True Solidarity: As Syrians Celebrate The Aleppo Victory, Occupied Kashmir Celebrates With Them

by Jonathan Azaziah

Occupied Kashmir’s people are simply wonderful. As Syrians from Aleppo have been celebrating for the last several days to mark the end of the Zio-Imperialists’ Takfiri proxies criminally ruling over their city, Kashmiris have been celebrating with them, filling up the streets of Srinagar to hail this triumph. Led by the Vale’s Shi’a but joined by Sunnis and Sufis as well, an ode to Syria’s own ancient pluralism, the Kashmiri demonstrators saluted the Syrian Arab Army, praised Dr. Bashar al-Assad and chanted that the liberation of Aleppo is a “victory for humanity” and a “victory for Islam”. Heroes and heroines of the Valley showed a special love towards the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah, with men wrapping their heads in the red “Ya Hussein (A.S.)!” bandanas traditionally worn by the Mouqawamah’s Mighty Moujahideen on Ashoura and women donning the Party’s classic yellow banner. That the Kashmiris would hit the streets for Aleppo’s victory in total rejection of the barbaric Indian occupation all around them is just extraordinary. It’s hard to say what’s more beautiful: Their solidarity or their defiance.

Contrast the Kashmiris’ thousands-deep rally, one which represents Anti-Zio-Imperialism and transnational pluralistic brotherhood, with the other recent major “protest”–more like a hasbara festival– on the Southeast Asia Subcontinent: The hundreds-deep event in New Delhi which featured terrorist sympathizers accusing the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian ally of “war crimes” and “genocide”. Islamic unity vs. sectarian strife. And the latter protesters weren’t merely regular ol’ fools duped by World Zionism’s propaganda onslaught. No, not at all. Thanks to the tremendous investigate work of supremely brilliant filmmaker, photographer, political commentator and my dear brother Abbas Shamael Rizvi, it is known that this gathering of charlatans was staged by Qatari-bankrolled Jamaat-e-“Islami”, India’s chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood. Pathetic beyond words that instead of worrying about the plight of Indian Muslims under Modi The Murderer’s increasingly Islamophobic regime and the atrocities inflicted on Kashmiris daily by the Hindu supremacist occupation, Indian Ikhwan’s concern is enforcing the US-‘Israeli’ Empire’s agenda against Syria. Kashmiris stand with truth, Indian Ikhwan stands with lies, it really is that black and white.

Indeed, the true free peoples of the world back the struggle of Syria’s people, government and army for sovereignty and freedom from NATO-unleashed terrorism. Meanwhile, the certified colonized imbeciles of the world, like Jamaat-e-“Islami” and its ideological counterparts, haven’t found a Zionist-CIA-concocted falsehood since the “Arab Spring” started that they don’t adore with all their crummy, hateful, brainwashed beings. So thank you gorgeous, principled, Mouqawamistic Kashmiris for standing with the Syrian Arab Republic, just as you have stood with Yemen and Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky. Like the steadfast Syrian people themselves, you, o’ Kashmiris, inspire us with gleaming hope, and we pray for the day of YOUR historic victory over the Zionist-backed, Zionist-armed Indian regime. Azadi for all! First Aleppo, next up the Vale! #LongLiveKashmir #FreeKashmir #LongLiveSyria #AleppoVictory

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