With Al-Quds Day Just 24 Hours Away, Never Forget The Nigerian Shi’a Martyrs Of The 2014 Al-Quds Day Massacre

by Jonathan Azaziah

Imam Khomeini (R.A.) said that Al-Quds Day, while rooted in the struggle for the total liberation of Palestine and restoration of holy Al-Quds to Palestinian/Muslim sovereignty, is NOT an exclusive day for Jerusalem itself but a day for the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) to rise up as one against the world’s arrogant powers. The father of the Islamic Revolution also said that Al-Quds Day is the day in which the oppressed nations stand on their own two feet and determine their destinies in defiance of empires. And apart from Palestine itself and Yemen, there are none more oppressed today than the Shi’a Muslims of Nigeria and their fearless, saintly leader Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky–the African continent’s foremost champion of the Palestinian cause.

Never forget that on Al-Quds Day three years ago, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria’s (IMN) march for Palestine was assaulted by the Mossad-CIA-backed Nigerian army on the command of “Christian” Goodluck Jonathan and a massacre was executed. At least three dozen members of the IMN were slaughtered, including three of Zakzaky’s sons, Mahmoud (18), Hameed (20) and Ahmad (22), and dozens more were wounded. The corrupt and despotic regime in Abuja was sending a missive to all who challenged it: Support for Palestine is a criminal act and any criticism of ‘Israel’–let alone the militant, revolutionary, DTI-chanting Anti-Zionism of the Sheikh and his partisans–isn’t allowed. That Goodluck Jonathan is a “Christian” and his successor Muhammadu Buhari–who carried out the Zaria Massacre–is a “Muslim” goes to show you that in Nigerian politics, one’s religion is of no consequence whatsoever. All that matters is whether or not you’re going to be a servant of the usurping Zionist entity.

What is most astonishing about this tragedy however isn’t the crime of mass murder or even the open and shameless kneeling to ‘Israel’ by the Jonathan regime. Rather, it is the aftermath. At the funeral procession for Zakzaky’s three martyred Mouqawamist sons, Hizbullah-style Nasheeds were belted out with passion and melodious brilliance, brothers and sisters chanted “Labaykah ya Hussein (A.S.)!” and “Ta7ya Falasteen!”, and wherever one looked, Palestinian flags could be seen skying high. It was the kind of resistance that broke the wills of despots and rattled their backers in Washington and “Tel Aviv” down to their demonic bones. The IMN received Goodluck Jonathan’s Zionist message and issued a proper retort in the name and the memory of its martyrs as well as their sanctified blood that now flourished in Nigeria’s ancient soil: We will not, now or ever, abandon Palestine, nor the Palestinian people, nor the Palestinian cause, so tell your Zio-Imperialist masters to step off. No doubt in that particular moment, Mahmoud, Hameed and Ahmad looked upon their brethren and smiled the most magnetic and Anti-Parasitic smiles, because preserving these principles is exactly what they gave their lives for.

This Friday, the IMN will be marching in full force for International Al-Quds Day and once again, Palestine’s flag, Hizbullah’s banner and prints of all their martyrs, Zakzaky’s sons included, will be on massive and vibrant display. For posterity, never forget the following either: The Nigerian Shi’a, who have so much repression, oppression and tragedy to deal with because of the corrupt and brutal regime that they’re living under, will be out for Falasteen come hell or high water. Meanwhile, the Saudis, the Emiratis, the Kuwaitis and nearly every other collaborationist “Arab” and “Muslim” regime will not only be sitting at home on this most blessed occasion, they will more than likely be banning the ceremonies as a means of “countering Iranian influence”. Indeed, it is not ‘Israel’ and its genocidal existence that has putrefied Palestine for the last seven decades–not to mention the 6 decades of Rothschild-financed Jewish colonization before that–which is bothering Al-Saud and its cohorts… It’s the Islamic Republic of Iran for inaugurating a day which serves as a brotherly call to arms for Muslims to fight the ‘Israeli’ tumor!

When Al-Quds and Palestine as a whole are liberated, it is these ‘Ammo Habibs who we will curse first and foremost for their decades of treachery. In fact, we’re already cursing them now. And conversely, it is the likes of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, its martyrs and Sheikh Zakzaky who we will not merely sing the praises of but name streets after in their honor… Starting with Mahmoud, Hameed, Ahmad and all of the other 2014 Al-Quds Day Shouhada. May they rest in eternal gardens with pristine streams and may their martyrdoms be the spring from which Palestine’s freedom will flow.

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