The American ZOG’s Attempts To Overthrow The Bolivarian Revolution Through A “Free Venezuelan Army” Have Begun

by Jonathan Azaziah

The revelation that Elliot Abrams was heading up the latest attempts by Shaytanic America to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution made anyone with the slightest understanding of geopolitics from an Anti-Zionist, Anti-Imperialist perspective gasp. Because he ain’t any ol’ war criminal. He’s the Death Squad Prince. Nicaragua. El Salvador. Honduras. Guatemala. Panama. They all bear the Abrams signature of taunting, tormenting, torturing and liquidating independent opposition movements that don’t have any interest in their respective countries being puppets for Washington and “Tel Aviv”. Oppose hegemony and find yourself six feet deep–that’s the Abrams way of getting s%&% done.

And it is because of this history that barely 72 hours after he took over the helm on America’s Venezuela policy, alleged Venezuelan army defectors began asking the Trump regime for weapons. Former Bolivarian soldiers Carlos Guillen Martinez and Josue Hidalgo Azuaje claim to be in contact with hundreds of officers and they want support from the US-‘Israeli’-aligned regimes of Brazil, Colombia and Peru too. Then just today, one week following Martinez and Azuaje going public, the Bolivarian Armed Forces discovered a cache of US weapons, ammo, phones and radios sent from Miami, the same south Florida gusano-golpista hotbed that has also thrown its weight behind the destabilizationist Green Helmets.

This means, unmistakably, that the American ZOG’s attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution through a “Free Venezuelan Army” have begun. The Zionist media, in lockstep with the US regime as always, is attempting to foment the growth of this proxy force by broadcasting hysterical hasbara about desertions within the Bolivarian Armed Forces. CBS, controlled by the Zionist Redstones, says “hunger” is driving “some members of the rank and file” to end support for Nicolas Maduro’s government. And then Bloomberg, the mouthpiece of former NYC mayor, major Zionist fundraiser and 9/11 criminal Michael Bloomberg, echoes the CBS line, saying that such desertions are occurring in “droves” and they have “authentic” documents proving the “erosion” of Chavismo’s defenders. Notably, one of the writers of this pile of trash is Ethan Bronner, a former NYT Deputy National Editor and Jerusalem Bureau Chief who was connected to ‘Israeli’ public relations firm Lone Star Communications and whose son served in IOF, the murderous occupation institution that he personally defended at the 92nd Street Y. Cooking up Zioganda to bury a nation on the ‘Israeli’ cancer’s hitlist for two decades… Sounds RIGHT UP Bronner’s address.

So with the weapons flow started and the Zionist-controlled corporate media’s information war in full swing, the only missing component is the ideology. Indeed, under what premise will the “Free Venezuela Army”, or FVA for short, be governing itself by? Apart from the neoliberalism dictated from the bowels of Langley and “Herzliya”, of course.

Will it be simple thuggery… Like Abrams’ death squads of yesteryear? Drug dealers and child rapists akin to the Contras?

Or perhaps they will be out-and-out “fascists” like the usurping Zionist entity’s proxy gangs in Ukraine, bankrolled by Jewish-‘Israeli’ billionaires like Igor Kolomoisky. Only this go-around will be the Venezuelan-‘Israeli’, Spaniard-‘Israeli’ and American-Hispanic-‘Israeli’ renditions. Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean and Peruvian Jewish capitalists will assuredly contribute to the “democratic” cause too.

Sectarian psychopaths like the Takfiri terrorists of Syria are another option. Abrams, Bolton, Pomepo and Netanyahu could apply the Syrian model and watch the bloodshed start with the quickness. Even the Takfiris’ slogans could be reproduced. Instead of “Christians to Beirut, Alawis to the coffin”, the FVA will scream, “Chavistas to Havana, Bolivarians to the grave”. All for the good of “human rights” and “inclusiveness”, certainly.

Or maybe it will be the Libya incarnation that gets the nod. Lest we forget the infamous “Brigade For Purging Slaves, Black Skin” that terrorized the Black Africans of Libya’s Tawergha, burning, raping and lynching to facilitate Judeo-NATO imposing hegemony on a region of the country with a rich and proud anti-colonialist past. We’ve already seen Chavistas targeted because of their African origins and the Venezuelan opposition, generally speaking, is filled to the brim with figures espousing Anti-Blackness, describing Bolivarians as “uncultured animals”, depicting El Comandante Hugo Chavez (rip) as an ape and glorifying the White Supremacist doctrine of Gochismo. Who knows? At the hands of the FVA’s “Brigade For Purging Apes, Beasts”, slavery could make a comeback in Venezuela too.

We aren’t being facetious either. Wherever Abrams goes… Wherever America goes… Wherever ‘Israel’ goes… Death, destruction, chaos, horror, racism, atrocities and genocide follow. Especially in Latin America. Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution is the longest-running resistance project in the region outside of Cuba and so long as it exists, Empire Zionica cannot assert its dominance or bully people into accepting Washington’s diktat. Chavismo proves indeed that there’s another path. The thought of Venezuela being plunged into a Zio-Imperialist-manufactured “civil war” is a horrifying one. First step to preventing it from going further is to sound the alarm; to tell the truth; to thumb your nose at the lie-factory that is the mainstream press. The American ZOG’s attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution through a “Free Venezuelan Army” have begun. And thanks to the traitorous Venezuelan Jewish community, the Imperium already has a base from which the insurgency can be launched. May the scheme fail miserably and totally.

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  1. Yes, may it fail and fail miserably. No more easy ‘victories’ for the zionist yahoudling filth. Enough is enough. Hands off Venezuela! Viva Las Chavitas! Stand strong!!

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