The Ramadan Massacre Begins Anew: MossadDaesh Murders, Injures Dozens of Iraqis At Baghdad Ice Cream Shop

by Jonathan Azaziah

What would Ramadan be without terrible heartbreak in Iraq? Just a little while ago, MossadDaesh terrorists detonated a car bomb outside of the extremely popular Al-Faqma Ice Cream Shop in Baghdad’s Karrada district, slaughtering and wounding well over 50 Iraqi men, women and children. Majority of the martyrs are Shi’a but there are Sunnis among the dead and injured too. ISIS is already framing this as terror against the “Rafidah” but don’t be swayed by the sectarian filth of this US-‘Israeli’-GCC-created Frankenstein. Its attack tonight is an attack on all Iraqis and the whole of Iraq. The victims were enjoying a sweet dessert after fasting all day in 100+ degree weather and these maniacs, these crypto-Yahoudling Takfiris, these khawarij, these devils, these foot soldiers of Zion attacked them with the intent of inflicting the maximum number of casualties. Beyond the fact that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization has advanced to the Iraqi-Syrian border, cleansing town after town of terrorist slime, and this horror is no doubt “revenge” for the victories of our brave men, it was also executed because this un-Islamic scourge considers Ramadan the “Month of Killing”, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has repeatedly pointed out, and nothing pleases their masters in “Tel Aviv” more than seeing the people of Iraq bleed and suffer.

Karrada, as many of you should know, is the site of the worst terrorist attack in Iraqi history- last July 3rd in which nearly 350 Iraqi civilians were murdered by Daesh–and has been the repeated target of US-Zio-Takfiri terror like the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral Massacre of October 31st, 2010 because it is a microcosm of Iraq’s social fabric. Sunnis, Shi’a, Sufis and Christians of various sects. Arabs (not just Iraqis but Syrians and Palestinians too), Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians and Iranians. All living together in harmony. All living together in peace. But now, with the everyday reality of ISIS at hand, that peace is a distant memory and it has become a tradition in Iraq–Karrada particularly–to brace for terrorist attacks on Ramadan. My soul is shattering, being put back together and then shattering all over again into millions of tear-drenched fragments for my beautiful countrymen and my precious homeland. Nothing more left to say, really. Nothing left at all… Except… Death to ISIS. Death to the supporters of ISIS. And death to the backers of ISIS in every Western and Khaleeji capital, not to mention the head of the demon-beast, ‘Israel’ itself. May our blessed martyrs rest in eternal serenity.

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