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As “Mad Dog” Mattis Pledges Increased Support For Al-Saud’s War On Yemen, It’s Time For Trump’s Supporters To Get The Hell Off The Trump Train

by Jonathan Azaziah

James “Mad Dog” Mattis, the JINSA-and-RJC-backed general who led the criminal sacking of Baghdad and who has the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqis on his filthy hands, has said that the American ZOG will increase its support to the Saudi regime in the cruel, crippling and criminal war on Yemen, including aid in the planned attack on Hudaydah. This is above and beyond the massive increase in illegal drone strikes on Yemeni soil since the Trump era began, mind you. The reason behind such a decision despite criticisms of the Saudi-led murder-spree now even coming from multiple Imperialist capitals? He wants to “overcome Iran’s efforts to destabilize yet another country and create another militia in their image of Lebanese Hizbullah”. Though not a lick of evidence of an operational Iranian-Yemeni military relationship exists and the ties between Tehran and Ansarullah are mainly political/religious. Though Dönmeh Saudi Arabia has slaughtered at least 15,000 Yemenis, wounded hundreds of thousands of other civilians and is besieging the entire country–a crime against humanity that has left 17 million food-insecure. Though Ansarullah has mopped the floor with Al-Saud’s invasion force and has already achieved victory. So what’s ***TRULY*** driving the Defense Secretary’s bloodthirsty and strategically idiotic decision? Orders, ladies and gentlemen. Orders coming directly from “Tel Aviv” and him having no choice–because he has no spine–but to be a good little goyboy. Continue reading As “Mad Dog” Mattis Pledges Increased Support For Al-Saud’s War On Yemen, It’s Time For Trump’s Supporters To Get The Hell Off The Trump Train

Zionist Shill Nikki Haley Should Keep The Sanctified Name Of Hizbullah Out Of Her Vile Mouth

by Jonathan Azaziah

New US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley (real name: Nimrata Randhawa) is so violently hawkish and nauseatingly Zionistic that she makes her maniacal and hateful predecessor Samantha Power look like a dovish champion of peace and non-interventionism. With her absurd propaganda against Russia over the liberation of Crimea and her warmongering calls for the Syrian government to be overthrown, it’s been bad. Really bad. But her subservience to World Zionism reached untold summits with her speech on April 20th during a UN Security Council meeting in which she was foaming at the mouth against the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah. And while this should not come as any sort of whammy considering Haley is a “Christian” Zionist and a long-time darling of the Jewish Lobby–prominent Haaretz columnist Chemi Shalev called her a “Rock Star to the Jews and Their Knight in Shining Armor” at AIPAC last month–the fact that IsraellyCool, the American Jewish Committee’s UN Watch and numerous other ‘Israeli’ and Jewish community outlets re-posted her video with exuberant praise goes to show you exactly why, who and what for she spewed what she spewed. Continue reading Zionist Shill Nikki Haley Should Keep The Sanctified Name Of Hizbullah Out Of Her Vile Mouth

On The 2nd Anniversary Of Saudi Arabia’s Aggression, Heroic Yemenis March In Their Millions To Condemn War & Siege

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yesterday witnessed one of the largest antiwar, anti-Saudi demonstrations in history as MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of Yemenis converged on the city blocks of their capital city Sanaa to mark 2 years of war, siege and ruin at the hands of the House of Saud. The murderous tyrants in Riyadh have launched around 90,000 air strikes on the people of Yemen since March 26th, 2015. They’ve murdered over 15,000 Yemenis and wounded tens of thousands more. And thanks to their all-out, air-land-and-sea blockade on the the whole of Yemen–a blockade mind you that is being assisted in full by ‘Israel’ and all major Western states, including America, Canada, the UK and France–more than 17 million Yemenis are either starving or “food insecure”, i.e. on the brink of starvation. What we are witnessing here in the poorest state in the Arab world (and among the poorest states in the entire Islamic world) is the greatest humanitarian crisis on Earth today and a crime against humanity that runs parallel to what Empire Zionica did to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Continue reading On The 2nd Anniversary Of Saudi Arabia’s Aggression, Heroic Yemenis March In Their Millions To Condemn War & Siege

Second Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

Only 59 days ’till “Eternally Husseini” explodes into your headphones like one of Ansarullah’s ballistic missiles!

