When It Comes To Syria, The “Antiwar” Jeremy Corbyn Is No Different Than Any Other Liberal Zio-Imperialist

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fuck Jeremy Corbyn. And if anyone is still rocking with this mealy-mouthed fraudster after this, then trust, FUCK YOU TOO. Because when it comes to Syria (Our Backbone), your two-faced non-messiah is no different than any other liberal Zio-Imperialist piece of dog shit in any Western ZOG of your choosing. He personifies the Shabbos-Goy-In-Anti-Zionist-Clothing.

On November 26th, 2015, Corbyn posed 7 questions to then-British Prime Minister David Cameron, a descendant of Jewish banking “elites” and a rapist of dead swine, regarding Syria and danced all the way around the mulberry bush without EVER ONCE acknowledging the British hands in weaponizing the Takfiri Goy Golem. He even goes as far to obfuscate the issue, asking the pig-rapist Jew Cameron,”Can he today rule out the deployment of British ground forces to Syria?” As if British forces aren’t already in Syria, already training “rebels”, already deep in the plot to oust the legitimate Syrian authorities and already committing wanton crimes against the Syrian people as has been the norm for London going back centuries. And so begins the pattern of Corbyn’s treachery.

During a speech given in the midst of the debate on Britain criminally bombing Syria just a few days later on December 2nd, 2015, Corbyn the Con Man referred to the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic as a “terrible civil war” and then remarkably declared, “Many more have been killed by the Assad regime than by ISIS itself.” Both of these tidbits of hasbara have been instrumental to the liberal/leftist wing of the War Machine’s targeting of Damascus and especially integral to recruiting young impressionable Muslims from antiwar circles into adopting the Zionist-NATO line. Indeed, both propaganda points fallaciously blame Syria’s destabilization and suffering on Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, portraying him as a “puppy-eating, kitten-thrashing, cave-man despot”, when in fact what has befallen the Syrian state and its people is not a “civil war” but a foreign aggression directed from Washington, “Tel Aviv” and London itself, among other demonic places. Moreover, over half of those who have fallen in the Zionist-NATO thrashing of Syria are soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army along with fighters from the NDF. The next greatest number of casualties is civilians killed by the “rebels” who have full support from MI6. Don’t you dare blame it on “ignorance” or “expediency”. This man wants to be the premier of one of the most powerful ZOGs on Earth. He can’t feign such things nor resort to such cop-outs. He’s a liar. Point blank period.

Fast forward almost exactly one year after this and we see Corbyn the Charlatan writing a letter to neocon witch Theresa May in the midst of the Syrian Arab Army, Russia and their allies putting the finishing touches on liberating Aleppo from the clutches of Al-Qaeda and company. And who does Corbyn peg for violating the laws of war, committing atrocities, perpetuating a humanitarian disaster and a bunch of other liberal colonialist platitudes? Who else but the Syrian Arab Army and Russia of course! Not ‘Israel’, the US, his own British regime, France, Qatar and others, i.e. the powers which are keeping the Khawarij flush with funds, arms, medical treatment and manpower. No. Corbyn the Cretin leaves them out of it. Instead, he decides to single out the forces who are saving Syrian lives and fighting the Khawarij not just on Syria’s behalf but that of humanity in its entirety. He also puts Iran, which is fighting the Takfiris and ‘Israel’ inside Syrian territory at the Syrian government’s behest, on par as an equal “human rights violator” with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both of which are illegally backing the Takfiri maniacs to the hilt and are the primary bulwarks of the usurping Zionist entity’s scheme against Bilad al-Sham. This is your “lifetime activist”; your “antiwar champion”.

