We Are One Hand! Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Converge On Fallujah

by Jonathan Azaziah

Heart is skippin’ beats in these wee hours of the morn’ as the Iraqi Mouqawamah converges on Fallujah. According to Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, the stoic, ever-militant leader of Harakat al-Nujaba and one of our fiercest voices of truth, 13 groups of the Popular Mobilization Units are marching towards Al-Anbar’s most dangerous region and have besieged the desert city from 4 different directions. The Sheikh has elucidated that the moujahideen of the Resistance have established a security belt around the areas surrounding Al-Garmeh and have also asked Fallujah’s residents to depart the city as a means of granting a bit of ease to the coming assault. Typically, much of the Zionist-controlled MSM’s coverage on the battle in Al-Anbar, and Fallujah specifically, has centered around the false sectarian narrative of Sunnis being disturbed about Shi’a fighters entering “their” lands to fight MossadDaesh. This utterly despicable hasbara, fallacious and malicious in every way, (deliberately) negates the history of the Iraqi National Resistance’s battle with the US-UK-‘Israeli’ occupation.

At the height of the conflict with the American-led invaders in Fallujah, when the Sunni martyr count was skyrocketing and the numbers of wounded were astronomical, THOUSANDS of Shi’a Mouqawamah fighters from Asa’ib Ahlul Haqq and Jaysh al-Mahdi made the brutally difficult trek from Iraq’s south, dodging bombs from US warplanes and P2OG booby traps, to give blood to their brothers and fill ranks in positions overwhelmed by the aggressors. Similarly, at the height of the UK-led atrocities in Basra, when the most horrific crimes against humanity were being committed against our people, the Sunni Mouqawamah of Iraq’s sandstorm-ridden west sent reinforcements to assist the struggle on more than one occasion and were demonstrating DAILY in support of their brethren, chanting “We are one hand!” with vigor. Fallujah, like Basra, has endured so much, and the scars of white phosphorus, depleted uranium and mark-77 still haven’t healed. The cancers, other sicknesses and deformities (especially in Iraqi children) which emerged after the US-UK-‘Israeli’ coalition’s satanic attacks with chemical munitions and car bombs still rage in too many innocents to count.

All this pain, but Fallujah still stands; Fallujah still lives, with liberation breathing down its neck. Despite the sectarian barbarity of US-backed dictator Saddam Hussein, the monstrosities of the Washington ZOG’s wars of aggression on all fronts, Al-Saud’s gross, unrelenting anti-Shi’a propaganda and now the Zionist-unleashed Takfiri fitnah of ISIS, Iraqis are undaunted and undivided. And just as we prevailed over the occupation, not merely as Sunnis in this battle, not merely as Shi’a in that battle, but as a single, multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian, multi-communal front of Mesopotamians defending our lands in every sector from those who would harm us, we shall prevail in this very same manner over Empire Judaica’s Wahhabi vassals. We were one hand in ’03 and we are one hand today! Victory will belong to Iraq; this foregone conclusion has already been written in the blood of our martyrs.

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