Welcome To Iraq’s Liberated Bartella: Assyrian Priest Kisses Shi’a Muslim Soldier In Thanks

by Jonathan Azaziah

Following two years of horrific rule at the hands of US-Zionist-GCC-birthed ISIS, the Iraqi-Assyrian Christian town of Bartella is finally free. The gorgeous, rhythmic sound of church bells can be heard ringing throughout the streets for the first time since Daesh took over the area. Liberation is so prevalent in the air that the taste is as tangy as a fresh pomegranate from the once-lush Southern Iraqi Marshlands. On the grounds of one Bartella church, after Iraqi soldiers had declared it an ISIS-free zone, an Assyrian priest pulled a Shi’a Muslim soldier aside and kissed his forehead, thanking him for his remarkable heroism. “We Are One Hand!” personified.

From the very moment that the Americans and Brits invaded Iraq on the usurping Zionist entity’s behalf 13 years ago, the central goal was to drive a wedge between Muslims and Christians, thus paving the way for the sectarian partition of Iraq and securing the “clash of civilizations” for decades to come. The iconic photo of the priest and the soldier shows that this utterly evil plan, rooted in the strategic planning of ‘Israel’, has gone to hell in a handbasket gift-wrapped by the multi-ethnic, multi-communal Iraqi people. “We Are One Hand!” is assuredly the millennial Iraqi way of coexistence. But as more and more Assyrian Christian towns are liberated in the Mosul operation by Muslim soldiers as well as Moujahideen of the Iraqi Islamic Mouqawamah, it is also evident that “We Are One Hand!” has become the existential Iraqi battlecry for Muslim-Christian Co-Resistance.

In Bartella and other recaptured regions, Iraqi lions have found the hideous sectarian Daesh slogan, “Our God is higher than the cross”, scribbled on church walls. Well who exactly is the “God” of ISIS? It is none other than Satan, or more accurately, the Great Satan (America) and the Little Satan (‘Israel’). And CLEARLY, since it is the unified Iraqi army, Iraqi Resistance and Iraqi people who have driven ISIS out and raised the Christian symbol over Bartella’s sanctities, the cross and the spirit of Iraqi brotherhood are higher than Al-Shaytan. Hate to break it to you Takfiri maniacs, but the lovers of ‘Isa al-Masih (A.S.) and Mother Maryam (A.S.), be they the representatives of Islam or Christendom, have indeed prevailed over your perfidy in Bartella and will soon raise the banners of victory over Mosul itself. The Iraqi Muslim-Christian bond remains unbroken and “We Are One Hand!” will continue to be our chant until there isn’t a trace of Wahhabism, Zionism or Western Imperialism left on our soil. And even eternally after that too. #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

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