With ISIS Slaughtering Dozens Of Shi’a In Baghdad Today, It’s Time To Declare “We Are All Karbala!”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Iraq, my love, you tear me up inside. It’s been one of those days in which you make me wanna scream until my voicebox collapses. At least 43 Iraqi Shi’a mourners were slaughtered and over 63 others were terribly wounded when an ISIS terrorist detonated a suicide vest in a crowded market of Baghdad’s Al-Shaab district during an Ashoura possession today. Al-Shaab is the same area that was also struck last July on the day of Iraq’s worst bombing ever in Karrada… Now it can mark its own blocks and street-lamps with the names, faces and stories of martyrs. And since these forces of Wahhabi-Takfiri malevolence also seek to spread division and sedition, just to show that they are equal-opportunity slaughterers, they also gunned down 8 Iraqi policemen–4 Shi’a, 3 Sunnis, and an Ezadi–in Moutaybijah and killed four family members of an anti-ISIS Sunni militia chief in Ishaq, bringing the total number of Shouhada today to at least 55. Since it is Muharram, perhaps it is time that we not only declare that “We Are One Hand!”–and make no mistake, we absolutely are–but “We Are All Karbala!” as well.

Because while we Shi’a especially are in mourning for Imam Hussein (A.S.), and while MossadDaesh is motivated primarily by its deep-rooted ideological disdain for us, the sacrifices of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the Karbala 72 are of the utmost importance to ALL Muslims, and the Takfiris see anyone and everyone having sympathy for this epic tragedy as a Shi’a. So let us all be Shi’a whether in praxis or in an honorary sense! Let us all be Husseini, as the Blood of the Lion (A.S.) did not give his life for one school of thought but the entire Ummah! Let our unity destabilize the destabilization! And ultimately, let it defuse and derail the Zionist-Imperialist demolition of our society! MossadDaesh, following directives from its masters in Riyadh, Washington and “Tel Aviv” indeed, unleashed this hell on Iraqis today because of its anger over failing to drive us apart and due to its end being nigh on Iraqi soil as the battle for Mosul inches closer. As the Iraqi Popular Mobilization declared earlier, the Takfiris cannot wage a confrontation militarily so they attack those who are defenseless and unarmed. And who are as defenseless as those in the middle of getting lost in the grief that engulfs us during Ashoura?

Nevertheless, we shall not be defined by this grief. We shall not be consumed by our tears. And we shall not drown in our blood. Like Imam Hussein (A.S.) taught us, we will remain on this path and continue to refuse humiliation. As our guardians rapidly progress towards the ISIS capital, navigating through the muddy waters of the American ZOG’s schemes and ‘Israeli’-backed Kurdish territorial ambitions (read: partition of our land), words shall be our weapons and it is the following that we lock, load and fire at our killers and tormentors: Ya Hussein! Ya Abbas! Ya Zaynab! Ya Zayn al-Abideen! Ya Zahra! Ya Ali! Ya Hassan! Ya Muhammad! We Are All Karbala! We Are One Hand! And Iraq, in spite of all this excruciating pain, in spite of all our martyrs, or rather, EMBOLDENED by all our martyrs and in honor of them, yes, Iraq… Will prevail.

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