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After The School Bus Massacre In Yemen’s Saada, It’s Time The World Says “Death To Al-Saud!” With One Voice

by Jonathan Azaziah

The righteous wrath of ALLAH (SWT) and the crushing storms from His heavens be upon the accursed House of Saud. In what will register as one of the sickest, most twisted and most gruesome atrocities in the 3.5 years of its genocidal aggression against Yemen — which is saying quite a bit because there have been SO many ungodly massacres — the Wahhabi tyrants occupying the Hijaz bombed a school bus full of children in Saada’s Dahyan as it made its way through a market towards summer camp. Saudi Arabia murdered at least 51 kids in the air raid — the vast majority of them under 10 years old — and badly wounded over 79 other civilians — the vast majority of them kids under 10 years old too. The martyr count is going to go up because the injuries are horrific, the siege continues to cripple Yemen and the supplies necessary to save lives just aren’t available. Scenes of the carnage plastered all over social media are just about impossible to look at. Screaming and bleeding children. Tiny bodies blown to bits and missing limbs. Incomprehensible sadness on the faces of parents who lost what was dearest to them and medical professionals who couldn’t save lives despite their best efforts. The depth of depravity that one has to sink to murder children over… and over… AND OVER again… is unfathomable. And the evil and hellishness that have to exist in one’s mind to then actually rationalize the barbaric spilling of these little ones’ blood is irredeemable. Continue reading After The School Bus Massacre In Yemen’s Saada, It’s Time The World Says “Death To Al-Saud!” With One Voice

Zayd Lives, F.O.T.O. Single #1, Is Out!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

First single off Felicity Of The Oppressed is out now! Zayd Lives! Ansarullah’s slogan, “ALLAHU Akbar! Death To America! Death To ‘Israel’! Death To Saud! Curse Be On The Jews! Victory To Islam!”, is transformed into a lyrical lightning bolt and launched at all the enemies of Yemen and the world’s oppressed people. Produced by my younger brother Dark Night, this joint truly represents the universality of the Yemeni’s people struggle and the need for all of humanity to stand up in solidarity with them against the monstrous Saudi “royal” family.