US Envoy’s Basra Visit Is A Scheme To Smear The Iraqi Popular Mobilization

by Jonathan Aaziah

The American regime swears it’s adorable, don’t it? Did it really think the Godwary, Husseini people of Southern ‪#‎Iraq‬ would fall for a US envoy sneakily visiting wounded Iraqi Popular Mobilization fighters in Basra without any authorization and telling them that the US is proud of them, as if Washington hasn’t only been demonizing them as an “Iranian-backed sectarian militia” since its inception and attempting to block their participation in several key liberationist fights (i.e. Ramadi and now Mosul), but actually KILLING THEM WITH BRUTAL, DELIBERATE AIR RAIDS in Fallujah, Beiji, Tikrit and Hawijah and then immediately declaring it an accident in the aftermath. Please yo.

The American ZOG is not proud of our heroes; the American ZOG hates our heroes, because the Iraqi Popular Mobilization–which, for the record, isn’t sectarian but made up of Shi’a, Sunnis, Christians, Yazidis and others–is comprised of many of the same men who crushed the US-UK invaders a decade ago in fierce firefights that sent the Zionist entity’s Western attack dogs running away in humiliation from Basra, Najaf and Karbala. Did the Zio-Imperialists believe for a millisecond we have forgotten what their “shock and awe” did to our people, our villages and our holy shrines? Not in their wildest dreams.

The Empire’s okey doke here is madd clear. This entire stunt in Basra was designed to smear the Iraqi Popular Mobilization as an American tool, increase sectarian-political divisions according to the Yinon-Mossad-P2OG plan and show that US hegemony over Iraq remains prevalent. Add in the vomit-inducing fact that the media event was spearheaded and overseen by Al-Hurra, the Zionist Arabic news channel founded by staunch Jewish supremacist Norman Pattiz, and it becomes all the more blatant what the Obama regime was looking to accomplish.

Ultimately however, like everything else the US-‘Israeli’ snake has tried to achieve in Iraq, this was a massive failure, as every major Iraqi Popular Mobilization group slammed the move and reminded America that it remains the Great Satan and an enemy in the eyes of the Iraqi people. I give the final word to my main man Sheikh Aws al-Khafaji, a fiery commander of the Abou Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade, who knocked it straight outta the park: “We are the sons of the martyr Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr, who said: ‘No, no to America!’ We are the sons of Imam Khomeini, who said that if America is pleased with us, we must reevaluate our existence. You cannot fool us and you cannot court us. We don’t want you. You are persona non grata. Beware not to repeat this hideous, flagrant act. I warn you not to visit any hospital and not to ever praise us, because we cannot and will not guarantee your safety. Stay away from any place where we are, because there is no place for devils in the presence of the Popular Mobilization’s angelic moujahideen.”

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