The Lies Of The 2003 Purim War Against Iraq Were Buried By Jewish Neocon Laurence Hirsch Silberman

by Jonathan Azaziah

If you’ve spent the last near-decade reading Mask of Zion and Mouqawamah Music, not to mention listening to radio programs from The Ugly Truth and albums like “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly” and “Eternally Husseini”, the names Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Abrams, Shulsky, Steinhardt, Feinberg, Kovner, Wurmser, Senor, Kagan, Kristol, Podhoretz, Beinart, Solarz, Lantos and many others from the clannish guild of criminals known as Organized, International Jewry should be more than familiar to you. It should be equally familiar to you that the genocidal destabilization and destruction of Iraq, launched on Purim, was a Jewish-Zionist operation down to the very smallest of its roots and molecules. One personality never blasted by this writer though, as the intent was to profile him on an individual basis–hence this piece–was the criminal who covered up the lies of the 2003 Purim War against Iraq, thus closing the circle and “absolving” the Jewish-Zionist-controlled regime of George Bush: Jewish neocon operator and senior judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Laurence Hirsch Silberman. Every great crime committed by ZOG needs an even greater burial. 9/11, another Jewish-Zionist operation from nuts to bolts, had Zelikow with the 9/11 Commission Report as well as Bialkin, Hellerstein, Birnbaum and Feinberg on the (il)legal end. The evisceration of Iraq had Silberman.

This is a man with a rich history of subversion, deception and Zio-Imperialist intrigue of any and every sort under the sun–any and every sort that you can think of as well as the kinds you’ve yet to dream up. He’s not any ol’ neocon who had a mediocre column in the “Weekly Standard” along with an appearance here and there as an “expert” on interventionist television programs. This is a brutal gangster who specialized in behind-the-scenes string-pulling and who was a central mover and shaker in helping Reagan cannonball into the White House. As legendary investigative journalist Robert Parry (rip) described him, “He helped formulate hard-line intelligence policies and he protected the flanks of Reagan’s operatives who were caught breaking the law.” As we said. A brutal gangster. Parry also documents that Silberman, the co-chairman of Reagan’s foreign policy advisors, was the senior figure in the neocon gang behind US ZOG Figurehead 40, pushing the agenda of expanding American military might [the “Full Spectrum Dominance” theory of Wolfowitz] and relieving “pressures” on the usurping Zionist entity to “make peace”.

“Chosenite” Silberman also worked with Anglo CIA/CFR/CSIS maniac Richard Allen and his fellow Jew Fred Iklé–the Swiss-born partner of neoconservatism godfather Albert Wohlsetter, RAND Corporation hawk, CFR stalwart, CSIS analyst, NED director, recruit and trainee of Henry Kissinger, and the hellion credited with designing the “Stingers Stop Soviets” strategy in Operation Cyclone–in a covert operation known as the Iran Working Group to blow up the Carter regime’s efforts to get American hostages released following the revolutionary takeover of the US embassy by Iranian students. Yes, by the way, Iklé and its anglicized counterpart Ikle, are Jewish surnames. On this note, Silberman, Allen and Iklé were part of the October Surprise Group aka the Gang of Ten as well, with several other CIA operatives and Zionist Jews. Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle and Michael “Fake Yellowcake” Ledeen, along with banker and International Republican Institute director J. William Middendorf, were unofficial members of this intelligence front, an extension of the Iran Working Group. Perle, COHENcidentally enough, was the main source eulogizing Silberman’s comrade Iklé in a WaPo obituary. The merry, Jewy carousel spins ’round and ’round and ’round, don’t it?

Silberman and Allen were also running an op on their own involving a shadowy, Singapore-based Malaysian named “A.A. Mohammed”–possibly a Mossad asset or even a katsa–who “presented a scheme for returning the Shah of Iran’s son to the country as ‘a figurehead monarch’ in exchange for the hostages”. This was connected to an even stranger enterprise known as the “L’Enfant Plaza Mystery” involving a “stocky and swarthy, dark-complected but otherwise non-descript” Iranian or Egyptian–also, we have to stress once more, possibly a Mossad asset or even a katsa–promising to lock down the US spynest hostages. Later on, Shah-connected Iranian arms dealer Houshang Lavi claimed to be Mr. “Swarthy”. An astonishing claim indeed as he was represented by IRS and CIA lawyer Mitchell Rogovin, a Russian Zionist Jew who played a major role in undermining and ultimately overthrowing Nixon. Now add on the fact that the “Watergate” scandal wasn’t about Vietnam but ‘Israel’, as per the revelations of decorated US State Department official Richard H. Curtiss, not to mention that Silberman and Rogovin were personal friends and neighbors who bought a boat together, and we can deduct that the aim here–whether or not Lavi and Mohamad were telling the truth about their identities–wasn’t just about hostages but penetration, infiltration and subversion of the nascent Islamic Revolution.

