#WeAreKashmir Should Be Our Response To Al-Saud’s New Ties With Modi

by Jonathan Azaziah

This should be our response to the Saudi tyrants and any other “Arab” or “Muslim” state that deepens ties and does business with the Hindutvadi Indian regime: ‪#‎WeAreKashmir‬. It is incomparably despicable that Modi, the murderer of Muslims, sets foot on Islamic lands and holds court with the tyrannical, baby-maiming Saudi-Takfiri “royals”, and there isn’t a word spoken in condemnation of it, let alone a rally of even minuscule size. Seriously yo, where is the damn outrage?!

The struggle of the Stone Pelters in Poonch, Srinagar, Baramullah, Doda, Kishtwar, Kupwara and every part of the Vale parallels the righteous fight of our Palestinian brothers in more ways than one. And considering the inherent justness of the Kashmiris’ Azadi struggle, not to mention Kashmir’s ultra-strategic geopolitical positioning, the “Himalayan Heaven On Earth” should be of tremendous concern not just for Muslims, but all aware, truth-telling, justice-seeking individuals.

This debacle with Modi reminds me of Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini’s (R.A.) famous words: “Had they [‘Muslim’ leaders] been united, who would have dreamt it possible for a bunch of Jewish thieves to take Palestine while the Islamic countries slept? How could the British have reached India to take our beloved Kashmir?” Subhan’ALLAH, this rings even truer today, like a billion bells at once. The rulers of our lands, i.e. those shameful, despotic, US-Zionist proxies, may indeed be divided, but we don’t have to be. Just as we stand with the Palestinian people in the fight to remove the Zionist cancer from every inch of Palestine and we stand up for the Yemeni people in their struggle to prevail over Al-Saud, it is imperative we back the Kashmiris in the face of the Hindutvadi colossus. Curse Modi. Support Kashmir. It really ain’t rocket science.

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