Marking two years of Dönmeh Al-Saud’s aggression against Yemen, let’s raise our fists one time to honor the man who has guided the Yemeni people against the Zio-Imperialist scheme to divide their nation; the hero who has commandeered a powerful resistance movement which has already etched its place in the pantheon of counter-hegemonic strugglers for all-time: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi. Fiery and eloquent, brilliant and wise, the leader of Ansarullah is as fearless as any moujahid currently on the battlefield defending Yemen against the Saudi-led invaders. He is a Soldier-Saint with a truly LIVING LEGEND status. Trained in the Muhammadi-Husseini-Zaydi sciences at the onset of his teenage years by his brother, the giant of giants Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), Sayyed Abdul Malik always had a passion for Islam, Anti-Imperialism and Palestine, which rests dearest and deepest in his heart. And when his blessed brother was martyred at the hands of the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Saleh regime in the first war launched by the Sanaa tyranny against the people of northern Yemen in ’04, he stepped in to lead the Houthis into their next phase. Like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah taking over for Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) and transforming Hizbullah into the powerhouse it is today, Sayyed Abdul al-Houthi made Ansarullah into a game-changing, region-shifting resistance organism from a ragtag group of fearsome guerilla fighters. But it was during Operation Scorched Earth that his transcendent essence was solidified. Al-Saud was mercilessly bombing Saada and hit the Al-Houthi family home. Al-Arabiya triumphantly proclaimed that Sayyed Abdul Malik was killed in the attack. But alas! Just days later, he popped up in an interview, wounded with his arm in a sling and some burns but little else, and he fiercely declared, “I am not dead o’ tyrants! I am alive and I am well! I carry the scars of your cowardly air raids with pride! Hear me! We will fight you ’till all of Arabia no longer knows your oppression!” The man was struck by the sickle of the angel of death and he walked away unscathed. The Lion of Dahyan indeed! Continue reading Second Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Artwork Is Out: Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi

“Felicity Of The Oppressed”, Dedicated To Blessed Yemen, Is Now Available For Free Download!

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

It was two years ago today that the murderous Saudi Kingdom of Darkness began its genocidal war on Yemen. And it was one year ago today that I dropped my fourth album “Felicity Of The Oppressed” in honor of this blessed, ancient land, its people, its history, its struggle, its pain, its tragedy and its triumphs led by the Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah. Every drop of the proceeds from the record were sent to Yemen and by the grace of ALLAH (SWT), a wonderful chunk of change was raised, including enough to rebuild the Saudi-destroyed family home of my martyred brother Ghassan al-Husseini in Saada’s Dahyan. Because my goal was met, and because I believe so firmly and deeply in the project, I have removed the price sticker and in a nod to this solemn occasion, released it for free download. As I wrote in a commentary called “Felicity Of The Oppressed Ain’t Just An Album, It’s A Lyrical Movie!” last April, “Like Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the greatest, most important revolutionary of our age, noted recently, the speech he gave on the second day of the aggression against Yemen, in which he ripped out the Saudi regime’s rotten core for the entire Arab-Islamic world to see, was the thing he was most proud of in his life. I echo this sentiment in a way I really am not capable of describing. Maybe other records I’ve done were doper than this joint, I leave that to y’all to decide, but “Felicity Of The Oppressed” is the thing I am most proud of in my life.” This very much remains the case today. I pray with every fiber of my being that y’all love and cherish this music as much as I do. So for Yemen, its martyrs and its steadfast moujahideen defending its sanctified soil from the Saudi invaders at this very moment, LET IT KNOCK!

Never Call Qaboos “Neutral” Again: Oman Joins Al-Saud’s Genocidal War On Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Time to put the Omani regime on the “DEATH TO…” list as well. Very quietly and very sneakily, right at the end of 2016, the corrupt tyrant in Muscat joined the Saudi regime’s genocidal war on the Yemeni people. Those that praised “Sultan” Qaboos for his “neutrality” on Yemen were either engaging in naïveté or sheer ignorance of history. Qaboos, a despicable Anglophile, an agent of corruption and according to more than one source, a decadent, degenerate homosexual, has always been an enemy of the Moustazafeen. It was Qaboos who worked with MI6 to overthrow his father Said Bin Taimur in 1970 in the midst of a righteous rebellion led by PFLOAG, the Popular Front For The Liberation Of The Arabian Gulf. He subsequently handed over the reins of Omani foreign policy to his masters in the British colonialist regime. London, fully in control of Muscat, sent in thousands of forces, and its new puppet Qaboos, called in military support from his friend Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the despot who ruled over Tehran for nearly three decades with an iron fist and full Western-‘Israeli’ support. With the assistance from Union Jack and then-collaborationist Tehran, Qaboos crushed the revolutionary insurgency in 1976 and upheld his illegitimate rule. Continue reading Never Call Qaboos “Neutral” Again: Oman Joins Al-Saud’s Genocidal War On Yemen

