The US ZOG Is Burning Syria With White Phosphorus… After Already Contaminating Syria With Depleted Uranium

by Jonathan Azaziah

There is no limit to the cruelty of the American regime’s actions in Syria. Earlier this year, it was revealed by US CENTCOM that Washington’s warplanes were dropping thousands of depleted uranium bombs on Syrians. In recent days, it has come out that Washington’s warplanes are also burning Syrians alive with the deadly munition known as white phosphorus. And what is known as of this moment is that it has only been in ISIS-occupied Raqqa. It is more than likely been used in American sorties over Idlib, Aleppo and elsewhere. For those who pay attention to the Empire of Zion’s sanguinary escapades, you know that occupied Afghanistan, Iraq’s Fallujah, Iraq’s Basra, Lebanon, occupied Palestine’s besieged Gaza, Libya and Yemen have all been devastated in unspeakable fashion by this illegal weapon that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Syria now bears the brunt of this horror scene. With depleted uranium and white phosphorus singed into (thus far) an unknown number of Syrian victims and countless hectares of Syrian land, it is only a matter of time before the fathers of Bilad al-Sham’s affected areas become impotent and cancer-ridden, mothers’ wombs become barren and babies who do survive birth begin showing signs of grotesque mutations. Just like Afghanis, Iraqis and other victims before them.

The US ZOG despicably says it is only using the white phosphorus as a “screening tool” so it can “smoke out” terrorists. But this is a grave and egregious insult to the globe’s collective intelligence. Anyone who has seen a proper map of Raqqa knows how densely populated it is and that the Takfiri goons deliberately embed themselves with civilians. And like Daeshis and their Al-Qaeda counterparts have done in other regions of Syria–as per the training they received from their ‘Israeli’ masters who perfected the technique to the letter–they’re using these Syrians as human shields. Even anti-government, pro-FSA media outlets like Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently readily admit this fact. Thus, it is physically and scientifically impossible that the incendiary weapons are not hurting, maiming and slaughtering civilians once they strike a target.

Additionally, there has been an ongoing intelligence operation by the Syrian Arab Army and a select few moujahideen from Hizbullah, the IRGC and Iraq’s Harakat al-Nujaba to obtain info about ISIS’s activities in Raqqa as well as to smuggle terrorized Syrian families to safety. It remains unclear whether any Resistance Axis soldiers or fighters were affected by Amreeka’s criminal bombings. And the kicker of kickers of course is that the American ZOG is the father of ISIS and has no interest in eliminating it anyway. So the usage of such weapons is not meant to frighten or transplant Daesh, but rather to frighten and transplant the Syrian people who are already savagely oppressed under Daesh rule. Why? Because the depopulation of Syria is good news for the usurping Zionist entity and its Kurdish proxies–who are seeking to establish an ‘Israel’-friendly “Kurdistan” right in the heart of the Syrian north, with Raqqa representing a particularly strategic piece of real estate in their illegal, expansionist, chauvinistic project.

Really and truly, it is genocidally ironic, you know? For years, the American regime and all of its vassals have parroted the Zionist-concocted lie that democratically-elected Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad used “chemical weapons against his own people”. They hoped that this putrid hasbara would give them the satanic mandate they needed to trigger a direct NATO intervention to topple the Syrian government and pave the way for the latest phase of the “Greater ‘Israel'” enterprise. Instead, because this scheme failed time and time again thanks to Syria and its allies, it is in fact the United Snakes of IsraHELL which has used chemical weapons against the Syrian people, destructively changing their lives and the lives of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren forever. Baruch Uncle O’Tom-a started it. And Trump the Tangerine Terrorist has picked up right where he left off. Dropping depleted uranium and white phosphorus on the civilians of states which don’t submit to the Anglo-Zionist Imperium. Tragically and disgustingly, it’s as American as apple pie.

One thought on “The US ZOG Is Burning Syria With White Phosphorus… After Already Contaminating Syria With Depleted Uranium”

  1. Your article is very good, and points out very clearly the real impact of depleted uranium weapons and the devastation it has made of MENA. It was proposed for development in 1943 by the Manhattan Project Poison Gas committee – Compton, Urey, and Conant – to be used in dirty bombs, dirty missiles, and dirty bullets in the event that the atomic bombs under development did not work. IT WAS ALWAYS INTENDED TO BE A PERMANENT TERRAIN CONTAMINANT AND GENOCIDAL WEAPON. Now we see how strategically and ruthlessly it is being used, country after country to destroy nations, cultures, and the future. And who is behind this? Follow the Jesuit trail to who their bosses are – the Council of Ten controls the Jesuits. Who are the members of the Council of Ten? The Papal Nobility from: House of Farnase (Fidel Castro), House of Medici, House of Borgia, Colonna, Gaetonie, Pamphili, Orsini, Aldobrandini, Chigi, Conti. These are the ancient Iranian bloodlines that have ruled the world for 5000 years.

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