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“Holocaust” Hoax Alert: Turns Out That Anne Frank Wasn’t “Betrayed”… And Guess What? The Rest Of Her Story Is Bullshit Too

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t you just love how Holohoax, I mean Holofraud, I mean Holocrock, I mean Hollow-Co$t, I mean HOLOCAUST┬« propaganda always falls apart at the seams in the end? I know I do! It turns out that Anne Frank, the young Jewish diarist whose harrowing (fake) story has brainwashed millions of Westerners and non-Westerners, was in fact not “betrayed” by the Dutch couple who originally helped her and her family evade German troops during WW2, thereby invalidating the disgusting age-old Jewish “scratch a ‘Goy’, find a Jew-hater” and “the ‘Goyim’ always betray the Jews” myths. What actually took place is that German forces in the Netherlands simply stumbled upon her hiding place. So dies a 70-year-old piece of propaganda. And guess what? That’s not the only fraudulent part of the Anne Frank fable. Yes indeed, contrary to the Zionist media’s despicable omissions this time around, and unbeknownst to unsuspecting and wildly uninformed audiences, from young and old to academics and casual observers alike, the story of Anne Frank is largely just that, a STORY–used to further the “Pinnacle Jewish Suffering” agenda which asserts that the suffering of Jews is far more important than the rest of all of humanity combined. Continue reading “Holocaust” Hoax Alert: Turns Out That Anne Frank Wasn’t “Betrayed”… And Guess What? The Rest Of Her Story Is Bullshit Too

Idiot “Save Aleppo” Protesters Compare Assad To Hitler, Fake SAA Atrocities To “Holocaust”

by Jonathan Azaziah

Al-Qaeda’s Western supporters are hysterical. Anti-Syria, pro-Erdogan, French-colonialist-flag-waving, Zionist-aligned terrorist sympathizers are holding up signs at a “Save Aleppo” rally in London right now which read “Putin = Assad = Hitler” and “Aleppo’s the new Holocaust”. Word. ‘Cause the story about the Syrian Arab Army committing atrocities in Aleppo and the story about 6 million Jews being systematically exterminated in ovens and gas chambers during WW2 are both fake as fuck.