This is compounded further by Silberman’s own admission in a September 23rd, 1998 interview with the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training that while it “was our view that it [the Imposed War by Iraq on Iran] was in the interest of US [read: Global Zionism’s] policy if that lasted 100 years,” the central worries and concerns were about the Islamic Revolution inspiring like-similar movement in Saudi-occupied Hijaz, Kuwait and Iraq. In this same interview, he also expressed his Jewish supremacist “Holocaust” consciousness and confirmed his staunch support for the settlement of Soviet Jews in occupied Palestine; giving more military aid to ‘Israel’, while scaling back economic incentives not for American interests of course, but so his precious ‘Israel’ doesn’t have to be so dependent on Gentiledom (that was the gist though those weren’t his words, obviously); causing an “internal conflict” in Yugoslavia to break up the country and draw the Soviet Union into another quagmire; and, the real eye-opener, working with neocon tribesman Irving Kristol to bully George Shultz into keeping American occupation forces in Lebanon to “hurt the Syrians” and launch “an effort to either destroy Assad or his forces.” Startling how ubiquitous Silberman was in so many American-Zionist schemes.

When Reagan got into the Oval, he made Silberman the top dog of his transition team’s intelligence section and the first modus operandi was to bulldoze the CIA’s analytical division for its “weakness” and “failure” to overblow the collapsing Soviet Union into the big, bad boogeyman-type threat they needed it to be so the defense budget could skyrocket and the quest for “Full Spectrum Dominance” could continue uninterrupted. Silberman and his goons went as far as to say that anyone who wasn’t in lockstep with the neocons was an agent of the USSR and they actually wanted to get rid of hundreds of intelligence officers to this end. If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, it’s because it is eerily familiar to how Silberman’s cohorts, Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz and their parasitic Office of Special Plans (OSP), left the DIA “intimidated and beaten to a pulp” and the CIA with “no guts at all” as they became Bush’s go-to hub of intelligence and made the “Iraq has WMDs” lie the cornerstone of the agenda.

All of this spook-work culminated in Silberman getting his position on the powerful United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He then notoriously destroyed the “Iran”-Contra investigation raging at the time by overturning the conviction of war criminal, narco-trafficker, gun-runner and all-around scumbag Oliver North. Basically… This ain’t Silberman’s first ride at the Rodeo Of Sweeping ZOG’s Inhumanities Under The Rug.

Which brings us back to the here and now; back to Iraq and the 2003 Purim War. Asked personally by perennial warmonger Cheney–who Silberman had been working with (alongside Rumsfeld too) since the 70s and who he was quite chummy with since they were both “alumni” of the American Enterprise institute bankrolled by Zionist Jew billionaire Bruce Kovner–to chair the “Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction”, or the “Robb-Silberman Report” for short, Silberman put together a crew to whitewash what genocidal invasion. The final findings discussed “failures” and “flaws” and “inefficiencies”, but not lies; not manipulations; not concoctions; and certainly not conspiracies. The Bush regime was “absolved” as was “Iraqi” Zio-traitor Ahmad Chalabi and his “Iraqi” National Congress (INC). Best to issue the reminder now that Chalabi was being run by Silberman’s OSP buddies and had actually been mentored by Albert Wohlsetter, the partner of Silberman’s right-hand man Fred Iklé.

