The Quintessential Ashoura Anthem Is Here: “Blood Of The Lion”, Second Single Off “Eternally Husseini”

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Salutations brothers and sisters! On this most revolutionary day, this most magnificent occasion, this 1,336th Ashoura when blood triumphed over the sword–to borrow the expression of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah–and Imam Hussein (A.S.) as well as his partisans achieved martyrdom at the hands of the vile Yazid (L.A.) on the hallowed ground of Karbala, I present to y’all my soul on wax; my beating, bleeding heart in lyrical form; an ode to Abou Abdallah (A.S.) to end all odes: “Blood Of The Lion”, the second single off my upcoming album “Eternally Husseini”, produced entirely by my extra-exceptionally gifted dear brother Iron Galaxy and filled with the illustrious artwork of Intifada Street founder Mohammad Hamza. This song–which is more like a Hip-Hop Nasheed than a traditional grouping of bars and hooks–doesn’t merely encapsulate the pain of the 10th of Muharram and apply that agony to the difficulties we are warding off today as an Ummah generally and as Shi’at al-Hussein specifically, it bangs like Hizbullah rocketry crashing down on occupied Haifa and making the settlers run for their miserable lives!

It’s a battlecry for Palestine and a deadly accurate shot across the bow against any and every coward who looks to the enemies of humanity for validation instead of focusing their eyes on the only authority we need to confront tyranny, oppression, occupation, terrorism and imperialism: Imam Hussein (A.S.)! The famous quote of Iranian revolutionary Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari (R.A.), “If Hussein was present today, he would say that if you want to mourn for me, your slogan must be Palestine. The Shimr of 1,300 years ago is dead. Get to know the Shimr of today,” has never rang as true as it does at this moment and “Blood Of The Lion” is a reflection of this truism on Shi’a Islamic Liberationist steroids. I’d be understating it greatly and frankly, insulting myself to say I’m proud of it… It’s so much more than just that. Iron Galaxy’s ecstatic about this one–he considers it the crowning achievement of our album. And though there are those that rightfully mourn on Ashoura over the barbarity that our Imam and his Party endured, we choose to celebrate his martyrdom as one of the defining moments of history. Not only because Hussein saved Islam, but because he offered a blueprint to enjoin good and forbid evil until the concept we know as time ceases to be. It is the chant of “Ya Hussein!” that will be heard when we cleanse Falasteen of every trace of Zionism. And both Iron Galaxy and I pray with all our beings that “Blood Of The Lion” will be on the lips of the the youthful moujahideen right alongside that eternal cry. Thus, in the name of Imam Hussein (A.S.) and the liberation of Al-Quds… LET IT KNOCK!

“Blood Of The Lion” Lyrics

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

Heads roll when the bells of the dead toll/It’s a red road I tread yo/Hypocrites are snickering and whispering like the little insignificant maggots that they are like, “Is Death To Israel!” really what he said though?!”/SHO’ IS, we’re Husseini and in the face of your power we don’t cower, we are mountains and dignity ain’t something that we beg fo’/Yeah, let me clear right here now about the end goal/It ain’t just the entity’s death but the House of Rothschild enemy’s necks up on a chopping block, guillotines pop and lock loud when Liberation crescendos/Crime labs say these devil-things were crushed by a Khomeiniist, for embezzling humanity’s resources, and of course they would allege Cold/Bodies were found scarfaced, just touch the shoulders and the arms break, everything from the forehead to the legs froze/in a mystical hypothermic attack like his Zulfiqar-mic sword swift and smooth sniped and murdered these rats, and he left a rhyme signed “Labaykah ya Nasrallah!”, with handfuls of petals from a red rose/So I wade through the blood of the martyrs/‘Cause you know that Satan put mud in the waters/to drown us when we’re coming up for air, but what he don’t know is we ain’t getting numb or stuck from fear because we are soldiers, made in the slums and the projects/And we’re inspired with ire by the fire of Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) defiance of a tyrant, the heavily, ignorant Yazid who left seventy, innocents to bleed ‘cause they ain’t bend to his decree, they were maimed and then gutted and slaughtered/But the stance of the Imam transcended all of history, and his horrid misery, transformed to a gorgeous victory, deep in the souls of the faithful, the plundered and starving/Ali Akbar and Ali Asghar, so vivid in my mind’s eye when I see the Falasteeni people, raising their sons and their daughters/only to watch ‘em get butchered in the West Bank, Al-Quds or the Strip, by these heinous, repugnant monsters/when they’re going straight insane as they’re raiding and pummeling Gaza/Ashoura is not a day and Karbala ain’t a place, they ain’t slogans, they are states of being/for any and all Moustazafeen who struggle every single day against these vulturous hellacious demons/Yo, yo, we know their lies because the Holy Qur’an had us told us why they’re so despised, word, they ain’t chosen, they’re voracious Heathens/So Mark Madd Cold’s words like the Gospel’s Second Book, we gon’ leave these hostile lechers shook up and frozen in disgrace, defeated!/Like Imam Hussein saved Islam, we will save Falasteen from the River to the Sea and, every last inch that they stole, we’ll liberate, believe it/

