Madrid. Instead, they repaid him with an assassination attempt. Bill Clinton didn’t want to sign the Iraq Liberation Act, he was repaid by Mossad with Monica Lewinsky. Obama didn’t want to start a war with Iran, so he got repaid with the “Birther” movement by Netanyahu’s goons. Trump has committed many crimes and has much to answer for when he stands before The Creator (SWT), but his maneuvering on Syria has upset World Zionism. Of that, there isn’t a lick of ambiguity.

This is how the game goes. This is really how power politics in Washington work. This is the dynamic between Host and Parasite. Don’t let anyone tell you a damn thing different. May God protect Syria and the whole of humanity from the tricknology of the Accursed Ones.

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