Triple Suicide Attack In Baghdad Today Is Takfiri “Revenge” For Battlefield Setbacks In Iraq and Syria

by Jonathan Azaziah

Misery and marauding in Mesopotamia today as ISIS detonates three suicide blasts in the Bayaa, Al-Jadida and Radwaniyeh districts of Baghdad, slaughtering at least 17 Iraqi civilians and wounding over 51 others. These cruel, inhuman bombings need to be seen in the context of the recent battlefield developments not only in Iraq but also in Syria. When the usurping Zionist entity, NATO and the GCC launched this Takfiri-driven 4th Generation Warfare on our region, the colonialist divide-lines that made Syria Syria and Iraq Iraq were erased. And while the Empire Judaica thought that this would play into its hands, allowing its tools to trek back and forth between Bilad al-Sham and Bilad Rafidayn as they sowed a plethora of chaos along the way, it has in fact backfired. Because defeats for the Takfiri scourge in Syria mean that the Takfiri scourge in Iraq suffers and vice versa, especially those of the catastrophic variety.

Over the last week, since the US-Russia “ceasefire” agreement fell to the wayside in the wake of Al-Qaeda affiliates violating it some 300 times and the American military murdering over 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Deir Ezzor in a premeditated act of warmongering psychopathy, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization (Hashd al-Shaabi) has been thundering through Salahuddin Province, liberating village after village, and the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and co. have been blitzing through Aleppo and scoring numerous crushing triumphs, including today in the Farafira District. So right on schedule, the terrorist hordes of MossadDaesh exectued this triple attack in the Iraqi capital as a means of overcompensating for their sheer ineptitude, feebleness and perpetual state of breakdown. Time and time again, even with the full-on backing of the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium, the Takfiris prove that they are solely capable of “fighting” unarmed civilians.

So sadness shall not prevail with today’s wanton murder of my treasured countrymen but defiance, because our heroic forces are decimating the enemy from pillar to post and explosions against the defenseless are all it can muster as a “response”. An enemy as cowardly as the one we’re facing can only die the death of a yellowbelly in the end. And to clarify, this applies not merely to ISIS–which exists as nothing other than a mercenary army–but its ‘Israeli’ string-pullers above all else. Atop the bones of ZOGs everywhere and their Wahhabi proxies, Hashd al-Shaabi’s advancement will continue in Iraq. The progress of the SAA-Hizbullah-Iraqi-IRGC-Russian alliance will continue in Syria. Takfirism will burn out. Bilad al-Sham and Bilad al-Rafidayn will emerge from the conflagration unmarked. And our martyrs, among them those 17 souls killed today from the Bayaa, Al-Jadida and Radwaniyeh districts of Baghdad, will be the strength we draw on to rebuild the ruins of our nations into shining citadels so bright that they will be seen from the darkest corners of the universe’s outer rims. #LongLiveIraq #LongLiveSyria #DeathToTakfirism

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