Thank You SITE Intelligence Group: ISIS Chief Emerges, Urging ‘Volcanoes of Jihad’

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There are times when the Zionist propaganda machine breaches the threshold of absurdity, rips through it like a missile in a tissue factory and then sets a brand new threshold atop the ashes of its predecessor. Right now is one of those occurrences. In what can only be described as surreal and cartoonish — indeed, it is like something out of an exceptionally terrible B movie immersed in rabid Orientalism and Islamophobia — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the “caliph” of the Takfiri terror outfit ISIS, emerges from the shadows after reports swirled throughout the Jewish-controlled mainstream media about his death, and calls for “volcanoes of Jihad” — yes, that’s right, volcanoes — against the “Crusaders and Jews”, the same “Crusaders and Jews” whom created his organization, funded it, armed it and continue backing it as it is their “goy golem” and pretext to reenter the region full-force and establish hegemony. While this is comedic in and of itself, as his suggestion that his followers should fight and defeat the Houthis in Yemen when the Houthis have been mopping the floor with the Takfiris for months on end, or his demand that Saudi Arabia be attacked as if Saudi intelligence isn’t embedded inside his group and hasn’t backed it with at least hundreds of millions of dollars, what represents the apogee of hilarity is that he lambasts the Jews for being “covertly and stealthily” involved in the “anti-ISIS” international coalition scam while the Jews covertly and stealthily — and magically we might add, as they seem to be the only ones on the planet capable of getting their hands on this information — release his recordings to the world for consumption… and of course, fearmongering hasbara galore. What would al-Baghdadi and ISIS be without the tireless work of former IOF terrorist and Mossad mouthpiece Rita Katz and her SITE Intelligence Group? Nothing. Al-Baghdadi and ISIS would be nothing. Because SITE, and its sister, the Mossad-linked Intel Center, are literally the sole agencies in the world which “find” the Takfiris’ messages, “translate” them and pass them along to the global media. So pay no mind to the “caliph” and his Hollywood-like incendiary rhetoric, as it is merely fuel on the flames that the Zionist-designed Global War On Terror plans on fanning for the next century until every last vestige of Resistance-To-Empire is annihilated. And this extinction plot is something that Mouqawamah Music vows to constantly expose and fight with every fiber of our being, even if it means our own bitter end. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

by David D. Kirkpatrick and Rick Gladstone, The New York Times

BAGHDAD — Dispelling rumors of his injury or death, the leader of the militant group that calls itself the Islamic State issued a new call to arms on Thursday in a 17-minute speech, belittling President Obama’s plan to send more soldiers to Iraq and urging disciples to “erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere.”

An audio recording of the speech by the leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was distributed online, along with Arabic, English and Russian transcripts. It was first reported by the SITE Intelligence Group, a jihadist monitoring organization.

Mr. Baghdadi’s speech appeared to end days of rumors that he had been killed or grievously wounded in an airstrike carried out in northwestern Iraq on Saturday by the American-led coalition fighting the Islamic State.

It was not clear precisely when the recording was produced. But it alluded to an event that took place on Monday, when an Egyptian militant organization pledged its loyalty to the Islamic State.

The Sunni Muslim group has seized a large area that crosses the border of Syria and Iraq. On Friday, Mr. Obama announced plans to deploy 1,500 additional soldiers to Iraq, effectively doubling the number assigned as advisers to help the Iraqi Army beat back the militants.

Mr. Baghdadi scoffed at that plan. “Here is Obama, who has ordered the deployment of 1,500 additional soldiers under the claim that they are advisers because the crusaders’ airstrikes and constant bombardment — day and night — upon the position of the Islamic State have not prevented its advance, nor weakened its resolve,” he said in the audio recording.

In a mix of anti-Semitic and other hateful language, he urged followers to prioritize violence against Shiite Muslims and, after that, the Saudi royal family. Of the group’s enemies, he said: “Dismember them. Snatch them as groups and individuals.”

Just days after the Egyptian militant group, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, became the first significant group outside Syria or Iraq to declare its fealty to him as leader of the Islamic State, Mr. Baghdadi said he accepted its pledge of obedience as well as those of smaller groups in Yemen, Libya and Algeria.

Any Muslims in those countries should report to their local Islamic State affiliate as soon as possible, he said. “We ask every individual among them to join the closest unit to him, and to hear and obey the governor appointed by us for it,” he said, urging patience for others. “Soon — God willing — the vanguard of the Islamic State will reach you.”

Referring to Yemen, where Shi’ite Houthis captured the capital Sanaa in September, forcing the government to resign, he said: “Oh soldiers of Yemen…be harsh against the Houthis, they are infidels and apostates. Fight them and win against them.”

He mocked news reports about the Sunni Arab states that are participating in the campaign against the Islamic State, and especially the heavy publicity about the role of a female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirates. “The Jews and crusaders are not in need of the effeminate pilots from the soldiers of the gulf rulers, nor are they in need of their planes,” he said. “The story of their participation in the crusade is just a media farce.”

Mr. Baghdadi appeared to claim that Israel was secretly involved in the American-led campaign as well. “Due to their fear and weakness, the Jews covertly and stealthily participate in this crusade,” he said. “They do not have the courage to announce this, out of fear of the Muslims.”

He also sought to push back against the many Muslim scholars of all shades who have condemned his self-proclaimed caliphate. The Western powers, he said, had “amassed all the palace scholars and utilized all their trumpets, satellite stations and media in the largest campaign of forgery, falsification, distortion and slander against the Islamic State.”

He predicted that the Western powers would soon be forced to engage in ground combat with his fighters, who are concentrated mostly in eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq.

“O soldiers of the Islamic State, continue to harvest the soldiers,” he said. “Erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere.”

The Islamic State also disclosed in a separate announcement reported by SITE a plan to mint and circulate its own currency, using gold, silver and copper coins. The announcement did not explain when the currency would be introduced or other important details, but that it was meant to liberate users from the “satanic usury-based global economic system.”

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