Western “Muslims” Screech Over Trump’s “Refugee Ban” But Still Say ZERO About Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky 14 Months Into His Illegal Jailing

by Jonathan Azaziah

What a miserable world of hypocrites and cowards we live in, huh? It’s now been 14 months and 430 days to be exact that Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Africa’s torchbearer of the Palestinian cause and the foremost preacher of Islam on this lil’ thing we call Earth, has been wrongfully imprisoned by the corrupt and murderous regime of Muhammadu Buhari. Another statistic: It’s now been 74 days since the Nigerian Federal High Court in Abuja, the most important legal body in the nation’s capital, ruled that Sheikh Zakzaky MUST be released immediately. Do the math. The Sheikh’s release–and do note that he and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat NEVER, NEVER, NEVER should have been imprisoned to start with–is now 29 days overdue.

Zakzaky’s health is worsening by the day, especially his ophthalmic health, and he continues to be tortured and denied medicine. The aforementioned Buhari, a tyrant if there ever was one “democracy” aside, has managed to find the time to partake in the Western-Zionist overthrow of the government in The Gambia. He has also found the time to lick the boots of the new US regime of Donald Trump, which has already committed crimes in Yemen and Syria and is taking extreme measures against Iran and Venezuela, and secure more American weapons transfers to Nigeria as well as expanding American military involvement in “his” nation. Buhari even got an invitation to the White House after Trump praised him for doing a “good job” in the “fight against terrorism”! Following the laws of his own country however and letting the Sheikh the hell outta the dungeon he’s been illegally kept in since December 2015 is seemingly out of the question. By the way, NEEDLESS TO SAY, the idea that the despot Buhari–who has facilitated the growth of Boko Haram under Mossad and Saudi Arabia’s direction and has committed terrorist massacre after terrorist massacre against Nigeria’s Shi’a Muslims, the Zaria slaughter sitting atop the list– “fights terrorism” is at once laughable and puke-inducing.

And as Sheikh Zakzaky, an Islamic Liberationist ultra-revolutionary and a champion of the downtrodden wherever they may be, continues to rot in a jail cell in conditions that would even make rabid animals set to be euthanized upset, we ask a question that we’ve asked in repetition over the last 14 months and will continue asking ’till the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s Shi’a is free: Where are “The Muslims”? Hmm? Where is “The Ummah”? Ahhh! That’s right! The reason why they cannot be bothered with coming to the rescue of Sheikh Zakzaky today is because they’re too busy partnering up with every degenerate current of the Democratic Party to march against President Supercilious Orange’s “refugee/immigration ban” on 7 states high on the hitlist of World Zionism, a total non-issue trotted out by the Zionist media to keep Judaized minorities in a tizzy as “business as usual” moves full-speed ahead under the new administration.

Lest we forget that of the 7 states in Trump’s executive order–which is based on provisions implemented by the previous ZOG but all these “Muslim activists” don’t care about that bit of it ostensibly–the so-called “Ummah” never came to their aid ONCE when the hideous and genocidal regime of Barack Obama targeted them with everything from drone strikes to NATO interventions, Takfiri terrorism to Zionized sanctions. The essence of the matter is this: “Muslims” in the West will protest anything and everything that is deemed acceptable by the Jewish-run liberal establishment, but the moment that genuine solidarity is needed for states and movements ACTUALLY upholding the righteous example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and ACTUALLY challenging Dajjal, in this case Sheikh Zakzaky and the IMN, they take a powder and go AWOL. There will not be hyperbolic commentary feigning astonishment though because going back to the Goodluck Jonathan regime’s murder of three of Zakzaky’s children on Al-Quds Day 2014, the support from “The Ummah” for the Nigerian Khomeini has been nonexistent. Saudi money, subservience to Organized Jewish Interests, cowardice, “Muslim” Brotherhood influence, Wahhabi infiltration and the hatred for Shi’a that goes along with it, all of these elements factor into the criminal silence.

So here we are, 14 months into Sheikh Zakzaky’s plight, and the “Muslim” Diaspora stands more outraged over temporary travel restrictions to the land we call Great Satan than the unjust detention of one of the few persons in this world who deserves the recognition and the distinction of being called a saint. And we wonder why Palestine isn’t liberated yet from the usurping Zionist entity… With “Muslims” like these, who the hell needs the Yahoudlings? When it’s all said and done, “The Ummah” will be held to account by ALLAH (SWT) for its monumental and borderline malevolent failure to assist the Sheikh and fight for his freedom. I would say shame on these “Muslim activists”, I would say that they SHOULD be ashamed, mightily ashamed in fact, but shamelessness is part of the new “Muslim” reality in the West, Amreeka in particular. It’s just sad that Libya, Syria, Yemen and Sheikh Zakzaky, the brightest Islamic light on the African continent most definitely and perhaps in the world after Sayyed Nasrallah and Imam Khamenei, have to pay the price for this duplicity and complicity. Sad, truly, beyond measure. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #DeathToTheBuhariRegime #ShameOnTheSilentUmmah

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