Zaynab, 8 Months Old, Among The 100 Nigerian Shi’a Martyrs Of The Kano City Massacre

by Jonathan Azaziah

This precious baby is 8-month old Zaynab. She was murdered in a hail of gunfire on Monday by Nigerian security forces who savagely attacked peaceful Shi’a mourners in Kano City as they marched towards Zaria for Arbaeen. After the massacre of at least 100 unarmed members of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), including little Zaynab, the Buhari regime unleashed a propaganda blitz absurdly describing the martyred innocents as “armed and dangerous”. Someone please explain how an infant with a mere 2/3 of a year worth of life on this planet can fit such a description? How?! Muhammadu Buhari, his Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris and the rest of the corrupt Nigerian regime are all liars. Point blank period. This was a massacre and a crime of elephantine proportions. And it’s pointless to ask “where is the outrage?!” because Nigeria, especially its Shi’a citizens, is so disconnected from the periphery of mainstream press outlets that it might as well be in an undiscovered nebula cluster five trillion light years from the Milky Way. Between being African, Shi’a and having parents who are part of a true Anti-Zionist revolutionary movement, beautiful Zaynab never even had a shot of global coverage.

Lest we forget that this heinous atrocity could not have been carried out if it weren’t for ‘Israeli’ and Saudi support. The putrefying Zionist tumor trained the whole of the Nigerian military-intelligence establishment and the toxic Saudi monarchy is pumping unknown amounts of filthy, blood-soaked petrodollars into the Buhari regime. Just like ‘Israel’ has a seven-decade history of maiming and murdering Palestinian and Lebanese children, from Deir Yassin to the “break their bones” policy of the First Intifada, the killings in Qana to the three genocidal wars on Gaza and so on, and just like Saudi Arabia is butchering and starving millions of children in Yemen, the Nigerian regime is now snuffing out the lives of Shi’a children with bullets. Yes, the “Tel Aviv”-Riyadh-Abuja axis is a strategic alliance of child-killers. And it is infuriating, alarming, repugnant and gut-wrenching that Zaynab, this adorable, darling angel, was slaughtered before her life even began so Zionist hegemony over the African continent could be maintained. I’d ponder about “where is the humanity?” but that, like the outrage, is also drifting somewhere in the outer frontiers of space, far, FAR away from where the cameras, channels and websites of the Zionist media will ever go. May Zaynab’s murderers taste everlasting, ever-excruciating pain and fiery torment in Jahannam. #JusticeForZaynab #FreeZakzaky

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