Yemen: Fury Is Boiling Over The Top After Watching This

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fury is boiling over the top after watching this. Fuck you Al-Saud. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Cameron and Hollande. Fuck you Netanyahu and all your bacteria-like Mossadniks. Fuck you Hadi and your traitorous cronies. And fuck you “Arabs” and “Muslims” for acting like you weren’t born with vocal chords and tongues that permitted you to speak on behalf of those oppressed people whose voices have been drowned out. May all of you rot. The collapse of the world more generally and the Ummah most especially in coming to the aid of ‪#‎Yemen‬ and standing up to Saudi Arabia for its abominable crimes will go down in history as one of humanity’s greatest failures. Long live the Yemeni people for their incomparable steadfastness in spite of so much worldwide apathy, duplicity and cowardice.

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