The Ugly Truth Returns: Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah Discuss Tlaib, Omar, Trump, Venezuela And Jewish Power In America

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Ugly Truth Broadcast returns! I recently joined my beloved brother Mark Glenn for a must-hear, Crescent & Cross Solidarity program on the revamped TUT platform to discuss Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Trump and the neocon-led opposition to his moves in Syria as well as his war on Venezuela, not to mention Jewish power, supremacy and degeneracy in general. For a paltry donation, the program is available for download, and as it is information you are not going to come across anywhere–and we do mean ANYWHERE–else, it is certainly worth it. Enjoy. And FTJ.

From Mark Glenn: “Tonight’s program–The recent midterm elections in the US and what kinds of (‘Israeli’-instigated) tectonic changes occurred politically in order to keep things exactly as they were. In particular, what all can expect to see from the election of two Muslim women to Congress and the manner by which they will be used in furthering a particular narrative which Judea, Inc. needs if that same old/same old is to be maintained. We are once again honored to have with us–loud & proud/large & in charge–the one and only Jonathan Azaziah who is sure to fill our heads with information and analysis not heard before. As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of being fed a bitter dose of some very difficult-to-swallow ugly truth. Downloading the program is made possible only with the generous reciprocity of those who partake, so please consider leaving a little bread in the basket for those whose time and effort went into producing this endeavor.

5 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth Returns: Mark Glenn and Jonathan Azaziah Discuss Tlaib, Omar, Trump, Venezuela And Jewish Power In America”

  1. That’s great news!
    BUT, Gentlemen and Ladies (Adam and Eve), Brothers and Sisters, we already have all the information we need to ACT upon it, and we don’t! Most of us do not like the truth, cannot handle the truth, are terrorised by the truth, as it goes against our best material interest. I will not claim that I know the truth, but what I found is enough to tell me that I WAS DAMN WRONG in trying to inform others to the point that if I could come back to that damn flat and non-spinning earth I would be among the greatest liars.
    So, we lie, we pretend, we hate, we cheat, we are cruel or indifferent to human sufferings. We are cowards because we refuse to fight back by all means necessary! Our best weapon remains TOTAL BOYCOTT, but we talk, talk, talk…! I was the greatest Prophet of this Age because I NEVER MADE A SINGLE DISCIPLE, A MIRACLE! Christ made over one billion Christians, and Muhammad made over one billion Muslims for what? Together they made some 3-4 billion hypocrites and cowards!
    Yes, God gives us HOPE, but damn it, you Humans, show that you have a functioning brain and some humanity, and DO THE RIGHT THING! Going to the cinema, to sports events (boxing is not a sport) and depraved concerts, watching Godless television and Beauty Contests, smoking, taking drugs (including alcohol and smoking), touring the world, joining bogus charities, joining Synagogues of Satan (Churches), Sects, getting indoctrinated in the Freemasonic and Satanic Public School Sewage System, poisoning our bodies with their HARMaceutical products, their vaccines, mercury, fluoride, aspartame, genetically modified everything, accepting their climatic manipulations, allowing baby murdering abortion clinics, brothels, pornography, paedophilia, and other abominations are not a sign of intelligence, but of total decadence, of the complete takeover of this world by Satan. All the US American Presidents since John Fitzgerald Kennedy were notorious mass murderers and devils, as well as the leaders of decadent Christendom and the puppets ruling over most Muslim lands since colonial times.
    Muslims are so decadent that they never wanted to accept that SAUDIA was established by the West as ISRAILIYAAT, and was ruled by Crypto-Jews from Basra with a Master Plan to create Greater Israiliyaat with its Capital in the Holy Land, AL-QUDS! SAUDI ISLAM = CIA ISLAM! The first thing that the Zionists did when decadent Christendom (turned Freemasonic Socialists and Communists) gave Palestine to the Communist and Judaic Khazaris was to establish brothels in Tel-Aviv and make Occupied Palestine into a land of racists, drugs, debauchery, homosexuality, and mass murderers!
    Information, we all have access to it! The truth, we all know it! THOU SHALT LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR…! The Traditional women are SAINTS, but look at the MODERN CONTRACEPTIVE women! Where has morality and humanity gone? Chivalry, romance, poetry, nobility, honour, dignity, bravery, honesty…are all things of the past by most of us!
    People demonstrate foolishly in the streets (public picnics!) to what effect! They achieve nothing, yet they continue!
    Matthew 7:6 is part of the Sermon on the Mount. The original Koine Greek, according to Westcott and Hort, reads:

    μη δωτε το αγιον τοις κυσιν μηδε βαλητε τους μαργαριτας
    υμων εμπροσθεν των χοιρων μηποτε καταπατησουσιν αυτους
    εν τοις ποσιν αυτων και στραφεντες ρηξωσιν υμας

    In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:

    Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast
    ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them
    under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    The World English Bible translates the passage as:

    “Don’t give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw
    your pearls before the pigs, lest perhaps they trample
    them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.
    THE TRUTH did not set the Christians and the Muslims free as we can clearly see that most of us are still slaves to our own desires and to Satan! Christendom has abdicated its civilising mission, and has invented a new religion: CHRIST LOVES ME OR US, meaning they who repeat that MANTRA will be the only ones to be saved WITHOUT DOING THE WORKS! Muslims have abdicated their civilising mission too, and have invented for themselves (not for humankind!) a Paradise in Heaven that they hope to inherit WITHOUT DOING WHAT IS RIGHT ON EARTH! Paradise and Hell and both on Earth, but they refuse to acknowledge it!
    I learned that yesterday was “EID”, and my own nephew sent me a greeting – those ready-made ones on the Internet, without adding a single word from him, and he thinks he is smart! Yet, he is a university graduate! It was obviously an insult to me, and I did not reciprocate! I immediately posted on Facebook that I am not “celebrating” until Christians and Muslims are UNITED for the COMMON GOOD! And, the only way to achieve this is TOTAL BOYCOTT of anything and everything that makes those devils so rich and so powerful. But, for this we need MALEHOOD, BRAVERY and PERSEVERANCE IN THE EFFORT!
    The Old Man
    Monday 12 August 2019

  2. your old friend dana/antiochus from the uglytruth days. I have big news. Can you get in touch with me cause I lost Mark’s #/email contact and I HAVE to talk to you guys. You are dearly missed. Still in touch with Keith and max french? Email me at

  3. I miss the old website of Mark Glen called

    I supposed wordpress banned him, but this site was great and needs to be restarted on some other hosting platform.

    I miss it very much.

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