US-‘Israeli’ Proxy Jaysh al-Zolm Murders 27 IRGC Soldiers As Netanyahu Openly Plans War Against Iran With The GCC In Warsaw

by Jonathan Azaziah

We need Al-Fatiha recited 27 times for the 27 Shouhada of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) murdered in Sistan and Balochistan Province 24 hours ago by Balochistani terrorist group Jaysh “al-Adl”–quotations are necessary because this is not the army of justice but the army of INJUSTICE. Indeed, Jaysh al-Zolm is what the Islamic Revolution labels these thugs and we shall follow suit. The Guardsmen were on a bus traveling from the city of Khash to the provincial capital of Zahedan after an anti-terrorist operation when Jaysh al-Zolm attacked. On top of the Martyrs, 13 others were wounded in the hideous assault. Iranian President Rouhani, a man with his fair share of weaknesses, at least had the decency to openly accuse the US and ‘Israel’ of being responsible for the horror. The Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah echoed this, noting that Washington, “Tel Aviv” and their regional allies were frightened over the national Iranian commitment to the Islamic Revolution. They both couldn’t be more correct.

It’s a well-known fact that Jaysh al-Zolm is just the reconstituted remnants of Jundallah. And Jundallah, from the moment it was founded, has been armed and trained by Mossad and used as a battering ram against Iran and Pakistan. The international ‘Israeli’ death squad has even gone as far to pose as the CIA to boost its credentials with the terrorist group. Simply put, Jaysh al-Zolm attacking Iran is ‘Israel’ attacking Iran. There aren’t six degrees of separation here. There are zero degrees. Hizbullah pointing out the timing of the crime is also key. Apart from it COHENciding with the Islamic Revolution, it also COHENcided with Baby-Killer-In-Chief Nutty Netty barking like the rabid animal he is in Warsaw. Before trying to cover his tracks and bury the evidence, he declared that he was in the Polish capital to build a consensus for war against the Islamic Republic, with the Bahraini regime calling Iran “toxic”, and Al-Saud’s flunkies labeling Iran “devastating” and the reason for “havoc” and “chaos” from Africa to the Arab world to Asia. In broad daylight, with language not anywhere near watered down, the usurping Zionist entity proudly displays its bloodthirsty essence.

The illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime is clearly raising the stakes. The abomination in Sistan and Balochistan Province follows the “uprising” led by a rebranded, repackaged MEK last summer. And the absolutely nightmarish atrocity that claimed 29 lives, including Guardsmen, women, children, disabled vets and journalists, last September in Ahvaz too. ASMLA and APDF terrorists, backed by Washington, “Tel Aviv”, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, were the culprits. Admittedly, it is upsetting. Of course, it is heartbreaking. But if there is any solace to be had, it’s that this did most certainly occur as the Islamic Revolution turned 40. Not 5. Not 10. Not 20. Not 30. But 40. This is a source of strength, not sadness. For four decades, Empire Zionica has attempted to crush what Imam Khomeini (R.A.) built. For four decades, Empire Zionica has tried and failed.

A nation built on tears and martyrs is a nation fortified against all forms of aggression, be it overt, covert or a convergence of the two. Iran is such a nation. The 27 IRGC Martyrs join their brothers and sisters on the Other Side. Meanwhile, their brethren still here in the Dunya add the names of the Fallen Yet Risen to their armor. Jaysh al-Zolm. MEK. ASMLA. APDF. Kurdish separatist terrorists like PJAK. None of them stand a chance and neither do their controllers. The Muhammadi-Husseini-Khomeiniist project has not come this far to crumble under the weight of Zio-Imperialist plots that are as cowardly as they are idiotic. Al-Fatiha once more for the Martyrs and Shifa prayers for the Wounded.

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