When I say “YA!”, y’all say “HUSSEIN!”
Blood’s in the sky when I make it rain
This is for Palestine, through rhyme, pain and rage
The enemy will die on my razor blade
Hegemony will fry when I aim and spray,
With my mic, let ALLAH’s light now blaze the way
“Death To Israel!” This is what we cry out
In the name of Hussein, the entity dies out

Blood of the Lion (A.S) and his Son (A.S.), it is skying not just pumping in our hearts, this is how we have rumbled since the start of the revolt of Al-Mukhtar (R.A.) against the Umayyads/And it’s on this transhistorical, supra-Islamic magnificent basis, that I spit this and say it/Freeing Palestine’s aura from ‘48 to the Sinai border from this global-colonial enterprise don’t require permission from the Mizrahi, Sephardi and Yiddish enslavers/It is just baseless when we consider Hussein is the son of the Prophet and thus the beloved of God and his authority assuredly is all we need when resisting the matrix/Fam, I quote Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), yeah, I ain’t quoting Marx b or quoting Chomsky or quoting Trotsky, not quoting Zinn, what kinda frame of mind are you sick jokers in, you are toasted zombies, straight up twisted and brainless/A colonized mind doesn’t recognize the enemy ‘cause the enemy’s tendencies are instilled in his memory after a lifetime of hasbara has demolished him, mentally, physically, spiritually, blown to all kinds of smithereens, is his identity, he don’t know if he’s atheistic, a liberal or an illiterate pagan/Disconnected from his religion and the most sadistic of haters of it could not be more flipping elated/Every so often, you get an urge for the Deen like it’s burning your genes but your “chosenite”, overlords with the overbites and souls of ice tell you no goy, here, have some Critical Theory/They don’t want you to know God ‘cause with Him you can easily expose their whole fraud, so they keep you doped on ideologies, that are so false, are you absorbing these nuggets in the form of the lyrical clearly?/‘Bout to open your brain wide like General Hur (R.A.), when he joined the Karbala battle on Imam Hussein’s (A.S.) side, let the pitiful, cynical and of course the miserable hear me/Is there divinity in ALLAH’s Word or in the words of the Yahoudlings?/Word, so do you serve Al-Malik (SWT), or are you servants of the Jew-‘kings’/Ain’t gon’ liberate your land when you’re in the damn pay of its oppressor/You don’t just need to alter the scene, you need to flip the script and make a change in the director/Throw out your actors and producers ‘cause they’re hacks and they’re Talmudic spreading madd degeneration in the sector/‘Israel’ needs death and so do you if you ain’t totally down with the elimination of this vector/You know the Shimr from before, but it’s time you know the Shimr of today/World Jewry, Dajjal, Shaytan, Jewish Cultural Imperialism and Global Zionism are their names/Need a picture? We gotta get our Yemeni peoples, Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky and the Shahid Nimr al-Nimr in the frame/By our side are the angels and the jinn and the Eternal Life Prophet Al-Khidr (A.S.) when we pray/Grab the gats and the katyushas, if you see the cobras slithering away/Ride out like the Imam on Zuljanah, his holy stallion through the mix/of the Portugese and the Spaniards, Italians and the Brits/And the French and the Belgians and the Germans plus the Dutch/All y’all “leftists” wanna crush them up/though you won’t touch the stuff/that links them as nothing but/the Rothschild Empire’s “Shabbos Goy” customers/You’re so wack, and your cowardice is hazardous to my health so ain’t a thing undefined or muddy here/Just Haqq and Sumoud like Lady Zaynab (A.S.) who maintained her amazing patience as the rains that came down from the sky were bloody tears/or like Abou Fadhl al-Abbas (A.S.) whose courage was so sublime right from The Divine (SWT) like this rhyme, it’s a sign and sunny-clear/or like Imam Zayn al-Abideen (3alayhi salaam), who never broke, even though every single day he cried for twenty years/after what the tyrant did at Karbala, so Falasteen, don’t let ‘em fill your eyes with ugly fear/Only a matter of time until your free and that time of love be near/

We scream “Labaykah Ya Hussein!”
So Zionist filth, you can die of rage!


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