Takfiri Nakba At Work In Tartous and Jableh Today: 145 Syrian Civilians Butchered

by Jonathan Azaziah

Indescribable inhumanity in Tartous and Jableh today. No grouping of words, no matter how eloquent or impassioned, can really express the pain, the shock and the sheer horror felt after the viciousness inflicted on the Syrian people in these gorgeous coastal regions this morning by the Takfiri maniacs of Ahrar al-Sham. At least 145 civilians have been martyred, most of them women and children, and hundreds more have been wounded, in a sophisticated septuple assault consisting of five suicide attacks and two car bombs. This barbaric terrorism comes as the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their comrades are on the move throughout every major battle front, including the “Vengeance For Hajj Moustafa Badreddine” operations in East Ghouta, the fresh advancement in Deir Ez-Zor and the reactivation of maneuvers in Aleppo’s southern countryside. It doesn’t take a geopolitical genius to figure out the Wahhabi murderers’ motivation here: Unable to subdue Mouqawamah Axis forces in toe-to-toe combat, these beasts engage in the mass murder of the unarmed, innocent and vulnerable, true to their cowardly nature.

And perhaps it is this cowardice that bonds the Takfiris and their ‘Israeli’ masters together so closely, beyond the strategic symbiosis–it was indeed ‘Israel’ alongside the American regime and Al-Saud which created ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, etc. to undermine, subvert and overthrow their adversaries, chiefly Syria and the Resistance Axis–as well as the similar delusional notions of supremacy which are foundational to Zionism and Wahhabism. Today’s atrocities in Tartous and Jableh, along with the recent string of malevolent attacks in Iraq, are a stark reminder of the 2006 July War, when the ‘Israeli’ enemy, after being thoroughly beaten to a pulp and humiliated by Hizbullah, unleashed four million cluster bombs on Dahiyeh, slaughtering hundreds in this bombardment alone and rendering the southern Beirut suburbs to rubble. Operation Mighty Cliff in summer 2014 also comes to mind, when the Zionists eviscerated the Gaza City suburb of Shuja’iyah after getting smacked around by the Palestinian Resistance.

Thinking about it further I am reminded of the carnage in Deir Yassin on April 9th, 1948; the wanton bloodshed and expulsions in Ramle and Lydda throughout July 1948; the ungodliness in Dueima in November 1948; the cold-blooded killing in Kufr Qassem on October 29th, 1956 and the Khan Younis barbarity only days later on November 3rd; the butchery of 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese Shi’a in Sabra and Shatilah by the Zionist-backed Phalangists on September 16th-18th, 1982; the pure evil of the first Qana Massacre on April 18th, 1996; the monstrosities against the civilians of Jenin during the Second Intifada, and too many more to heartrendingly recall. Takfiris literally learned everything they know about terrorism from these Zionist savages who have been colonizing and putrefying the Arab-Islamic world for the last 132 years.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah called the proliferation of this aggressive, sanguinary, expansionist Wahhabi terror the “Takfiri Nakba” for a damn good reason. And just as we must uproot ‘Israel’ and its entire psychopathic settler population to end the Nakba in Palestine, we must uproot every last Zionist-backed Wahhabi terrorist goon from every last corner of our region to finish off the Takfiri Nakba for good if crimes like what happened today in Tartous and Jableh are to cease once and for all. May ALLAH (SWT) grant eternal serenity to the martyrs. ‪#‎DeathToTakfirism‬ ‪#‎DeathToIsrael‬

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