While Two-Faced “Arab” Regimes Are Silent, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Salutes & Declares Hizbullah’s Solidarity With Palestine’s Heroic Hunger Strikers

by Jonathan Azaziah

Labaykah Ya Nasrallah! Unlike fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, uncles and aunts, cousins and siblings, children and friends, all of whom may disappoint us at one point or another in our complicated lives, Sayyed Abou Hadi never lets us down. And I do mean NEVER. Like lions who are biologically inclined to defend their prides, like dolphins who protect their pods against any intruder, like angels who were designed to uphold the heavens and record the deeds of creation, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is simply MEANT to always tell the unfiltered truth, unequivocally stand for what’s right and unrelentingly raise his blessed fist against oppression. That’s just what he does. That’s what he was PUT HERE for. Today is no different either. While two-faced “Arab” regimes and the worthless, servile “Arab” League are feloniously silent on the the plight of Palestine’s 1,600 hunger striking prisoners, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance saluted the Falasteeni Empty-Stomach Revolutionaries and declared Hizbullah’s unequivocal solidarity with their struggle. He rhetorically wondered aloud where these so-called “defenders of Arabism”, led by Al-Saud, had gone… Why had they vanished into thin air when Palestine, our compass, needs us most… Why?! Because they’re too busy normalizing with the Zionist cancer, that’s why!! The Sayyed also said that the usurping Zionist entity was deathly mistaken if it thought by simply waiting the Palestinian hunger strikers out that they’d abandon their courageous undertaking. Victory or martyrdom is their goal and the Mouqawamah stands with them to that end.

In a world gone completely mad, with woman-hating Saudi Arabia getting elected to the UN Women’s Rights Council, the Zionist destabilization of Syria still referred to by “leftists” as a “revolution” and the genocide in Yemen largely ignored to this day by the “antiwar” movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stands atop the proverbial mountain as the incandescent flicker of light in the cave, guiding us and amping us up to carry on, no matter how beaten and exhausted we feel, until we reach our final destination of liberation. Indeed, the Sayyed illuminates what’s darkened; fixes what’s broken; heals what’s wounded; restores what’s ruined; and vanquishes what’s evil. We don’t call him a saint and the most towering revolutionary of our epoch merely because he liberated Lebanon from Zionist occupation, or saved the Lebanese state from the terror of Takfirism, or aided Syria and Iraq when nearly every “activist” on Earth couldn’t make heads or tails out of what the Empire-manufactured Daesh had been unleashed for, or because he raised his thunderous voice against Al-Saud’s war on Yemen when nobody else would, but rather because what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says… Goes. We know, in our hearts, in our souls, in our bones, in our very blood-flow, that after he speaks, actions against the moustakbireen (oppressors) inevitably follow. The Truthful Promise (Wa3d al-Sadeq) personified.

Our hunger striking Palestinian brothers, who are incredibly and dauntlessly getting by now on nothing but salt and water, should rest assured and rest deeply knowing that though the treacherous, traitorous, treasonous “Arab” regimes may have left them behind… Sayyed Abou Hadi and his Men of God have not and will not. O’ Falasteeni heroes, as your empty stomachs roar with hunger, Hizbullah and its noble leader roar with you… In ferocious fury. In Striking Star Solidarity. In righteous Resistance. Always. #LabaykahYaNasrallah #LongLiveHizbullah #LongLivePalestine #FromTheRiverToTheSeaPalestineWillBeFree

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