Today We Remember Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi: Martyred Hizbullah Titans Who Paved The Way For Victories Over ‘Israel’

by Jonathan Azaziah

February 16th will forever live in sanctity and fury. For it is the day in which two of the most important and beloved figures in humanity’s struggle against World Zionism ascended to Jannah via martyrdom. You should know their blessed names but we will nevertheless speak them for posterity: Sheikh Ragheb Harb (R.A.), martyred in 1984, and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.), martyred in 1992. Hizbullah commemorates their sacrifices and heroic lives every year (along with Hajj Imad Mughniyeh [R.A.]) at this time, in a ceremony known as Martyred Leaders’ Day, and what they represent for the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, its history, its foundation and its victories cannot be stated enough.

Sheikh Harb, born in the Jabal Amel town of Jibsheet, was an activist from his early years and was already headed to Najaf to study in the Hawza when he was merely 17. Brilliant and fiery, he learned quickly while in Iraq, but had to cut his studies short due to the brutality and oppression of the Baghdad regime. Upon returning to Lebanon, he founded the Sayyeda Zaynab School, Al-Sharqieh School and the Treasury of the Muslims, helping educate children and women and giving families small loans that helped offset poverty. When the ‘Israelis’ invaded in ’78, the Sheikh helped establish The Martyrs’ Foundation and was at the forefront encouraging the people of Southern Lebanon to resist this aggression.

Inspired and motivated even further by Iran’s Islamic Revolution, he fought the enemy in every sector, from militarily and politically to culturally and religiously. And his passion led scores of once-misguided youth to embrace destiny and join the ever-growing ranks of the Mouqawamah. Nearly a year before his martyrdom, Harb was kidnapped by ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and brought to the notorious Ansar prison camp where he was tortured. He was so very adored by the people however that the usurpers released him in fear of an Intifada breaking out. He never cracked under duress; never gave up his students or comrades. Due to this steadfastness, the Sheikh’s legend exponentially grew. He triggered such fear in the beings of the gutless Jews squatting in Lebanon that they decided not to assassinate him themselves but through a proxy – the collaborationist criminal Danny Abdallah.

Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, from Al-Nabi Sheeth in the Bekaa Valley, for his part was ferocious. Speaking with a voice so gruff you would think he was a lion-wolf-bear-hybrid instead of a man, he shook up mountains, he made waves on the Lebanese coastline quadruple in size and he forced the ravines of his native Bekaa tremble like scared children with every speech he delivered. He was a student of Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.)–who loved him like a son, so much in fact that he would say, “Abbas is a precious part of me”–an adherent of Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini’s (R.A.) history-shifting revolutionary fervor and an Islamic internationalist like no other figure in recent memory.

He traveled across the Arab-Islamic world, including all the way to occupied Kashmir where he met the fighters and activists seeking Azadi from India’s Zionist-backed barbarity, and he offered the support of Hizbullah to all oppressed people in the face of their common enemy – World Zionism. Sayyed Abbas fought the ‘Israeli’ enemy with his bare hands and his sharp wit, and strove in defense of Palestine until his dying day, once saying, “The bridge between Lebanon and Al-Quds shall not ever be burned. All that will burn is the occupation.” The Jewish supremacist entity, being the cowardly cancer it is, failed to silence the golden, angelic voice of the Sayyed so it did what it always does: Fearfully attack from the sky, in this instance with US-provided Apache helicopters, firing missiles at Moussawi’s car, killing him, his wife, his son and several others.

Hizbullah wouldn’t be Hizbullah without these two giants of Resistance; these two colossuses of defiance who, as mentioned above, will forever live in sanctity and fury. Sanctity because they are holy martyrs and warrior-saints whose very memories continue inflicting excruciating agony on the collective psychotic consciousness of ‘Israel’. Fury because there will be no rest for every man and woman in the world who identifies as a Mouqawawist until they are truly avenged with the liberation of Palestine, the Golan Heights, Ghajar, Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shouba Hills, Sanafir and Tiran. When you walk the path of Imam Hussein (A.S.), there is no greater honor than to live as he lived, fight as he fought and die as he died – Fighting tyranny and injustice ’till the last drop of blood. The Sheikh and the Sayyed did just that. As Sayyed Abbas himself said, “Not since Yazid (L.A.) has there been a Yazid (L.A.) like ‘Israel’. So as Aba Abdallah’s (A.S.) acolytes, we wage this battle against it.”

The Holy Qur’an tells us repeatedly that martyrs aren’t dead but alive with ALLAH (SWT). Sayings from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) show us that the martyrs are watching over the believers and even guiding them in certain circumstances. And seeing Hizbullah, from its landmark victories in 2000 and 2006 to its map-changing role in Syria and Iraq today, it becomes exceedingly lucid that Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi–the sons of Al-Sadr and Khomeini, the guardians of Lebanon and friends of the oppressed, the bricklayers of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s triumphs–never really left this Earth, now did they? No… They never really left at all. In spirit indeed, them with we and we with them, the titans of Mouqawamah still walk and shine among us.

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