The Yemeni Zest For Life Cannot Be Eradicated By Al-Saud

by Jonathan Azaziah

Dancing Houthis! Hell of a sight, ain’t it? When this corrupting, degenerative, Dajjalic system and all the evil it breeds throughout the world gets you down, just keep in mind that the indomitable Yemeni people and their dauntless Resistance, in unequivocal defiance of the Zionist House of Saud, still groove like the music won’t turn off. The Wahhabi invaders wanted so much to eradicate the Yemeni zest for life and conquer Yemen like they conquered the Hijaz, but their scheme has crashed and burned at the hands of a people who have no concept of what defeat means or even is. Any success ever achieved by the forces of Jahannam is always temporary, as dark cannot beat light; malevolence can’t crush benevolence; falsehood can’t prevail over truth; and demons can’t triumph over angels. If Ansarullah has taught us anything with its historic smashing of US-‘Israeli’-UK-backed Al-Saud, it’s this: Keep your head up no matter what, ’cause the monsters WILL falter and things DO get better, for ALLAH (SWT), with His eternal Mercy, limitless Love and infinite Justice, has the backs of the oppressed and the righteous until the end of the time.

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