To Hell With The American Regime’s ‘Condemnation’ Of The ISIS Attack In Iskandariyeh

by Jonathan Azaziah

The ZOG in Washington can take its condemnation of the bloody ISIS attack on the soccer game in Iskandariyeh (just south of ‪#‎Baghdad‬) and jump right off a goddamn cliff with it. America, above and beyond any other state, is most responsible for everything horrific that has befallen ‪#‎Iraq‬, from the Gulf War to the genocidal sanctions to the 2003 invasion, all done for the cancerous Zionist entity. The US military was used by ‪#‎Israel‬ as an attack dog to remove the Iraqi state and people from the regional equation of engaging in liberationist resistance against “Tel Aviv”. And when we ain’t bow to this scheme, the Jewish Power Configuration unleashed Mossad and P2OG on us, i.e. false flag terrorism literally approved out in the open by the neocon-dominated Bush regime’s Defense Department–although it’s barely ever spoken or written about.

Out of the 2.5 MILLION civilians slaughtered by the Zionist-orchestrated, US-led, shock-and-awe aggression, tens of thousands were blown to bits by this devilish policy, which continues today in the form of the group of barbaric Wahhabi psychopaths known as Daesh, or as I prefer to call it, ITGGIS, ‘Israel’s’ Takfiri Goy Golem in Iraq and Syria. American politicians, from Uncle O’Toma all the way down, not only couldn’t care less about Iraqis being killed, they’re more than likely laughing about it behind closed doors with their Jewish-Zionist masters and plotting to kill even more of us. In the name of those 41 innocents martyred in Iskandariyeh though, it’ll be us who has the last laugh in the end… Because we will defeat ISIS and drive you colonizers back to the filth-pits you invaded from. Believe that. ‪#‎LONGLIVEIRAQ‬

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