Yemen Battlefield Math And Blatant Saudi Lies

by Jonathan Azaziah

Let’s do some ‪#‎Yemen‬ battlefield math, shall we? Read carefully and follow me closely here!

The lying Saudi regime, taking cover-up tactics right from its best homie the lying Zionist entity, says about 300 of its forces have been killed since it began the aggression against the Yemeni people. But yet, in Al-Saud’s failed offensive in Hajjah’s Midi District earlier this week all by its lonesome, Ansarullah, doing it MADD BIG like always, wiped out over 450 Saud-led invaders during a 72-hour period. In the Houthis’ Missile Unit’s very first Toshka ballistic missile strike back in September 2015, over 300 Wahhabi Dark Kingdom-led troops were murked out the frame. Then we have the secretive but nevertheless tremendously reliable Twitter activist Mujtahid who revealed in December that around 2,000 Saudi cowards had been sent to Jahannam in Yemen. There is also fugitive stooge prime minister Khaled Bahah who wrote a report in February of this year that documented 1,600 Saudi scumbags were killed just in Ta’iz by itself. Additionally, there is Fars News of course, which has meticulously tracked the achievements of the Yemeni Resistance from day one, reporting just last month that Ansarullah and its allies had neutralized over 4,000 Saudi devils on the ground, including 178 commanders, not to mention hundreds (probably over 1,000) of demonic Emirati forces too.

Most amazing as well as staggering of all though? None of these reports include any of the Toshka, Najm al-Saqeb (Striking Star), Zelzal (Earthquake) and Qaher-1 ballistic missile strikes, nor the fresh beatdown of enemy filth in Midi (since it just happened), NOR Ansarullah’s sinking of 12 Saudi-led coalition battleships (11 Saudi, 1 Egyptian), which contain crews of at least 100 sailors. What does it all mean? Firstly, that Saudi Arabia’s official casualty count isn’t just grossly low but criminally low; this shows how deathly scared the despots in Riyadh are of telling the truth to their subjects in the Hijaz about what’s really going down in Yemen; their disgraceful, baseless, sectarian hasbara about their “progress” against “Iran’s proxies” is that horrendously shaky. And secondly, it means that Ansarullah’s performance in this war is even more devastating than originally conceived and analyzed. Too many pundits have said that the Yemeni Resistance is out-gunned but in reality, it is Al-Saud with the deficiency in firepower as despite all of its Western-Zionist tech, it does not have even one single airstrike or operation remotely comparable to what the Houthis have achieved with their indigenously-made projectiles.

By my own count, the Yemeni Resistance led by the warriors of Ansarullah are making the Zionist House of Saud pay for its crimes by a 1:1 ratio or pretty damn close to it… Meaning, for every civilian slaughtered by the Wahhabi tyrants, the Yemeni Resistance kills an invader. This is beyond historic. Beyond awe-inspiring and beyond monumental. It’s the next level of asymmetrical warfare; it’s Hizbullah obliterating ‘Israelis’ like giants stepping on ants, the Yemeni edition; it’s the gobsmacking of every naysayer on Earth that said Al-Saud couldn’t be crushed like this; it’s… Well… In layman’s terms, it’s cataclysmic for the Amreeki-‘Israeli’ Empire. Because if some sandal-rocking, qat-chewing, AK-47-wielding heroic highlanders in Yemen can achieve victory like this, who says other oppressed peoples can’t do the same with nothing but their faith, steadfastness and blood? Zionist war-planners should be pissing themselves silly right now. For real. ‪#‎YemenInspiresTheWorld‬ ‪#‎LongLiveTheHouthis‬

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