The Lebanese Victims of Shimon Peres Will Have Justice When Hizbullah Liberates The Galilee

by Jonathan Azaziah

When people think of Shimon Peres aka Szymon Perski, almost immediately they painfully remember the Lebanese children butchered at the UN compound in Qana on April 18th, 1996. It was one of those displays of Zionist savagery that can never be scrubbed from one’s mind, no matter how thorough the cleaning. Bodies charred to space-like blackness. Frozen and statuesque. Stills of fathers and mothers screaming at the bits and pieces of flesh that were once their beautiful, vibrant babies. And while those young martyrs were indeed avenged when the Lebanese Islamic Resistance brought the barbaric 22-year Zionist occupation of Lebanon to an end on that glorious 25th day of May in 2000, there is an even greater avenging still on the table that Hizbullah’s moujahideen are awaiting to take whenever the call comes down.

It is a little-known fact about Perski that he served as the ‘Israeli’ Minister of Transport and Communications from 1970-1974, and during that brief 4-year stint, one of his central focuses was building up the settlement infrastructure of Al-Jalil (the Galilee) and making it easier for Jewish interlopers to commute between the various colonies of the artificial entity. Years later, he would be seen from time to time around Al-Jalil “vacationing” in all his arrogance, as if he, the son of an obscenely rich timber trader from Poland has any right to even be standing on the Palestinian-Arab-Muslim-Christian lands that were once called home by Messiah Jesus (A.S.)–who Perski’s Talmud obscenely insults, degrades and opposes–let alone using it for a holiday. It was also the gun-running efforts of Peres that were crucial to the Haganah’s near-total ethnic cleansing of the Galilee in 1948 at the peak of the Nakba. In layman’s terms, the Zionist occupation of Al-Jalil and the usurping entity’s ongoing putrefying of it to this very moment are as much the bloody work of Perski as the Qana Massacre.

O’ children of Qana! O’ beloved martyrs! There can NEVER be enough vengeance for your precious blood! But there will indeed be true justice when Hizbullah marches into occupied Palestine and liberates the Galilee, just as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah promised. It will be in that radiant moment that we will finally be able to say that Shimon Peres, the butcher of Qana and the father of Zionist nukes, has paid for his evil and ungodly atrocities. To hell with The Hague. We don’t need the ICC. Nor the ICJ. And certainly not the UN. We only need Hizbullah and the truthful, sublime words of its Secretary-General. Righteous retribution is coming o’ Qana! Even your butcher in his current hellish abode, even his contemporaries, even his occupation army that carried out his orders to take your lives, even the squatters of the cancerous entity itself, all of them, they know in their bones that righteous retribution is coming! #DeathToIsrael #RestInTormentPeres #LongLiveHizbullah #LabaykahYaNasrallah

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