Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters enter suburb of Taiz as they march towards Aden

Yemeni Houthi movement’s Ansarullah fighters have entered an eastern suburb of the southern city of Taiz as they continue fighting al-Qaeda-linked militants in the country’s south.

According to local Yemeni officials on Friday, a 16-vehicle convoy of the fighters entered the area and deployed near the local airport and radio station. However, they have not entered the city yet.

The Ansarullah movement accuses authorities in city of not arresting more than a dozen extremist militants in the area.

“The local authorities have not honored their commitment to arrest 14 extremists in Taiz province,” AFP quoted a source close to Ansarullah.

The local officials also said that the fighters were preparing to march toward Yemen’s port city of Aden that overlooks the Gulf of Aden.

Ansarullah’s deployment to Taiz province took place after they restored security in the city of al-Janad in the neighboring Ibb Province and flushed out al-Qaeda militants from that area.

Over the past months, al-Qaeda militants have frequently carried out attacks on Yemen’s security forces and have been also locked in deadly battles with Ansarullah fighters.

Yemen’s central government has so far failed to confront the terrorist threat. Ansarullah fighters, however, have intervened to fill the vacuum and driven al-Qaeda militants out of many areas in the country.

The Shia revolutionaries also played a major role in the ouster of Yemen’s former dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, in 2012.

Source: Press TV

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