The Armenian Genocide: Whose Fault?! The Jews Fault!

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Armenian Genocide: Whose fault?! THE JEWS’ FAULT!

It is one of history’s greatest deceptions that the Young Turks’ wanton slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915-1923 was a Muslim crime. This hideous lie is repeated with vomit-inducing frequency by Jewish-funded Islamophobes in an ill-fated attempt to show supposedly inherent Islamic enmity to Christians. Poppycock. ALLAH (SWT) says in the 82nd Ayah of the 5th Surah (Ma’idah) of the Holy Qur’an that the closest to Muslims in brotherhood are the Christians. Jesus Christ (A.S.) is quoted extensively throughout the Qur’an and his pure mother, Lady Maryam (A.S.), has an entire Surah in her name. There is in fact inherent LOVE for Christians and their Prophet-Messiah (who is also our Prophet-Messiah) in Islam.

But the Islamophobic legerdemain unfortunately persists among the ignorant and intellectually deficient nevertheless. The Zionist spy nest known as the ADL and the American ZOG itself refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide as such because there is a stern, continuous effort by the Jewish Power Configuration to keep the truth of what happened to the Armenian people hidden–not to mention, there is an element of elephantine anti-Gentile bigotry here, as the Zionists only consider the 6 million imaginary “chosenites” of their “holy” imaginary “Holocaust” as victims of genocide.

Reality of the matter is, the supremacist-nationalist Young Turk movement that organized and orchestrated the mass murder of the Armenian people was a Jewish enterprise through and through. Founded as a secret society by Jewish-Zionist Emmanuel Carasso, the Young Turks were made up of Dönmeh crypto-Jews whose strategic goals were Zionistic and extra-territorial; they wanted not just to break up the Ottoman Empire, thus liquidating Islamic control over Palestine and paving the way for Jewish occupation, but they also wanted to establish a “Jewish state” in the heart of Mesopotamia after ethnically cleansing the indigenous peoples in a repeat of the Armenian Genocide. Get it? A Judaic Empire stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates without a single non-Jew left to resist.

These Dönmeh crypto-Jews, who were intimately connected to Freemasonry (including ultra-influential, exclusively-Jewish B’nai B’rith) and made sure that any non-Jewish member of the Young Turks was indeed initiated into a Masonic order prior to joining, were descendants of the 17th century Jewish false messiah Sabbatai Zevi and his followers. Secular on the surface, they were actually staunch believers in Zevi’s Talmudic-Kabbalistic ideology. At the root of all Judaic doctrines is hatred for Jesus Christ (A.S.) and the Young Turks saw the Christian Armenians, who resided in several geographically vital regions, as a major obstacle in their way to breaking up the Ottoman “caliphate” and establishing Jewish dominion regionwide.

The Young Turks were funded by the wealthy communities of Jews and Dönmeh of Thessalonika (Salonika; Thessaloniki, then part of Turkey, now part of Greece), as well as powerful Jewish-Zionist banking interests in Vienna and Berlin. Vladimir “Iron Wall” Jabotinsky, the genocidal spiritual godfather of the Irgun terror gang, was the manager of the Young Turks’ flagship newspaper and the powerful Jewish financier of the Bolsheviks Alexander Israel Helphand, better known as “Parvus”, provided the arms used by Carasso’s Jewish-Masonic terrorists to slaughter the Armenian people. The Young Turks also utilized Kurdish tribes to carry out atrocities against Armenians and this shouldn’t be a shock by any means considering every Kurdish political group in our region from Syria to Turkey, Iraq to Iran is thick as thieves with the usurping Zionist regime. It has even been reported by the Jewish Daily Forward (back in 1994) that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the killer of Armenians, superstar Young Turk who came to be hailed as the “Father of the Turks” and the founder of the modern Turkish state, was himself Dönmeh from Thessalonika and held on to Jewish beliefs (including reciting Hebrew prayers) throughout his life.

Everywhere you look when investigating the origins of the Armenian people’s murderers, ethnic cleansers and oppressors, you find Zionist Jews and their Freemasonic “shabbos goyim”. Not too different from 9/11, really. And you don’t have to take my word for it. For an alternative media take, read Christopher Jon Bjerknes’s “The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians”. For a mainstream-academic take, read “The Dönme: Jewish Converts, Muslim Revolutionaries, and Secular Turks” by Marc David Baer. It’s all there in black and white.

The reason why it is so important to expose the Jewish-Zionist hand in the Armenian Genocide is because the monsters are using this tragedy of the utmost sadness to maintain a wedge between Muslims and Christians, thus allowing Empire Judaica to prosper and deepen its power while we’re at each other’s throats. Our enemies have used this “divide and conquer” tactic for too long. We see Hizbullah and the Syrian Arab Army protecting Armenians in Syria and the Popular Mobilization Units protecting Armenians in Iraq, dealing concussive blow after concussive blow to the Zionist-disseminated filth that Muslims and Christians cannot be friends or brothers. Let us take a page out of the playbook of these Resistance Axis heroes and do the same. Muslims, safeguard Christians. Christians, safeguard Muslims. And together, as brothers, as lovers and followers of Messiah ‘Isa (A.S.) and his virgin mother Lady Maryam (A.S.), we will overthrow Zion and demolish all the lies it has spread to create division among us.

