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John McCain, Serial Warmonger, Nation-Destroyer And Zionist Slave, Has Finally Departed For The Hellfire

by Jonathan Azaziah

Hell’s bells are ringing today because one of its own, the serial warmonger, nation-destroyer, terrorism-enthusiast and Zionist slave John McCain, has finally returned home. Yes, the longtime Arizona Senator and murderous minion of the Empire has died and gone to Jahannam. Don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of his death… unless you have a vested interest in clawing out your own eyes and sticking spikes in your own ears over the hypocrisy and fake-tear-filled lies being spewed… No exaggeration, it’s really been that vomit-inducing. This man isn’t a hero. He’s not a man of decency. He isn’t of the people. He isn’t not an advocate of the downtrodden. He’s not a fighter for justice. Nor democracy. Nor human rights. He is in fact the antithesis to all of those concepts and anything else of benevolence that happens to be related to them. What is John McCain truly? He’s a blood-drenched, psychopathic, racist and criminal maniac who has had a hand in the slaughter, maiming, torture and displacement of millions of souls from the US itself to Latin America, Africa to the Balkans, the Arab world to Asia. That’s not an opinion. It’s a cold, hard, indisputable fact and everything said otherwise is nothing but a mask thrown on the hideous, fanged face of a monster. Continue reading John McCain, Serial Warmonger, Nation-Destroyer And Zionist Slave, Has Finally Departed For The Hellfire

Zio-Killary Isn’t The 2016 US Presidential Election’s “Lesser Evil”! She’s The ONLY Evil!

by Jonathan Azaziah

I want to be unequivocally clear about the 2016 US “election” cycle: There is no “lesser of two evils”. There is only ONE, that’s it, just ONE evil, and its blood-soaked name is Hillary Clinton. It is simply incredible that so many “leftists” are essentially ignoring all the horror that Clinton has inflicted on this planet because the arrogant billionaire Donald Trump has said a few mean things that were blown insanely out of proportion by the gang of apes and pigs that we call the Zionist media. Seriously, I knew y’all “socialist” types were a bunch of chickenshit, wet-blanket, effeminate, precious-snowflake cowards but DAMN, I didn’t realize y’all were THAT bad. Let us review the record now, shall we? The neocons hate Trump and they love Killary. Wall Street hates Trump and it loves Killary. Organized Jewry STILL hates Trump in spite of all his boot-licking at AIPAC and loves Killary. The Saudis hate Trump and not only do they love Killary, they’re actually bankrolling her campaign! And while Trump has done his fair share of shady business deals, has been particularly vile with his hands in gentrification throughout New York City and is, for all intents and purposes, a narcissistic asshole, he ain’t a mass murderer, nor is he the one drinking ‘Goy’ baby blood with the upper echelons of the Kehilla whilst annihilating Global South nation after Global South nation. That distinction solely belongs to Killary. Continue reading Zio-Killary Isn’t The 2016 US Presidential Election’s “Lesser Evil”! She’s The ONLY Evil!

Increased Soros Destabilization through the Appearance of “Micro-nations”

by Wayne Madsen, Strategic Culture

The appearance of a micro-nation called «Liberland» on the Croatian-Serbian border may indicate that the provocation and destabilization specialists funded by billionaire global troublemaker George Soros have discovered that the concept of micro-nations may serve as the latest tool for the further «Balkanization» of an overly-segmented Balkan peninsula. The appearance of small states championing libertarianism may also be a harbinger of greater involvement internationally by the deep-pocketed billionaire libertarian brothers, Charles and David Koch, who have done so much to corporatize government in the United States.

Czech national Vit Jedlicka has proclaimed the micro-nation of Liberland on unclaimed territory on the west bank of the Danube River between Croatia and Serbia but which is adjoined to Croatia by land. The parcel of land is not the only disputed territory arising from the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. Vukovar and Sarengrad islands in the Danube are also disputed territories, claimed by Croatia but occupied by Serbia. Continue reading Increased Soros Destabilization through the Appearance of “Micro-nations”