Yemen’s Houthis to unite Arab, Islamic world

Yousef Mawry, Press TV

Army personnel, Yemeni politicians and prominent tribesmen held a meeting in the capital Sana’a organized by Yemen’s Houthi’s movement to discuss various issues that threaten Yemen’s stability.


The speakers in the gathering condemned the foreign meddling in Yemen’s internal affairs, which they believe has fueled years of political and social turmoil in the nation. Yemeni tribes have played an essential role in securing and stabilizing the country throughout history. The leader of the Houthi movement has called on tribes to play a leading role in resolving the problematic issues, including the southern conflict and other sectarian disputes.

A scholar at the conference said that the Yemeni revolution will inspire the Arab and Islamic world to revolt against corruption. In addition to highlighting various problems that Yemen faces, the Presidential Advisor-Saleh al-Samad criticized Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians. He said Israel will go ahead with its hostility as long as the Arab and Islamic world remain silent.

According to the speakers at the meeting, the September 21st revolution will continue until the demands of the Yemeni people are met and until the signed agreement between the Houthis and the Yemeni government is implemented. They have given the Yemeni president an ultimatum of ten days to meet their demands.

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