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by Brendon O’Connell, Isolate But Preserve

If the man and his daughter were “Jews”, the international media would have been notified. But they are “worthless Muslims” so the Western Australian police do nothing.



Two men threaten Mustafa and his children with death! They come to his place of business, the ask if he is a Muslim and when Mustafa replied “Yes”, they tell him, “Fuck off to your own country or we will kill you!”(THREAT TO KILL) Continue reading DEATH THREATS MADE AGAINST LOCAL MUSLIM FAMILY – Australian POLICE COVER IT UP

Thank You SITE Intelligence Group: ISIS Chief Emerges, Urging ‘Volcanoes of Jihad’

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There are times when the Zionist propaganda machine breaches the threshold of absurdity, rips through it like a missile in a tissue factory and then sets a brand new threshold atop the ashes of its predecessor. Right now is one of those occurrences. In what can only be described as surreal and cartoonish — indeed, it is like something out of an exceptionally terrible B movie immersed in rabid Orientalism and Islamophobia — Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the “caliph” of the Takfiri terror outfit ISIS, emerges from the shadows after reports swirled throughout the Jewish-controlled mainstream media about his death, and calls for “volcanoes of Jihad” — yes, that’s right, volcanoes — against the “Crusaders and Jews”, the same “Crusaders and Jews” whom created his organization, funded it, armed it and continue backing it as it is their “goy golem” and pretext to reenter the region full-force and establish hegemony. While this is comedic in and of itself, as his suggestion that his followers should fight and defeat the Houthis in Yemen when the Houthis have been mopping the floor with the Takfiris for months on end, or his demand that Saudi Arabia be attacked as if Saudi intelligence isn’t embedded inside his group and hasn’t backed it with at least hundreds of millions of dollars, what represents the apogee of hilarity is that he lambasts the Jews for being “covertly and stealthily” involved in the “anti-ISIS” international coalition scam while the Jews covertly and stealthily — and magically we might add, as they seem to be the only ones on the planet capable of getting their hands on this information — release his recordings to the world for consumption… and of course, fearmongering hasbara galore. What would al-Baghdadi and ISIS be without the tireless work of former IOF terrorist and Mossad mouthpiece Rita Katz and her SITE Intelligence Group? Nothing. Al-Baghdadi and ISIS would be nothing. Because SITE, and its sister, the Mossad-linked Intel Center, are literally the sole agencies in the world which “find” the Takfiris’ messages, “translate” them and pass them along to the global media. So pay no mind to the “caliph” and his Hollywood-like incendiary rhetoric, as it is merely fuel on the flames that the Zionist-designed Global War On Terror plans on fanning for the next century until every last vestige of Resistance-To-Empire is annihilated. And this extinction plot is something that Mouqawamah Music vows to constantly expose and fight with every fiber of our being, even if it means our own bitter end. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Thank You SITE Intelligence Group: ISIS Chief Emerges, Urging ‘Volcanoes of Jihad’

Tunisia expels Bernard Henri Levy only 24 hours after his arrival

TUNIS (Middle East Online) – French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy was expelled from Tunisia Saturday night only 24 hours after his arrival in the country.

He was supposed to stay in Tunisia till Thursday.

His visit had provoked a storm of protests in the country. The trade union federation (UGTT) called Saturday for his expulsion from the country denouncing his role in “inciting anarchy and encouraging civil wars and terrorism in the Arab World”.

Continue reading Tunisia expels Bernard Henri Levy only 24 hours after his arrival

Iran is America’s enemy, not partner: Israeli premier

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described Iran as a foe of the United States, warning Washington that Tehran cannot help eradicate problems in the Middle East.

“Iran is not a partner of America. It’s an enemy of America,” Netanyahu said via video to the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly, which had gathered in Washington, DC.