Ansarullah Sends Over 100 Occupiers To Hell Just 48 Hours Before The Two-Year Mark Of Al-Saud’s War On Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to those invincible, resilient, heroic Warrior-Angels we know and love as the Houthis! Earlier yesterday, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah nailed a gathering of Wahhabi interlopers with a Zelzal-3 at the Mesyal border-crossing in the Saudi-occupied, historically-Yemeni province of Najran. Yemen’s guardians also fired a stream of those same indigenously-produced Zelzal-3 ballistic missiles on the Saudi military camps of Aqafah, Al-Hamada, Al-Shurfah and Nahiqah, all of which are also in Najran. In total, over 100 aggressors were sent to the flaming, sulfur-ridden pits of Jahannam. This follows another spectacular Mouqawamist assault on Saudi occupation forces on Wednesday, in which Ansarullah wiped out dozens upon dozens of Saudi-led mercenaries in the strategic region of Al-Moukha in Ta’iz Province. Continue reading Ansarullah Sends Over 100 Occupiers To Hell Just 48 Hours Before The Two-Year Mark Of Al-Saud’s War On Yemen

First Piece Of “Eternally Husseini” Promo Art Is Out: Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

by Jonathan “Madd Cold” Azaziah

“Eternally Husseini” drops in 64 days!

There is no revolutionary as formidable, inspiring and important as Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. He stands as both a giant-like individual and an unstoppable spiritual force who is feared by his enemies and loved by his partisans. As the Ummah’s loudest and most eloquent voice for Yemen, the Ummah’s most steadfast champion of the Palestinian cause, the Ummah’s brightest beam of Anti-Zionism, the Ummah’s most fearless opposition to the House of Saud, and the liberator of Lebanon, he exemplifies everything Muslims and activists of all stripes should strive towards becoming. As I rhymed on my track “For the Sayyeds”, off my 2016 album for Yemen, “Exposed Saud as a pathetic embarrassment, shredded their arrogance/Sayyed you’re a legend and in Heaven no doubt the angels already built you sevens of the most splendid, incredible garrisons/”. It is for this reason, as we seek to leave our own legendary mark in the struggle against Zio-Imperialism, that Sayyed Hassan is featured so heavily in all aspects of “Eternally Husseini”. If there was any one person who represents Imam Hussein (A.S.) to the fullest in this epoch, it is Nasrallah, and if there was anyone who carries the Husseini spirit in his every word and deed, again, it is Nasrallah. When I write my bars, I carry him with me. When I lace up in the booth, I carry him with me. When I rip on stage, I carry him, one of a mere handful of Islamic warrior-saints in the last 1,000 years, with me. And I know that Mohammad Hamza, the brilliant artist (and my brother-in-arms) behind this gorgeous print and all the other “Eternally Husseini” artwork, does the same when he sits down with a blank canvas and gets to knocking out a masterpiece. “Labaykah Ya Nasrallah!” isn’t just a chant, it’s a way of life. And we will forever be at Sayyed Abou Hadi’s service until the casket drops. Beyond that too. He embodies the true meaning of “Eternally Husseini” and because of that, we emulate him in all that we do. #EternallyHusseiniComingSoon #HipHopHizbullah #MaddCold #HusseiniDayMay25th #LabaykahYaNasrallah

Disgraceful: Traitorous Miscreants Sharif and Bajwa Bow To Al-Saud And Send Pakistani Forces To Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to the Pakistani regime. Nawaz Sharif and his merry band of misfit cronies in both the political and military spheres are such servile traitors that there aren’t enough adjectives in either English or Urdu to denote their hideousness. Nearly two years after the Pakistani Parliament took a courageous stance in rejecting Saudi pressures to deploy forces into the Yemeni fray, new chief of the Pakistani Army (and close Sharif ally) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has deployed a brigade of combat troops to the “Saudi” border regions to aid Al-Saud’s genocidal aggression in such Yemeni provinces as Saada and Hajjah. It was the Saudi regime which gave Nawaz the blessing to replace General Raheel Sharif with Bajwa, who traveled to the Kingdom of Darkness a mere two weeks after his promotion to promise “King” Salman increased Pakistani-Saudi military cooperation. Now we know exactly what that meant. Continue reading Disgraceful: Traitorous Miscreants Sharif and Bajwa Bow To Al-Saud And Send Pakistani Forces To Yemen

What A Beautiful Day! Syrian Arab Army Downs A Zionist Warplane And Ansarullah Sends Scores of Invaders To Hell!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak! Glory to the Syrian Arab Army for shooting an ‘Israeli’ terrorist warplane right the hell down in the wee hours of the morning! Let all the Takfiri-sympathizing dimwits, “leftist” liars and Zionist propagandists who have said for years that Syria doesn’t shoot back CHOKE on their fallacious words. LONG LIVE SYRIA! And as if that wasn’t gorgeous enough, the Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah just sent around four dozen Saudi-led invaders and AQAP terrorists to Jahannam with a ballistic missile strike on an enemy gathering in Ma’rib. LONG LIVE YEMEN!

Gonna go grab some mana’eesh, a lil’ bit of tea with raw honey and a book of Nizar Qabbani poetry… ‘Cause it’s a beautiful day!