Vengeance For Sarari! Ansarullah Obliterates Five Dozen Saudi Invaders With Zelzal-3!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yes! Let me hear an “ALLAHU AKBAR!” one time! The Yemeni Islamic Resistance has fired an indigenously-made Zelzal-3 ballistic missile and wiped out more than five dozen Saudi invaders in the Nihm district of Sanaa, avenging the more than 50 martyrs of Sarari Village in Ta’iz who had been savagely massacred by Al-Saud’s marionettes not even 24 hours earlier. The Saudis are as asinine as they are hideous because they keep following the same foolish, arrogant pattern over, and over, and OVER again. These Wahhabi bags of swill get their asses handed to them in this or that strategic region by Ansarullah; then, in adherence to the bloodlust intrinsic to their Judeo-Wahhabi death cult, they carry out an atrocity against Yemeni civilians either via their US-UK-French-provided warplanes or their ‘Israeli’-backed terrorist proxies; and finally, they get struck by massive projectile attacks which leave scores upon scores of Saudi-led troops rendered into worm-food when the Houthis heroically retaliate. I’ve said it once and I ain’t got ANY issue saying it ’till all the crypto-apes and crypto-pigs go the hell back to Riyadh: Them Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah don’t f*** around. Long overdue that the Dönmeh Saudi regime comes to this realization, accepts its humiliation at the Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s hands and just gives the damn withdrawal order already so all coalition forces can leave. Vengeance is yours Sarari Shouhada! Verily, beautiful, righteous vengeance is yours! Rest in eternal serenity and take solace knowing that with the Houthis at the helm, Yemen is in very, VERY capable hands.

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