Two Years Since ‘Israel’ Assassinated The Quneitra Seven And Hizbullah Still Blazes As Fierce As A Phoenix

by Jonathan Azaziah

On January 18th, 2015, ‘Israeli’ warplanes illegally breached Syrian airspace and fired missiles at a two-car convoy traveling along the roads of Mazraat Amal in Quneitra. In the vehicles were IRGC Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Allahdadi and Hizbullah moujahideen Muhammad “Abou Issa” Issa, Jihad “Jawad” Mughniyeh, “Sayyed Abbas” Hijazi, “Daniel” Ghazi Ali Dawi, “Kazem” Abou al-Hasan and “Ihab” Ali Hassan Ibrahim. Much of the focus was (and remains) on Jihad Mughniyeh because he was a rising star in the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, the son of martyred Hizbullah architect Hajj Imad Mughniyeh and the nephew of martyred Hizbullah giants Fouad and Jihad (of whom he was named after), as well as the Iranian general who had for years been integral to the Resistance Axis project by keeping the Mouqawamah movements in both Lebanon and occupied Palestine flush with weapons.

But it was actually Abou Issa who was perhaps the true target of the murderous raid as he was the most senior warrior of the special unit slaughtered that horrible day in January two years ago–a founding member of the Party and a game-changing Resistance strategist who led the fight against the Zionists during their occupation of Lebanon, trained Iraqi Resistance fighters to combat the US-UK invaders and was one of the very first men to enter the Syrian and Iraqi frays to do battle with the Takfiri Frankenstein unleashed on our region by ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia and Great Satan America. Abou Issa’s service transcended mere war… . Resistance was his one true love and he gave his life for it. Al-Akhbar Editor-In-Chief Ibrahim al-Amin even said that Abou Issa’s steadfast wife, Safa, never allowed herself to fall in love with him too deeply because she knew his heart really resided in the struggle to liberate Palestine, as if it was a living, breathing woman, and she knew he’d one day give himself to “her” in the ultimate way: Martyrdom. Now you know that when we say “Love is Resistance, Resistance is Love”, it is far from a catchy slogan but the literal beating, bleeding heart of the Mouqawamah’s very being.

Reflecting further, these men were carrying nothing but their personal weapons and yet the ‘Israeli’ enemy was so shook by their presence near the criminally occupied-annexed-usurped Golan Heights (Al-Jaulan) that it felt the need to bomb them from the sky. So shook were the ‘Israelis’ by these Seven Angels of Liberation that they scrambled to wipe them from existence like rats scurrying for cheese before a trap slams on their feeble bodies. Never has there been such a cowardice like that of the Jews who stole the Holy Land from the indigenous Palestinian people! Never! Nor has there ever been such a stupidity festering in the brains of any group of humans like that which festers in the satanic “thinking”-mechanisms of the Yahoudlings who are currently putrefying Al-Quds. For what they fail to understand and have actually been failing to grasp since the inception of Hizbullah is that this Resistance CANNOT be wiped from existence. Killing in cold blood a symbol like Jihad of the prominent Mouqawamist Mughniyeh family and an ancient, vital commander as beloved as Abou Issa will not prove to be the chinks in the Resistance’s panoply.

Quite to the contrary, murdering such personalities will prove to be the water on the seeds of Lebanon’s subjugated Shi’a; the sustenance from which Trees of Triumph in Dahiyeh, the Bekaa and the Jnoub will grow. Hizbullah is not a COG in the the machine as ‘Israeli’ hasbaraniks like to portray it, laughably and wrongfully. Hizbullah ****IS**** the machine. One which is well-oiled and always at the forefront of improvement with the most cutting-edge, most innovative technology and tactics, from drones (i.e. Ayoub) to offensive fighting styles (i.e. Al-Qusayr). The killing of Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.), Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.), Ghaleb Awali (R.A.) and Hassan “Digital Mughniyeh” Lakkis (R.A.) gave new coatings of strength to Hizbullah’s armor; the wars in ’93, ’96 and ’06 broke them not, crippled them not, ENDED THEM NOT. Hizbullah wears its martyrs on its sleeves like its heart and soul, it is not ashamed of them nor is it saddened into submission by their departure from this world. It celebrates their sacrifices and entries into Paradise after lifetimes committed to shutting the door on Zionism once and for all. By killing important figures of Hizbullah today, the ‘Israeli’ cancer cells have expedited their inevitable demise by inadvertently birthing tomorrow’s liberators of Falasteen.

Remember that the proof is ALWAYS in the pudding–in this case, the pudding that the Jewish supremacist tumor’s Takfiri ‘Goy’ Golem has been smashed into by Hizbullah’s Mighty Moujahideen. Since the martyrdom of the Quneitra Seven, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance has led the liberation of the Qalamoun Mountains, spearheaded the freeing of several regions in Latakia and Hama, and played a critical role in the Earth-shaking, Earth-shifting recapture of Aleppo, especially in the Old City. Simply put, the Mouqawamah has not weakened. It has only grown more powerful. In fact, ‘Israeli’ generals and politicians often speak in frustration and outright fury at how much stronger Hizbullah has gotten since the conspiracy against the Syrian Arab Republic began. “Tel Aviv” and its allies launched the “Arab Spring” to resurrect the “New Middle East” and “Greater Israel” schemes that Hizbullah killed in ’00 and ’06… And history, in the form of another Hizbullah victory, is repeating itself.

Following the assassination of the Quneitra Seven and Hizbullah’s devastating retaliation in the occupied Shebaa Farms that left at least 15 ‘Israeli’ enemy occupiers dead, including high-ranking Golani and Givati officers, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared that the former rules of engagement with the artificial Zionist regime no longer existed and that the Resistance would respond to ‘Israel’ ANYWHERE and ANY TIME it so chose. ‘Israel’ thought that by taking the lives of these men, it would take the life of Hizbullah as a whole. Instead, Hizbullah just jumped right back into the White Hot Room to grow anew, grow stronger, grow in glory and then blaze back fiercer like the Phoenix of Mouqawamah it truly is. Indeed, vultures can never comprehend the flight path of a Phoenix. Long live Hizbullah, the Party of God adorned in the Armor of God. Long live the Islamic Republic of Iran, Grandfather and Guardian of ALLAH’s (SWT) Party. Long live the Quneitra Seven. And death, death, DEATH to ‘Israel’.

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