One thought on “Trevor LaBonte On Press TV: Zionist-Controlled Media Circumvented by Internet Users”

  1. It is true that people (including us) are helping to awaken the masses via social media. Tweeting and re-tweeting has made so many more aware, it has changed many attitudes. The so-called, “israelis”, thought they’d easily control us by purchasing the MSM and only allowing their take on conflict to prevail, and this worked for a few decades. However, along came the internet (funny enough, brought about by those who were/are on the wrong side) and people found themselves disenchanted and angry (especially angry.)
    I think that if we can point to one day on which the change really began to take hold, it was the morning after the incident on the Mavi Marmara…, and it was the BRILLIANT spoof and word-play of, “Video Killed the Radio Star”; changed to, “Video Killed Israeli PR”, which did it. Thankfully, that bell has been rung and there is no unringing it!
    This past Summer’s *ahem* conflict in Gaza was photographed and videotaped and the data shared and even over-shared throughout social media. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t aware of what was going on in Gaza, at least to some degree. This actually helped the people of (the rest of) Palestine see, for themselves, the horrors inflicted on their families whom they’ve been separated from by the, “israeli”, wall(s), including the wall of silence between Palestinian lands/ outposts. This is what sparked the current uprising in E.Jerusalem/ al Quds & the West Bank.

    As I and many others have said, thankfully, that bell has been rung. That genie is out of the bottle.. and the nails are being driven home into the coffin of zionism… “Israel”, cannot hide their filthy deeds any longer. The people of the world, because we are aware (awake), simply no longer accept these actions. And the, “israelis”, haven’t got the intellect to see that their tactics are now doing them much more harm than good. To that, I say, GREAT!
    And, bring it on, whackos!

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