“Some people have suggested Iran can help America solve the problem of the Middle East, but Iran is not part of the solution, it’s a huge part of the problem,” he claimed. Continue reading Iran is America’s enemy, not partner: Israeli premier

Zionist-Aligned Myanmar Policy’s Message To Muslims: Get Out

(EDITOR’S NOTE: While the Myanmar regime’s horrific, bigoted anti-Muslim policies may be an embarrassment to Washington, they damn sure aren’t an embarrassment to the usurping Zionist entity, which, amidst increasing Naypyidaw-backed “Buddhist” extremist attacks on the besieged Rohingya people, has grown the closest it has been to Myanmar in more than 35 years, recently preparing MOUs in culture, sports and laying the groundwork for heavier cooperation in the all-important-to-World-Jewry business sector. In fact, this coziness between the illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime and Naypyidaw could even be seen as a reward from the former to the latter for a job well done, as the aforementioned “Buddhist” extremists, particularly the 969 terrorist group, have the full backing of Washington’s neocons, George Soros, the Zionist-controlled NED and the genocidal Jewish gangster regime itself, and aren’t merely attacking Rohingya Muslims but China’s interests as well. Destabilization is the name of the game ladies and gentlemen; political, military and financial destabilization, implemented by World Zionism’s Jewish Imperium to keep China, Iran and other rising Asian powers weak and playing second fiddle to Rothschild-led global capitalism. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Zionist-Aligned Myanmar Policy’s Message To Muslims: Get Out

Absolutely disgusting: Muslim nations to attend Israeli weapons expo

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Seeing two Muslim powerhouses like Malaysia — once led by the fiery, brilliant, anti-Jewish-supremacist Dr. Mahathir Mohamad — and the Indonesian state — founded by legendary revolutionary and anti-colonialist hero Sukarno — partake in a weapons conference in occupied Palestine hosted by the genocidal “Israeli” regime and its security apparatuses, is, for all intents and purposes, viscerally emetic. It is not difficult to understand why “the Ummah” is in the state that it is in when you have Islamic nations openly playing footsie with the shaytanic occupier of Al-Quds and there isn’t a single protest to speak of, neither in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur. And the fact that Azerbaijan is involved isn’t a shock by any means, nor is it worth a comment… Baku has been in the pay of the Zionists for quite some time and has even offered the illegitimate Jewish gangster regime its airspace to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shukr’ALLAH for Hizbullah, Iran, Syria, the Palestinian Resistance, Algeria and Yemen’s Houthis, for without them, the tyranny-defying legacy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), the Imams (A.S.), the righteous Companions (R.A.), the Saints (R.A.) and hope itself would have evaporated in the Islamic world a long, long time ago. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Absolutely disgusting: Muslim nations to attend Israeli weapons expo

Egypt, Gulf Allies Eye The Formation Of Regional Intervention Force

(EDITOR’S NOTE: On the surface, the idea of an Egyptian-GCC military alliance intervening in regional hotspots does possess a certain tinge of jocularity, doesn’t it? The Egyptian military — the sacrifices of its martyred soldiers in several wars with the usurping Zionist entity aside — has never won a war, the Saudi army was smacked around by Yemen’s Houthis five years ago when the Houthis were still what one could consider “ragtag” and the GCC’s Peninsula Shield Force hasn’t done anything on the battlefield except crush unarmed protesters in Bahrain. The idea that any of these armies, whether alone or unified, could somehow pose a threat to the region’s most sophisticated military forces — i.e. Hizbullah, Iran’s various military-intelligence apparatuses, particularly the Quds Force of the IRGC led by legendary Major General Qassem Suleimani, the Syrian Arab Army and its Hizbullah-trained NDF auxillaries and the now far more formidable Houthis — is, again, rather amusing. However, the reason why Mouqawamah Music is not laughing out loud and considers this is an extremely dangerous development is because this proposed Egyptian-GCC regional intervention force ensures that Arab-Muslim-infighting will continue for years to come. This Egyptian-GCC alliance is not on the table because a military victory over any of the aforementioned Resistance powers is in the cards, it is now on the table because the ultimate Zionist goal for the Maghreb and Mashreq is to have as much chaos as possible, all day, everyday, in glorious accordance with Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy For Israel In the 1980s” and what neo-Zionist/new-age Orientalism godfather Bernard Lewis was discussing in the ’70s, for as long as “the Arabs” and “the Muslims” are busy fighting each other, they won’t see the “Israeli” takeover of the region coming, even from a mile away. Arabs and Muslims should be settling disputes politically and diplomatically, not militarily. The only time military force should be used in the Maghreb and Mashreq is against the usurping Jewish entity. This concept seems to be lost on the collaborators in Cairo, Riyadh, Kuwait City and Abu Dhabi though, and it is most shameful, as they’re doing the Jews’ dirty work for them under the mask of “regional leadership” and “initiative”. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Continue reading Egypt, Gulf Allies Eye The Formation Of Regional Intervention Force

