Yemen: Saudi Massacre In Hodeida Falls On Western Powers And “Activists” Who Don’t Support Ansarullah

by Jonathan Azaziah

There isn’t a day that goes by in which Yemen’s suffering doesn’t give persons of conscience the feeling of a black hole in the pits of their stomachs. I’m not going to feign shock that the Zionist media either did not pick up the news of Saudi Arabia’s massacre of at least 54 Yemeni civilians in Hodeida or simply regurgitated the Wahhabi tyrants’ lie that they had bombed “Houthi targets”. This has been the norm since Riyadh invaded Yemen: crimes are committed and crimes are covered up with the ‘Israeli’-designed sectarian narrative or just outright silence. I will however burn with fury. A souk and a dozen residential homes were eviscerated with American-made bombs, dropped from American-made jets and guided with intelligence from America, the UK and ‘Israel’. A local market and people’s houses… Do those sound like military installations to you?! Do they?! And imagine that this sheer savagery was dropped on the heads of innocent Yemenis as they were marching in their millions to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Great Yemeni Revolution led by Ansarullah. The hateful, vindictive, sadistic Saudi despots could not let this historic day go by without bloodshed.

But in doing so, all the cowardly Dönmeh Saudi monsters exposed was their own battlefield ineptitude, as they are only capable of killing large numbers of unarmed civilians, as well as their bitterness regarding their own overall failure to send Ansarullah packing from any territories–including the historically Yemeni southern regions of Saudi Arabia like Jizan, Asir and Najran–and restore Saudi-American-‘Israeli’ hegemony over Yemen. Al-Saud has been defeated. Al-Saud has failed. So Al-Saud, like its blood-drinking friends in the cancerous Zionist entity, devastates the defenseless in a disturbing attempt to take its toxic mind off how badly it has lost. And to see that devastation in Hodeida, from the bombed out architecture to the charred bodies of women and children in the ruins of ancient living quarters, is painfully, immensely sorrow-inducing, as it is not only one of Yemen’s most beautiful places but a great gem of the entire Maghreb and Mashreq.

If it wasn’t for Ansarullah’s counter-invasion campaign, which is as historic as the Great Yemeni Revolution still being celebrated, the aforementioned sorrow would be all there is. We mourn for the Hodeida martyrs and we anxiously await the vengeance that the Houthiyeen will take. Above and beyond this though, we, as in the persons of conscience with the black holes in the pits of our stomachs, curse the perpetrators of this ungodly atrocity… Starting at the top with Riyadh, Washington, “Tel Aviv”, London, Paris, Berlin and Ottawa and then working our way down to every last one of those miscreants arrogantly trotting out their credentials as “reporters” and “activists” but still have yet to take the side of the Yemeni Islamic Mouqawamah in its righteous struggle against the tyrannical Takfiri Kingdom of Darkness. We curse ’em all.

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