Trump Regime Meets Wife Of NED-CIA Stooge Leopoldo Lopez, Lays Groundwork For New Color Revolution In Venezuela

by Jonathan Azaziah

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you should be well-aware that the American ZOG has been waging war on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Bush regime tried and failed to dislodge Hugo Chavez. The Obama regime couldn’t hack it either, nor could it overthrow El Comandante’s successor, Nicolas Maduro. Which brings us to the new era of Donald J. Trump, aka President Supercilious Orange, a new era that isn’t exactly any different from the old era. The politically incorrect, comically spray-tanned billionaire, who promised the Venezuelan Gusano community in South Florida that he would take even harsher actions against Chavismo than Obama, has barely even moved into the Oval Office and has already put “regime change” in Caracas high on his foreign policy agenda.

His regime has placed sanctions on Venezuelan VP Tarek El Aisammi, fallaciously labeling him a “drug dealer”, and rabid anti-Bolivarian oil baron Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State of ExxonMobil fame, has gone on record numerous times to state that a “transition to democracy”, i.e. the dissolution of the Bolivarian Revolution, is what the US will be pursuing. Well, now adding further insult to injury, Trump and company met with Lilian Tintori, the wife of Leopoldo Lopez, just a few days ago and demanded that Maduro release him. This weekend, hundreds of US-backed Venezuelan opposition “activists” took to the streets in Caracas as well as Madrid, home to a sizable Venezuelan Gusano population, to echo Trump.

Of course, Leopoldo Lopez–who was locked up last year and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for his very prominent, very subversive and very dangerous role in one of the several failed color revolutions launched by Obama against Maduro–is a Zio-Imperialist slave that has in fact been involved with coups, color revolutions and other acts of destabilization going back to the beginning. He played a domineering role in the original failed coup against Chavez in ’02. And when Obama served as Empire Judaica’s figurehead, Lopez took millions of dollars from various cogs in the American “regime change” machine to deepen the attack on Chavismo. Lopez is linked with a who’s who of 4th Generation Warfare institutions: the NED, the IRI, Open Society and several other Sorosite fronts, the NDI, USAID and even the US State Department and the CIA themselves. That this parasite has not been imprisoned indefinitely or outright executed for treason shows the kind of humanity, decency and restraint practiced by the Bolivarian Revolution. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the shoe was on the other foot and Lopez was engaged in such activity in America on behalf of Venezuela, every judge in every US circuit would throw the book at him and clamor for him to be hung.

Expect the Trump administration to continue agitating for Leopoldo Lopez. Also expect him to meet with the ever-vile Zionist Jew Henrique Capriles Radonski and other Venezuelan opposition personalities to transmogrify the GROUNDWORK of a color revolution into a living, breathing destabilization operation. And expect more sanctions too, along with more coordination between the CIA and the Spaniard-colonialist-descended “elites” who have been integral to the economic assault on Venezuela that began under Obama. The Bolivarian Revolution is under threat and in danger. May Venezuelans and their righteous leadership prevail over the Tangerine Terrorist and his warmongering sidekick, the ExxonMobil Egomaniac.

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