Sitting with Silberman on this festival of fallacies were former NIC Chairman and RAND President Henry S. Rowen; former MIT President and thus, frequent CIA collaborator, Charles M. Vest; NSA/CIA/Naval Intelligence bigwig Admiral Bill Studeman, who bizarrely and seemingly provided ‘Israeli’ spy and American traitor Jonathan Pollard with the pretext for his release through the now-infamous ‘Studeman Letter’; Ford Foundation functionary and darling of LBJ, the presidential Shabbos Goy frontman for Mossad’s murder of JFK, Patricia Wald; another warmongering lowlife, Charles Robb, an agent of the neocon-run “Democratic” Leadership Council and the husband of LBJ’s daughter Lynda; former Yale President Rick Levin, who presided over the Judaization of Yale; Jewish-Zionist lawyer Lloyd Cutler; and the blood-soaked cherry on top, neocon sociopath and Bronfman puppet John McCain. A gaggle of spies, corporate militarists, Zionists and LBJists. Who could ever even CONCEIVABLY think that such a wonderful bunch could be dishonest about WHAT REALLY HAPPENED with the war on Iraq?

Make no mistake though, despite all these powerful and well-connected individuals in the trenches of the cover-up with him, Silberman, known as an “an extreme partisan who seems to relish the political wars” as well as “the most partisan and most political federal judge in the country”, was the mastermind of the entire affair. And as if to stick one more nail in Iraq’s already-nail-ridden coffin, several years after the disgraceful Robb-Silberman Report went to print, Silberman led the dismissal of the lawsuit by Abu Ghraib detainees against private military contractors who had abused and tortured them. One of the merc companies was CACI International, founded by Zionist Jew Harry Markowitz, neocon hotbed Chicago University graduate, RAND Corporation neoliberal fanatic and student of Jewish neoliberalism godfather Milton Friedman, Jewish Econometrics grandsire Jacob Marschak and Jewish game theory innovator Leonard Savage (real name: Ogashevitz). In other words… One of Silberman’s people. The horrors of Abu Ghraib, just for the record, were instigated and overseen by none other than the OSP.

This piece was written with all of the grueling, gory details to fully display the corrosive interconnectedness of the Jewish Power Configuration. Simply by exposing the evils of Silberman, a single individual, we see the tentacles of the Dajjalic Octopus extending everywhere. In this “Note of Nexuses”, it’s also worth mentioning that Stuart Levey, Obama’s sanctions czar who has inflicted so much suffering on the Islamic Republic of Iran, clerked for Silberman and became his protege. And here it is: The Contras in Nicaragua; the subversion of Iran; the attempts to topple Syria; ‘Israeli’ expansionism in Palestine; balkanization of Yugoslavia; establishment of entrenched neocon networks; Jewish supremacism normalized in the American political psyche; corruption of courts; co-optation of presidencies; fattening of the military-industrial-complex; the cold-blooded, Purim-driven decimation of Iraq on a steaming pile of falsehoods and then a cover-up to make it as if it never happened at all, followed by a rejection of its people pursuing restitution for injustices because the suffering of the Goyim is but a blip on the radar of Jewish-Zionist hegemony. All linked through Silberman.

Oftentimes as of recent, we find Jewish writers in Jewish communal media speaking about Purim being “dark”, ignoring the very slaughterous origin and nature of the sick, racist, anti-Persian “holiday”; ignoring why Judaism is in fact Judaism to start with, i.e. its Gentile-hating core. That’s Silberman in a nutshell. His neocon pals conjured a pretext to commit wanton violence against Iraq and when it didn’t go their way, they called him in to form a group that would institutionalize the political synonym for “dark” and just label their massive breach of humanity a “failure”. No punishments. No admonishments. Not even a slap on the wrist. Just an “oh well”. Or rather… An “oy vey”.

Now, on this 16th anniversary of the 2003 Purim War against magnificent Iraq and its glorious people, we reject their narratives and their lexicons. The assault on Iraq was not a “disaster” nor a “mistake”. Bush **********DID********** lie. As did all the Jews running him. It was a crime. An abomination. A conspiracy. A massacre. A mass murder. A genocide. A longstanding scheme. A Jewish serial war. And since Silberman was called in to be World Zionism’s clean-up man, we declare that his hands are among the bloodiest of all. May he and all the wicked, tribalist homunculi he schemed with find absolutely no rest, and absolutely no reprieve when they stand up on Judgment Day and face the Creator (SWT) they maliciously and arrogantly defied with their deviance, hatred and bellicosity.

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