May the 1.5 million martyrs of the Zionist-designed Armenian Genocide and all the Armenians murdered by the Zionist-plotted Takfiri project in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq rest in ever-lasting salaam. ‪#‎ArmenianGenocide101‬ ‪#‎ArmenianGenocideRemembranceDay‬ ‪#‎ZionistYoungTurks‬

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  1. there is a lot of truth to this article Armenians have a long history with the Muslim world matter of fact you have a ferman in Jerusalem’s Armenian convent written and signed by the Prophet, putting his curse on any Muslim doing any harm to an Armenian and a follow up at the gate carved on a marble cistern
    by Omar Ibin Khattab during the 1948 war when the Arab Legion entered Jerusalem after reading this the community was

  2. The question of responsibility for the losses suffered by the Anatolian Armenian and Greek communities one hundred ago is complicated by the endless polemics used by various factions to cover up or deny the roots of the tragedy.

    While Turkish nationalists go so far as to deny that there was ever any organized killing of members of those ethno-religious groups, partisans of the latter cause studiously avoid any mention of large scale atrocities against Muslims committed in the same period.

    I was surprised, therefore , to see your referencing of Marc Baer’s book alongside of Bjernke’s tome. While both are essential companion pieces to any study of the Armenian genocide, Baer’s would be of little use to anyone seeking to advance a “the Jews did it” interpretation.

    He goes to some lengths to point out the deliberate marginalization of both Jews and Dönmeh in the nascent Republic, as racialist political dynamics began ingrained in the consciousness of those being trained to think of themselves as “Turks.” That, over the years, has developed into the specially toxic variety of religious-based fanaticism we see sponsoring the faux-Muslim jihadis of the “Caliphate.” And what brings Turkey and Israel together again at the current time – see

    Once that ‘genie’ is out of the bottle, in other words, there is no putting it back! The roots of such projects of enthno-religious hegemony are too complex to be reduced to such a simple answer. That CUP was a creature of the Sionist controlled Freemasonic movement is a fact – that the movement itself was a mere stalking horse for Dönmeh instigators of anti-Christian pogroms is not. One of the principle actors in the mass murder of Armenians and Assyrians in Diyanbakir during that period – Dr. Mehmed Reshid – was a Muslim of Circassian descent, son of refugees from the Russian Orthodox Christian campaigns against Muslim populations of that Empire.

    And as you have pointed out with regards to the Kurds, there are no clean hands at all in that pitiless era of massacre and counter massacre. Those directing events from behind-scenes, then as now, are as capable of destroying “Jews” as they are of others. When we bring the Sabbateans into the spotlight we can begin to make sense of it all – but only begin.

    The Thessaloniki-Smyrna underworld of Tzvi’s hidden followers – whose scions with assumed names such as Onassis or Dimon control such a large chunk of global wealth – work with the rabbinacal-talmudic mafiya to hold Jews as much as the rest of us. They are delighted whenever “the Jews did it” gets another go round – so that not just Muslims and Christians, but also, right-thinking Judaics are kept from finding common cause against their age-old machinations!

    Only via scrupulous handling of the historical facts – minus all the sectarian feuding – can we hope to break the grip of the shadowy puppetmasters pulling all the strings towards more war.

    1. I brought up Baer’s book because it documents what the Donmeh were, who the Donmeh were and what the Donmeh do/did, the Young Turks most prominently. As I note in my piece, it is a mainstream-academic take on the history so of course it is overloaded with hasbara on several fronts. Goes without saying. And while I appreciate your sentiments my brother, which seem to be rooted in friendship and universality, I couldn’t disagree with you more profoundly. The people involved ARE the Jews, so no, they are not “as capable” of destroying the Jews because they run the world! Nobody is out to destroy them; not even those of us who expose their power, influence and machinations want to destroy THEM but the system they’ve built which subjugates the rest of us. We in fact pray and advocate for the Jews being freed from the confines of their supremacist, anti-Gentile cult they mistakenly refer to as a religion. Anytime Jews have gone after other Jews, like the Ashkenazis brutally oppressing Mizrahim in the wake of the creation of the usurping Zionist entity, it was done in lockstep with the overwhelming majority and the Mizrahim didn’t abandon their Judaism or fight back afterwards but instead became an integral part of the ethnic cleansing project. Jews rock with Jews… ALWAYS. Whereas Muslims and Christians in this struggle are fighting for humanity. Jews pretending to be part of our struggle admit that they’re out for Jewish self-interests which means they ain’t our friends at all. So no, International Jewry does not get delighted when you point out that Jews did the Armenian Genocide, that Jews did 9/11, that Jews really do drink the blood of Gentile babies in ritualistic sacrifices (as documented by Ariel Toaff), that Jews did 7/7 and 26/11, that Jews are behind the destruction of Iraq, that Jews developed the hell-weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and on and on and and on. International Jewry in fact gets agitated and angry that a Gentile would dare speak up about such things. Case in point: Anybody, anywhere, at anyplace or anytime that speaks about Jewish-Zionist-‘Israeli’ connections to catastrophic world events puts their life in their hands. This doesn’t happen when a person happens to speak of any other nebulous, mythical controllers. I agree that historical facts must be handled accurately indeed and all sectarian feuding does absolutely have to end… but it’s not to overthrow the “shadowy” puppetmasters because they’re not shadowy. They’re Judaic. And the sooner we all call the monsters what they are, the sooner we can bring their Dajjalic dictatorship to an end.

  3. Yes, we can see this by the way the Zionist controlled news media fills up the atmosphere in our houses and living rooms with hate against the Muslim people. We see time and again the False Flags all over the world to inflame Christians with hate against our brothers. All these False Flags including 9/11 has been the work of the Judaic Criminal Mafia in order to advance the Zionist Greater Israel agenda.

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