The Battle For Humanity’s Future Rages: Aleppo Today Is Aleppo In June 1979 and Lebanon In July 2006

by Jonathan Azaziah

The grand battle currently unfolding in Aleppo is a repetition of history. Over 37 years ago on June 16th, 1979 in Aleppo’s Ramouseh district–where ferocious fighting is still ongoing between thousands of Takfiris from various Al-Qaeda branches and Mouqawamah Axis forces–a brigade of “Muslim” Brotherhood terrorists marched into the Ramouseh Artillery College and slaughtered around 80 Syrian cadets. These Wahhabi maniacs claimed that they were targeting “Nusayris” (Takfiri slur for ‘Alawis)–as if this somehow justifies their demented barbarity–but in reality, there were ‘Alawis, Sunnis, Shi’a and Christians among the massacred young soldiers, proving that even back then Takfiris killed everyone regardless of faith or sect. Hafez al-Assad sent Syrian special forces into every pocket of Halab to hunt down the perpetrators and eventually captured them then sentenced them to death. Following Ikhwan’s unspeakable crime, suicide car bombings and other terrorist attacks engulfed Aleppo, no different than what Halabis are experiencing daily at this very moment, and it wasn’t until February 1982 that the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-Jordanian-Saddam-backed “Muslim” Brotherhood insurgency was finally crushed.

For 34 days in July and August 2006, Hizbullah defended Lebanon against a monstrous, murderous, hellish ‘Israeli’ aggression and ultimately succeeded in a Divine Victory, wiping out the neocons’ “New Middle East” project and preventing subsequent ‘Israeli’-NATO invasions of Syria and Iran which could have led to WW3. In short, in 2006, Hizbullah saved the world. Now, today, in the battle for Aleppo, it is the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah (yet again), alongside Russian Aerospace Forces and moujahideen from the Iraqi Popular Mobilization and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, who are working in unison to save the world from the next phase of the resurrected Zio-Imperialist project that Hizbullah obliterated a decade ago. For the recapture of Aleppo will lay waste to the entire conspiracy against Syria and send whatever remains of the Takfiris’ ranks in Idleb, Deir Ez-Zor, Raqqa, Hasakah, Daraa and Hama into a panic before their inevitable collapse. The recapture of Aleppo will, assuredly, accelerate the end of the war, delaying World Zionism’s long-desired world war with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Putin’s Russia ever-still. And with such a triumphant feather in the cap of the Mouqawamah Axis, its position will be strengthened to such an extent that any attempt to resuscitate the rebellion by the likes of Zio-Killary and her lunatic administration will be nothing less than futile.

Though the battlefield situation is fluid, with the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their allies continuing to ward off the suicide-car-bomb-laden terrorist onslaught, there isn’t even an inkling of doubt that the forces of Resistance shall prevail. The Syrian Arab Republic came out on top after six years (1976-1982) of “Muslim” Brotherhood terrorism. Hizbullah came out on top after the usurping Zionist entity’s Summer 2006 invasion. And they will not only see the light at the end of the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Takfiri-built tunnel today, but burst through it in total victory. This is the Party of ALLAH (SWT) and the Last Bastion of Arabism’s national army we’re talking about here! Takfiris ain’t even got an ice cream sundae’s chance in an active volcano!

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