The Barbarity Of Zionism: ‘Israel’ Murders Two Palestinian Teenagers While They Play In Besieged Gaza

by Jonathan Azaziah

Fuck ‘Israel’. And fuck every Zionist Jew, “Christian” Zionist and “Muslim” collaborator seeking to preserve this vile scourge putrefying the globe with every passing moment it illegitimately exists. Rest in power, peace and perfect pulchritude to Palestinian teenagers Amir al-Nimra (15) and Louay Kahil (16), who were murdered on Saturday evening when the usurping Jewish entity’s warplanes screeched over the besieged Gaza Strip and bombed Al-Katiba Square. Amir and Louay, like most kids in the area, frequent that particular place because it is where everyone goes to play games, take hikes, eat and shop a little bit. That’s what they were doing when the “chosen” missiles fired from the “chosen” F-16s exploded and stole the life from their bodies: PLAYING. The Zionist terror attack also wounded 15 other Palestinians, destroyed one ambulance and badly damaged 9 other ambulances, 3 medical transport trucks, 2 civilian transport vehicles and several administrative offices related to medical emergencies and transportation.

The Palestinian Resistance is nowhere near Al-Katiba Square. On top of the park, there’s multiple government ministries as well as two universities. In other words, this is proof number 58345738923573503 multiplied to the quadrillionth power of just how pathologically bloodthirsty ‘Israel’ is. The Zio-Tumor bombed a civilian area for no other purpose than to inflict murder and mayhem, death and destruction on a blockaded population of almost 2 million people, half of which are children. Murdering Gentiles under the age of 18 is simply how the Jewish “state” sustains its accursed being. Period. Point-blank. End of story. And to think that ANYTHING LESS than the removal of this cancer crippling the Arab-Islamic world’s body with disease is going to result in “conflict resolution” is beyond asinine… It makes one operating with such delusions complicit in the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.

Gazing upon the faces of these precious shabab, who could’ve been anything they wanted… Football stars, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, poets, MCs, painters, astronauts, actors, sheikhs, diplomats, academics, farmers, journalists… Anything… And you’re instantly consumed with the heartrending reality of life in Gaza. You’re born. You suffer under siege. Then before you reach adulthood… Before you can even dream about what you want to be… The Judaic terrorist regime erases you. Gazing upon their faces also drills into our heads that ‘Israel’ can’t continue. And the ‘Israelis’, all of whom serve in the occupation army and perpetuate the carnage as colonizers, can’t stay. There’s no need for anymore violence either–they can’t win the final war anyway. So as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah mercifully declared recently, let the Jewish child-killers board planes and boats back to wherever they came from. This isn’t political. This isn’t ideological. This isn’t “anti-Semitism”. This is humane. This is justice. This is the only natural response. This is as organic as your soul jumping when you’re with the love of your life. ‘Israel’ has to die for Palestine to live. Al-Fatiha for Amir and Louay. May the Synagogue of Satan perish for taking them away from us too soon. #Ta7yaFalasteen #TheseLittleBoys #DeathToIsrael

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