ICC: Israel’s killing of 9 Gaza flotilla protesters ‘not of sufficient gravity’ for war crimes probe

(EDITOR’S NOTE: While “travesty of justice”, as well as “moral outrage” and “inexplicably shameful” are all appropriate phrases to be used in the wake of this putrescent ICC decision, it is in fact perfectly congruent with the way that the so-called “international community” and its various organs have dealt with the usurping Zionist regime since it came into existence via ethnic cleansing and genocide almost seven decades ago. Due to the overwhelming power that the organized Jewish community wields in the name of International Zionism, particularly its seemingly all-encompassing influence over Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris, Brussels and other Euro-Atlanticist strongholds, Western governments — and therefore, the global organizations that they chair and fund — are beholden to the hegemony of their  Zionist financial overlords and out of sheer fear of losing their positions in the intersected worlds of business and politics, make sure that the Jewish gangster “state” stays out of harm’s way. It is time, after over 130 years of illegal Jewish colonization and 67 years of Jewish occupation in the Holy Land of Palestine, to unequivocally state that the liberal democratic paradigm, which is hegemonic and enshrines such concepts as “human rights” and “international law” into its socio-political foundation, is dead. It cannot secure justice for the Palestinian people — or their allies like those on the Freedom Flotilla — in any way, shape or form. It cannot punish Zionist war criminals. It cannot regain land and it sure as hell cannot stop Jewish colonialism from devouring village after village and threatening holy site after holy site. There is only one solution to the Zionist problem, and that is the Hizbullah-Algeria option. Hizbullah’s methodology not only deters Zionism, not only defeats it, but beats it up, and this is proven by the Lebanese Islamic Resistance’s successful three-decade history; the Algerian anti-colonial model, which collapsed a 132-year French colonial occupation, could work as well, undoubtedly. Anything and everything else is a sham… Let the liberals choke on that reality. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading ICC: Israel’s killing of 9 Gaza flotilla protesters ‘not of sufficient gravity’ for war crimes probe

White House aide Jonathan Greenblatt to succeed Abe Foxman as ADL chief

NEW YORK (JTA) – The Anti-Defamation League’s new national director will be social entrepreneur Jonathan Greenblatt — a special assistant to President Obama who earlier in his career co-founded the bottled water brand Ethos.

Greenblatt, 43, will succeed Abraham Foxman, who announced in February that he would be stepping down effective July 2015. Foxman, 74, has been the ADL’s national director since 1987. Continue reading White House aide Jonathan Greenblatt to succeed Abe Foxman as ADL chief

How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles

(EDITOR’S NOTE:  What you’re about to read here is perhaps the quintessential refutation of the “only Ashkenazi Jews are bad” theory that lingers on most annoyingly and sporadically in the so-called ‘truth movement’. In an illustrious amalgamation of Jewish supremacy, ultra-capitalism, cultural imperialism, Shah-fawning, contempt for the Islamic Republic of Iran and the arrogance which makes up the beating heart of Jewish culture, Iranian Jewish writer Gina Nahai single-handedly demonstrates why the Jewish/Zionist issue is not one based on racialism but of ideology and culture. The Jewish ideology/culture is inherently supremacist, and this elitism can be found in all strains of Jewry, from Ashkenazim to Sephardim to Mizrahim and everything in between. There are factual errors of course, the first being that Iranian Jews are the oldest community in the Jewish Diaspora — they are not, the Ethiopian Jews are, going back at least 3,000 years — and the second being that most Mizrahi Jews were driven out by their ‘host’ governments in the Maghreb and Mashreq… they were not, they were driven out by the Mossad in a grouping of black ops, as ex-“Israeli” and ex-Zionist underground operative Naeim Giladi has documented in painful detail. Nevertheless, the main point to be taken away from this glob of Jewish drivel is that dissecting Zionism only scratches the surface; to get to the core of the virus sucking the life out of our planet, we must pick apart Jewish culture and the supremacy lying therein, for only through understanding what makes this egomaniacal enemy tick can we launch a successful revolution against him. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading How Iranian Jews Shaped Modern Los Angeles