Let us advance just a few more months to April 2017 following the Trump regime bombing the Syrian Arab Army at Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs. AGAIN, Corbyn the Coward waxed lyrical about “peace” and a “political solution”, but AGAIN did not have the testicular nor intellectual fortitude to call on the British regime to end its destructive, subversive role in attempting to bring the resistant Syrian Arab Republic to its knees. Why can’t the Commie-Cracker-“Christ” just say the words: STOP ARMING TERRORISTS, MI6! Tulsi Gabbard, a Hindutvadi whose politics are absolutely abysmal and can’t even utter a word when it comes to the crimes of both ‘Israel’ and the Indian regime, has at least had the guts to defy the Judaized American political orthodoxy on the matter and forcefully call for an end to the “regime change” war against Syria. She even wrote a powerful bill, the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”, and put it on the floor of the House of Representatives. Try and fathom that… A pro-‘Israel’ Hindutvadi who was an American occupation soldier in Iraq is getting to the heart of the issue and saying the 4th Generation Warfare against Syria needs to stop. Not “Anti-Zionist” and “Anti-Imperialist” Corbyn though! And this is the man that braindead Labour shills think is going to start a “revolution” and light a fire under the ass of the UK ZOG. Hilarious!

Lest we forget that as the new leader of Labour, Corbyn had a shot to kill the vote on the bombing of Syria but let it press forward in the name of so-called “democracy”. Let that sink in. This coming from a “peacenik”. Because, of course, in the minds of the Rothschild-controlled English, nothing screams “freedom, democracy and the pinnacle of civilized” quite like bombing some Ay-rabs and Muslamics, ain’t it? His real essence, that of a true-blue British imperialist, revealed!

Couple all of these dangerous and deceptive stances with Jeremy the Joker’s seemingly nonstop promotion of the Cox Foundation and what you have is a man who is every bit as much invested in the destruction of Syria as the people he’s fooled you into believing he’s opposed to. He just happens to clothe his hand in the mass murder with a bit more shadowy finesse. What does the Cox Foundation have to do Syria you ask? Well. The institution of murdered British MP Jo Cox–a gross anti-Syria “regime change” advocate who Mossad and MI5 killed in a false flag attack to try and nip Brexit in the bud–is arguably the greatest patron of the Takfiri-terrorist-linked White Helmets outside of the US and British ZOGs and George Soros. The “OMG! He doesn’t know” defense won’t work here either. That Corbyn would go out of his way to vociferously tout and raise money for this organization, which is so vocal about backing the White Helmets–a gang of Al-Qaeda mercenaries masquerading as humanitarians–is a thoroughly damning indictment of what his real intentions are vis-a-vis the “crisis” in Syria.

To conclude on a separate but nevertheless related note: Corbyn isn’t merely the latest in a long line of White Savior/White Knight devils trotted out by the Empire to keep Brown and Black people specifically and liberationist-minded Gentiles generally in a politically-drunken stupor. Verily, merely calling him White is a bit of a misnomer as Corbyn revealed to the Church Times (and later confirmed by the Jewish Chronicle) that he is of German-Jewish ancestry. Perhaps it is this familial Jewishness that has allowed Corbyn to feel at home in Jewish-Zionist “leftist” circles going back to his “humble” beginnings. Perhaps this is what has kept him committed to preserving the usurping Zionist entity’s artificial and criminal existence as well as taking part in the murderous Zio-Imperialist assault on Syria. Perhaps it is because he’s just a steaming pile of vileness. Perhaps it’s a combination. Whatever the case, Corbyn the Chaza (Hebrew word for pig), despite his “record” of “progressiveness”, is scum on Syria. The evidence presented herein solidifies it. And since he’s scum on Syria, that makes him scum overall. Because Syria, the only Arab state to provide arms to the Palestinian Resistance and Hizbullah, is everything.

Labour. Tories. None of it matters one bit. The UK ZOG is at war with the Syrian Arab Republic and whoever is at the helm is certainly irrelevant ’cause it ain’t individual personalities who dictate British policy but the Rothschilds, their lieutenants (both Jews and British “royals”), MI5/MI6, energy giants, the arms bigwigs, etc. And Corbyn is very much a part of this shaytanic, Yahoudling-controlled system. Corbyn worshipers think this is too harsh? Hateful? Unhelpful? “Anti-Semitic”? Sorry-not-sorry. Hate to break it to you degenerates, but you must have me confused with someone who gives a fuck about your pitiful feelings. 😉

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