Venezuela to send humanitarian aid to Gaza

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the usurping Zionist entity and the Saudi-backed Sisi regime tighten the criminal siege on Gaza, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s genuine, generous acts of solidarity could not have come at a more opportune time. Yet another reminder that President Nicolas Maduro and the beautiful Venezuelan people are more Arab than the regimes in the GCC, Jordan and Cairo will ever be.  ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Venezuela will sent 10 tons of humanitarian aid and medical equipment for the war-torn Gaza Strip on Sunday, the Palestinian embassy in Caracas said in a statement.

A plane will carry the aid from Caracas to the Amman airport on Sunday, and the same plane will bring 100 Palestinian students who have been granted scholarships to study in Venezuela to the country, the statement said.

Last week, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro said his country would grant 1,000 Palestinians scholarships for Venezuelan universities.

Linda Subih, the ambassador of Palestine to Venezuela, said in the statement that she and 31 young Venezuelan men and women would accompany the aid to Amman, after which it would be sent to Gaza.

One thought on “Venezuela to send humanitarian aid to Gaza”

  1. God bless Venezuela and its government for the humanitarian aid to the people who really need it. I have always said: “How can the Jews go to sleep at night after they have demolished more than 11,000 homes and murdered more than 2,000 innocent people?. not only that but many Jews were seen on top of the hills doing their barbecue, beer, and dancing while Gaza was being bombarded from the Mediterranean Sea, from the Air and from the ground. One needs to be a real diabolical being to do that and knowing that the land in which they live has been stolen from those very victims.

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