Trump Regime Bombs The Syrian Arab Army And Its Allies At Al-Tanf AGAIN!

by Jonathan Azaziah

The bellicosity and arrogance of the Trump regime vis-a-vis Syria is swelling more and more by the day. YET ANOTHER attack by the American ZOG on Syrian anti-terrorist forces, once again at Al-Tanf Crossing in southeast Homs, and once again as advancements were being made against Daesh. The US does not want this strategic border region liberated because then it will prevent Washington’s Takfiri proxies from traversing the desert back and forth between Syria and Iraq with ease. As the Syrian Arab Army and its allies advance on one side of the border, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units are moving forward with lightning speed on the other side–and dodging US-led “anti-ISIS” coalition air strikes while they’re at it. The very millisecond that the border is completely cleansed, all of the ISIS maniacs will be trapped like the collaborationist vermin that they are and the conspiracy against both Syria and Iraq will be effectively over. So Trump, despite his campaign promises and continued “let’s crush ISIS” rhetoric, is keeping the existence and the proliferation of Wahhabi-Takfirism alive for Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn to remain destabilized.

Let’s see the Trumpets weasel their way out of THIS one! For months, we’ve heard every excuse under the sun from the Trump apologists about how their “fearless leader” REALLY will fight terror and he’s ACTUALLY anti-JNWO on the low, just give him time. Meanwhile though, he’s increased the US support to Saudi Arabia’s genocidal aggression in Yemen ten fold. He’s sold hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars in advanced arms to the GCC, Al-Saud at the top of the list. He’s upped the ante against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, one of the primary international backers of Syria in this struggle. He’s been nothing less than monstrous against Iran, both in word and in action (i.e. sanctions). And now this is the fourth attack on anti-ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq. Admit the damn truth already: This Tangerine Terrorist isn’t fighting ISIS. He’s empowering ISIS (and all its affiliates). Just like Obama. He’s utilizing every instrument at his disposal to further the “Greater Israel” agenda. And if you’re not going to say it, then guess what? That makes you part and parcel of the conspiracy against the Arab-Islamic world and humanity at large. No different than the Obamatrons before you. May our Creator (SWT) be with Syria in these most trying times. And may He (SWT) bring the Great Satan, the engine of the Rothschild Octopus, to its knees.

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