Trump Regime Bombs Syrian Arab Army Again, This Time At Al-Tanf, In Yet Another Act Of Aggression

by Jonathan Azaziah

The deplorable regime of the Tangerine Terrorist Donald Trump has just bombed a Syrian Arab Army convoy at Al-Tanf right on the Syrian-Jordanian border. There are at least 6 confirmed martyrs, at least 3 others wounded, and 2 advanced tanks destroyed by the unprovoked, criminal aggression–the second direct attack on the SAA that the Supercilious Orange presidency has launched. This assault however may be even more detrimental to the arrogant US ZOG than its previous, Zionist-motivated tomahawk-bombardment of Al-Shayrat Airbase in Homs because it wasn’t only Syrian soldiers who were in this grouping, nor only Syrian soldiers who are among the dead. The NDF, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah and Iraq’s Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade were also present and if Trump and his team think that such a cowardly act will go unanswered, whether in the Syrian or Iraqi arena, they are fools. Martyrs’ blood has never been cheap to the Resistance Axis and let it not be forgotten for a moment that the Imam Ali (A.S.) Brigade is commandeered by Abou Azrael, who fought US-British occupation forces in southern Iraq long before he became our precious motherland’s most famous Takfiri-slayer.

As for the official explanation? White House hasbaraniks are claiming that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies got too close to a base of US-UK-backed “moderate rebels” and thus, there was justification for the fake “anti-ISIS” coalition to “act”. Imagine the gall of these colonialist gangsters, whose presence on Syrian soil and in Syrian skies is completely and utterly illegal, telling the Syrian Arab Army, where it can and cannot go in its own nation! Which it is safeguarding from mercenaries unleashed by this very coalition! The gall! And not even THIS is true! Resistance forces were actually rapidly approaching an ISIS cell and hoped to contain the terrorists from expanding any further into already-liberated Homs as well as predominantly-Druze-populated Sweida. So yes, not “essentially”, but LITERALLY, the American regime is once again operating as Daesh’s Air Force. And Mr. Spray-Tanned Misfit dares tout his speech on “radical Islam”–in the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness of all places–as he aids the head-chopping, marauding, church-burning, shrine-demolishing Takfiri terrorists in Syria? Dear God! Hand this goon an award for new precedents set in the fields of comedy and hypocrisy.

And as this Zio-Imperialist violence against the Syrian Arab Republic continues, braindead, Judaized Westerners, most especially ‘Muricans, wonder why the peoples of the Arab-Islamic world chant “DEATH TO AMERICA!” Seriously. At this point… How is it even a question?

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