While ‘Israel’ Massacred Palestinian Babies In Gaza 3 Years Ago, Stooge Linda Sarsour Called Hamas “Butchers” And A “Terrorist Organization”

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you think Linda Sarsour is “woke”, then you’re not just sleeping… You’re in a permanent coma and you definitely need the plug pulled so you can be put out of your misery. How many more services does she have to perform for Empire Judaica before you understand that she is a Zionist asset full-stop? She was a leading organizer in the Soros-funded sideshow of degeneracy known as the #WomensMarch and promised Jewish groups to keep Palestine off the event’s agenda. She tows the Zionist line on the conspiracy against Syria and is an open spewer of NATO propaganda on behalf of the Takfiriyeen. She tows the Zionist line on the genocidal aggression against Yemen and is an open opponent of Ansarullah. She carries water for Saudi Arabia and the Turkish regime of Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan, the usurping Zionist entity’s best pals in our region. She raises money for Jewish-Zionist institutions and takes money from Jewish-Zionist institutions– see the “grave sites” and “bodyguards” affairs. She campaigns for Zionist Jew fraudster Bernie Sanders. She worshiped at the Baruch Uncle O’Toma altar and didn’t make a peep about any of his crimes against humanity. And yet, despite all these nails in her coffin, there is STILL more dirt to be uncovered about this atrocious cockroach.

Three years ago, right around this time, during Operation Mighty Cliff (Hebrew name for Protective Edge), as the malignant ‘Israeli’ tumor was slaughtering Palestinian babies, children, elderly, disabled people and other innocents in besieged Gaza, Sarsour the Snakeskinned tweeted that Hamas is a “terrorist organization” and also called it “butchers” whilst comparing it (and Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad) to ISIS and Al-Qaeda, a tired and typical hasbara tactic. This is in line with her other abysmal positions on Palestine that include recognizing the usurping Zionist entity’s artificial “right to exist” and completely disavowing the legitimate right that the Palestinian people–i.e. her own people–have to use arms to safeguard their families, homes and land from the Jewish supremacist terrorists.

But it really takes a special kind of collaborationist piece of trash to attack a Resistance movement that is attempting to ward off an all-out genocidal invasion from the most barbaric entity on the planet. The Palestinian Resistance, led by the Qassam Brigades of Hamas, killed at least 150 ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers and wounded hundreds more during the ’14 war, the most magnificent performance by a Mouqawamah organism in the history of the fight with the ‘Israeli’ virus excluding Hizbullah’s mastery in the 2006 July War. If Palestine’s defenders had laid down their arms like Linda the Likudnik would have wanted, ‘Israel’ would have easily overrun and reoccupied Gaza again with ease. Instead, ‘Israel’ was defeated–with its cowardly and muffin-mix-like army beaten pillar to post, particularly in Shuja’iyya–completely exposed and left humiliated as its “deterrence” was rendered to tatters.

And while there are differences with certain political figures and currents within Hamas, like the traitors Ismail Haniyeh, Khaled Meshaal and their allies, who have sold out Syria, broke the heart of Yemen and put it on the table that they’re prepared to accept a “two-state solution” in Palestine–not unlike Sarsour, amazingly enough–it must be remembered that there are other (and one could say GREATER) currents represented by the likes of Mahmoud “Old Man” al-Zahar and Qassam Brigades chief and living martyr Muhammad al-Deif who remain very much aligned with Iran, Hizbullah and Syria. Hamas is still the leading player of the Palestinian Resistance and there remains a Zionist war on the movement, as the ‘Israeli’ cancer’s PA proxy continues to crack down on Hamas activists across the occupied West Bank as well as occupied Al-Quds and Mossad just murdered Hamas Commander and Mouqawamist drone engineer Muhammad al-Zawari in Tunisia back in December.

That Sarsour the Sanhedrin Slave would slander Hamas as she portrays herself as an ‘Israel’-critic and even a “liberation advocate” is beyond comical. It’s dangerous. For if this is what the discourse on Palestine Solidarity is going to look like in the mainstream, Hamas is just the first target. Next up is Hizbullah, as evidenced by the Sarsour of London Sadiq Khan calling even for POLITICAL/VOCAL support of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance to be banned. And then after that, Ansarullah and so forth. Sarsour the Shabbos Goy, as she drapes herself in Anti-Imperialist garb, is in fact playing a leading role in normalization with the illegitimate Jewish supremacist regime and liquidating liberationist language. All to appease her Zionist masters of course. The vicious and disgusting attacks on the Palestinian Resistance as Gaza was being mercilessly bombarded during Operation Mighty Cliff is a critical certification. Her gleeful participation in the “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” gathering–in which numerous Zionist devils like Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Rabbi Bob Kaplan, Tanenbaum Center CEO Joyce Dubinsky, etc. not merely joined but helped put it together and lead–is another. And the list literally goes on and on with this House Muslim/House Arab/House Brown/Khalto Habiba who is doing terrible damage to the Palestinian cause and Islam.

The irony of all this is that Linda L’Chaim attacks REAL Jihad waged by the Mouqawamah in Gaza against the most oppressive enemy Muslims (and humanity) know in this epoch but then has the audacity to call for fake Jihad against Trump. And not because of anything that Trump SHOULD ACTUALLY BE OPPOSED FOR, mind you–whether it’s the aggressions against the Syrian Arab Army, increased support to the monstrous Saudi-led coalition in Yemen or the accelerated destabilization of Venezuela. No, she wants (read: kosher) “Jihad” because of “fascism” and “bigotry” and other feel-good, nebulous, pseudo-leftist targets. She barely stopped short of kissing the feet of the Obamas as they tore our region apart with the “Arab Spring”. She had ZERO issue backing the psychopathic warmonger Hillary Clinton and all the hell she wreaked on our people, especially in Libya. But Trump? She’s all-in! In other words, Lies On Loop Linda is not opposed to the Dajjalic superstructure that is the United Snakes of IsraHELL. She just prefers that “right-wingers” aren’t running it. She has, with her shillery for the blood-drenched Democratic Party, revealed her hypocrisy on the one hand and full commitment to Soros on the other. She represents an illusion of resistance, not to mention an insult to it; nothing close to resistance itself.

As for the “alt-right” attacks on her? Don’t be fooled into feeling sympathy, as hateful and vile as these supremacists’ hideous words can be. They each know exactly what they’re doing. She provokes them. They go into Islamophobic tirades against her. They provoke her. She goes into anti-conservative, possibly even anti-Christian tirades against them. Lather, rinse, repeat. The Jew-created, Jew-fueled “clash of civilizations” and war on Islam continue without hindrance. With the Imperium of Zion in its dying days, it is going to throw more and more sophisticated PSYOPs at us especially from within our own ranks. Know a collaborator when you see one and do not grant them even the slightest quarter under any circumstances whatsoever. Otherwise… Before you know it, they’ll be attacking resistance movements while kids are being burned alive with IOF’s white phosphorus bombs, working with Zionist Jews like they’re friends of Muslims and attempting to convince us that the most depraved deviants imaginable–like those in the #WomensMarch–are our allies. Think it’s paranoid? Think it’s exaggerated? NOPE. NOT AT ALL. And Sarsour the Sorosite Scoundrel is the puke-like proof.

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