The Ummah Has Failed Nigeria’s Sheikh Zakzaky: 18 Months Into His Illegal Imprisonment And Still No Justice In Sight

by Jonathan Azaziah

What do you call a man who has brought millions of Nigerians to Islam in the last 40 years; who wages a peaceful unarmed struggle against an oppressive regime; who opposes Zionism on a regional and global level and has instilled an understanding of it deep in the consciousness of his partisans; who opposes the American ZOG; who opposes the British ZOG; who has exposed Boko Haram and other Takfiri terrorist groups as false flag black ops controlled by Western-Zionist powers; who has shredded Saudi Arabia and the other petrodollar monarchies; who has seen 6 of his sons become martyrs in the fight against Dajjal; who stands with Resistance anywhere and everywhere but whose plight is still ignored by the overwhelming majority of the so-called “Ummah”? You would call such a man SHEIKH IBRAHIM YAQOUB AL-ZAKZAKY. It has now been 18 months since Nigeria’s revolutionary of revolutionaries–and the most important Mouqawamist figure in all of Africa bar none–was unjustly thrown into the Buhari regime’s dungeons after 1,000+ followers of his were mercilessly murdered by the Nigerian army in the Zaria Massacre. The African Ashoura. 18 months of cruelty. 578 days of atrocities. 13,782 hours of injustice. Baseless charges. Worsening health. Routine torture. His wife Sayyeda Zeenat locked in the hellishness as well. His students and deputies languishing in horror near him. His Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) continuously brutalized in his absence. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHERE ARE THE SCREAMS? WHERE IS THE HUMANITY. Nowhere… All of it… Is simply… Nowhere.

Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei saluted Zakzaky in his most recent speech, calling him “the most oppressed person” and demanding–not merely asking or even telling but DEMANDING–that Muslims stand up for the Sheikh, his martyred children and his movement for it is their duty to defend an individual of such stature and importance to Islam. Behind the scenes, everyday, the Islamic Republic of Iran is working overtime through diplomatic channels to secure the Sheikh’s release and considering the Nigerian regime is a puppet of the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi trifecta of terrible, no doubt this process requires the utmost patience and delicateness. At the International Al-Quds Day rallies this year, Zakzaky was featured in Pakistan (most prominently), occupied Kashmir and numerous places in America. But there needs to be more. Much more. There need to be actions which are global. Sustained. Militant. Massive. And uncompromising. Zakzaky has turned his voice into thunder for us for 2/3 of his life and given that which is most precious to him–i.e. his children–along with blood from his own flesh and never asked for anything other than ALLAH’s (SWT) approval. The least we can do is turn our voices into thunder for him in his time of dire need.

Until then, we can say with unfortunate confidence and ever-growing heartbrokenness that “The Ummah” has failed the Sheikh. But at 18 months in, let’s also say that this failure and gargantuan stain on our history have gone on long enough. As the example of General Hurr (R.A.) teaches us, what one DIDN’T do then is of no consequence when compared with what one DOES now. Khamenei demands that we fight for Zakzaky. Muslims need to absorb the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s call and run a mile with it. Let us take heed indeed and demand that there be justice for the Martyrs of Zaria; demand that the Sheikh, his Queen and all IMN political prisoners be freed IMMEDIATELY; demand the gallows for Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan, Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai and every other Zionist proxy involved in the assault on the Zakzaky family; and demand that Nigerian Shi’a Muslims as well as all oppressed Nigerians be granted their rights in the face of a tyrannical, corrupt and collaborationist regime in Abuja. Zakzaky is the champion of the Moustazafeen. It’s overdue… BEYOND OVERDUE… that the Moustazafeen do a little championing of their own for a man who is both a modern-day Islamic saint and the kind of Godwary revolutionary that may not even come once in any given lifetime. #FreeZakzaky #LongLiveZakzaky #DeathToTheBuhariRegime #JusticeForZariaNow

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