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Saleh al-Sammad (R.A.) of Ansarullah: The Hassani-Husseini Revolutionary Leader Who Fought To Bring Peace In Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saleh Ali al-Sammad (R.A.) was a special human being. Known as Abou Fadhl, this was a man who saw beauty amidst emaciated bodies and crying mothers–for the strength of Yemen’s people was too beautiful to deny. A revolutionary who saw hope amidst ruinous chaos rarely seen in human history outside of the two Zionist-driven World Wars–for how can one not hope when a besieged and starving people refuse to abandon their right to resist and triumph over usurpers and aggressors? And a leader of leaders who was completely disconnected from the concepts of surrender and defeat. While Ansarullah’s moujahideen fought (and fight) with Husseini fervor to defend their homeland from the Yazids and Shimrs of the Saudi-led coalition of cowards, al-Sammad was the voice of Hassani reason keeping the very fabric of Yemen together: Quelling tribal disputes, bridging political divides, building alliances to strengthen the resistance against the US-‘Israeli’-orchestrated invasion and never stopping the fight to end the criminal war and bring peace to all of Yemen. It was due to all of these qualities that a joint US-‘Israeli’-Saudi assassination squad, utilizing the General Atomics MQ-9A Reaper–created by the Iraqi-Jewish terrorist and founder of drone warfare, Abraham Karem–murdered al-Sammad on this day 6 months ago. Continue reading Saleh al-Sammad (R.A.) of Ansarullah: The Hassani-Husseini Revolutionary Leader Who Fought To Bring Peace In Yemen

Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To

by Jonathan Azaziah

Senior Ansarullah Commander Muhammad Ali al-Houthi is a blessing and the very embodiment of humbleness. Here we have a man who spent his entire life on the battlefield protecting his brethren from regime repression in northern Yemen, playing a major tactical and organizational role in every victory achieved by Ansarullah in the six wars with the dictatorship between 2004 and 2010, not to mention the routing of US-Saudi-backed Al-Islah (the Yemeni chapter of the “Muslim” Brotherhood) in the summer of 2014, but when asked to lead the Yemeni Revolutionary Committee–a transitional, post-revolution political body–because of his brilliant strategic mind and keen ability to analyze critical geopolitical situations, he accepted the role in spite of how much it pained him to leave his brothers still engaged in firefights all over the nation. Subsequently, after guiding the Yemeni people and their Resistance through an 18-month period of instability and then of course the Saudi-imposed aggression, he willfully and gracefully steps down from his post as de facto ruler of Yemen, thus ceding power to the newly, democratically formed Supreme Political Council which will govern Yemen’s affairs from this point forward. And what does the man do after that? He returns to the front lines of the struggle, once again putting his life on the line to safeguard his people from the Wahhabi Kingdom of Darkness. Verily, that kind of selflessness is rarer than alexandrite; that kind of love of country blings brighter than even the most splendiferous Yemeni Agate. Continue reading Muhammad Ali al-Houthi: A Yemeni Lion Who No Western Leader Can Measure Up To

Defiance Made Flesh: Millions Of Yemenis March To Back Supreme Political Council, Slam Al-Saud

by Jonathan Azaziah

Defiance made flesh! Yemeni style! MILLIONS of Yemen’s lions and lionesses took to the streets of Sanaa yesterday morning to back the newly formed, Ansarullah-led Supreme Political Council and slam the genocidal Saudi regime for its ghastly oppression. 513 days of criminal aggression? Not gonna break. Nearly 11,000 martyrs, over half of them women and children, and tens of thousands of other civilians wounded? Still not gonna break. Massacre after massacre and enough barbarism to shock every murderous empire in history? Not gonna break from that either. All-out American-‘Israeli’-British backing for the tyrants and hordes of Takfiri terrorists spreading chaos throughout the nation? You guessed it! Not gonna break! The threat of a Saudi aerial attack on the demonstration–and the cowardly Wahhabi despots did in fact bomb the gate of Sabeen Square where the heart of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance rally was located, leaving several innocents martyred and injured–literally looming over their heads? Not gonna break at all! The Houthiyeen and their brave, steadfast supporters weren’t deterred a bit by any of this horror indeed and instead rallied on, blasted their AK-47s skyward at the Saudi cowards in their Western-provided flying death machines and chanted, “WE ARE UNAFRAID!” as well as “WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN!” What else is there to say after this, really? If the beautiful, Mouqawamist Yemeni people don’t make your heart skip a beat, consult a cardiovascular surgeon immediately. Not even playin’. ‪#‎LongLiveYemen‬ ‪#‎LongLiveAnsarullah‬ ‪#‎WeAreUnafraid‬ ‪#‎WeWillNotBowDown‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬

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